Biggest Collapses in PGA Tour History

We all have tough days on the course but it gets a lot tougher when you're playing for a living and trying to win majors. The pressure must be unbelievable. 

Sometimes that pressure gets to even the best. Here's a collection of some of the most unbelievable meltdowns and collapses in golf history. 

biggest chokes and collapses in pga tour history

Jordan Spieth - 2016 Masters

No one likes to see bad things happen to nice people and Jordan seems like a really nice, nerdy guy. I've played a replica hole of the 12th at Augusta and believe me it's difficult. 

All that carry over water with a small green guarded by bunkers front and back with maybe 10 yards of landing space. With the pressure of a major over your head, that landing area gets smaller and smaller. 

This little set back didn't keep him down for long. He may have lost the 2016 Masters with this meltdown, but he got past it and won the British Open in 2017.

Phil Mickelson - 2006 US Open

Mickelson was leading by two after 15 holes and on the 18th he was a shot ahead of Geoff Ogilvy, but on the tee of the 450-yard par-4 he made a terrible swing, a push-slice that bounced off a hospitality tent waaaay left of the fairway.

What happened next was a series of mistakes more fitting of an 18 handicap. Trying to cut a three-iron around a tree he instead hit it into the tree trunk, the ball rolled right back to him. On the next one, Mickelson over cut it, flying the ball into a buried lie in the left greenside bunker, leaving an almost impossible shot.

Minutes earlier he was about to win the US Open. Suddenly he needed to get up and down just for an 18-hole playoff. Mickelson's long bunker shot came out hot and rolled off the green - his chip for bogey never had a chance.

Greg Norman - 1996 Masters

He's won the British open twice but must surely have the most top 5 finishes at the Masters without a victory. The poor guy really wanted a Masters green jacket but just could never quite pull it all together. 

In the 1996 Masters, he had his best chance, going into the final round with a 6 shot lead over Nick Faldo. He even shot a course record 63 on his way to the lead on Sunday morning. When it was over, Norman turned his 6-shot overnight lead into a deficit. 

If I had the ability to cry, I would probably cry during this one.

Mark Calcavecchia - 1991 Ryder Cup

Needing to just keep his ball dry after Montgomerie stuck his in the water, 'Calc' did the unthinkable. Montgomerie also made a great decision on the putting green. This is a very undermentioned meltdown.

Jean van de Velde - 1999 British Open

I'll never forget this one. I watched the entire day's coverage right up until the end of the 17th hole but switched it off because I figured, oh well, it's settled. I went out to the grocery store and came back about and hour later to find the British Open still on and there was a Frenchman in the water without any shoes on!

I missed the entire meltdown. But I've watched it 100 times since. All you needed to do was hit 4 pitching wedges!

Dustin Johnson - 2010 US Open

He may have had a meltdown in 2010 and been suspended for performance enhancing drugs like cocaine, and had a few "liasons' with other players' wives, but he is still one of the best out there and can hit a long ball. Plus he's with that Gretsky lady so I'm sure the meltdown below isn't even on his mind. 

If he was playing while on his performance enhancers, he might not even have any memory of it at all.

Tiger Woods - 2015 Memorial

Not really a meltdown but it's always reassuring to know that even the greatest, most revolutionary golfer the ever live can put up an 85. Just like you and me.

Hunter Mahan - 2010 Ryder Cup

Haven't we all had a little chip with a carry halfway between us and the pin? Usually it goes two ways, either 6 foot past or chunk it short. With all those people surrounding him and the pressure of a nation's expectations, his heart must've been in his throat.

I always put myself in these situations o the course and imagine the shot's for a major or Ryder cup win. And if I were Hunter, I would've done the same thing. Painful to watch and imagine that stomach dropping feeling.

Jason Day - 2015 US Open

Jason Day literally collapsed. What appears to be an attention seeking incident or even a half-hearted attempt at escaping the US Open, is actually someone suffering from Vertigo. 

Not quite sure what vertigo is, but it doesn't look fun.

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