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Overlapping Vs. Interlocking Golf Grip – What should I use?

The golf grip is one of the games fundamentals along with the stance and ball position. Looking for the perfect golf grip can be a long and excruciating search. To help you out, let’s talk about two of the basic golf grips: the overlapping grip and the interlocking grip.

Overlap golf grip

The overlap golf grip is sometimes referred to as the Vardon grip. This golf grip takes the right pinky finger and places it on top of the gap between the index finger and the middle finger on the left hand.

This grip is usually for people with larger hands and people who need to control their grip pressure. Some think that they are less likely to experience hand irritation or blisters when they use the overlap grip.

Some pro golfers such as Ben Hogan, Phil Mickelson, and Arnold Palmer have used the overlap grip through the years. Although this seems to be the more popular grip, don’t miss out on the interlocking grip.

interlocking golf grip

Interlock golf grip

Contrary to the overlap grip, the interlocking grip is for people with smaller hands. An interlock grip is when your right-hand pinky fits between the index and middle fingers of your left hand. The idea behind this grip is to get your hands to work well together.

Interlocking golf grip pros and cons

Some of the cons of using this grip are that you end up gripping the club too tightly. Some people also feel that this grip feels funny and creates friction between the fingers.

One thing about the interlocking grip is used by Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods. When you feel like the interlocking grip is too much, be comforted by the names on our side.

What is the best golf grip: Overlap or Interlock?

This question is one of the most significant debates in golf. There are teaching professionals that swear by the interlocking grip and would judge you for trying to use an overlap. But the reality is that you should pick which of the two grips allows your hand to sit neutral on the club.

Between the two grips, you need to pick one that ensures you can release the golf club and stay connected throughout your swing. There is no sure way to say that one is better than the other, although it is recommended that people with small hands use the interlock and those with larger hands use the overlap. In the end, it still depends on you.

The Baseball Grip – What is it and What are the Benefits?

The baseball grip is also known as the ten-finger grip and is one of the most basic club grips. This grip is often taught to children when they first begin, as it makes it simple for them. But as they grow older, remember to transition them away from the ten-finger grip.

When adult players use the ten-finger grip baseball grip, their hands don’t have anything that forces them to work together. When this occurs, it can lead to a lot of hand action in a swing. This can cause a player to swat at chip shots or grip the club too tightly.

For senior golfers who feel pain in their hands when using interlocking or overlapping grips, they can switch to a ten-finger grip. But they should make sure to watch the overall grip pressure.

Can I switch my golf grip?

If you’ve been playing with the interlocking grip for a long time and want to switch to overlap, that’s alright. But don’t ever think of switching back and forth between rounds or between seasons – that is a big mistake. Your grip is your connection to the golf club. Pick one and commit to it. Work on perfecting either the interlocking or overlap grip and don't fall down the rabbit hole of trying to find the perfect neutral grip.

What is the best grip to use for putting?

There are three main types of grips for putters: the reverse overlap, the claw, and the cross-hand. The goal of putting is to get your hands out of the way. The more large muscles you can use in your putting stroke, the more reliable your putts will be.

One of the popular grips in recent years is the claw, but for the amateur golfer, the claw grip can be difficult. What is recommended for amateurs is the reverse overlap.

The reverse overlap is having a finger or a few fingers from the left hand overlap the right. This comfortable putting grip does not take long for a golfer to learn.

What if an interlocking golf grip hurts my pinky finger?

One common complaint with the interlocking grip is that it hurts your pinky. Some solutions to this would be wearing a golf glove or simply easing up on the pressure. For right handed golfers, you want to have the handle of the club more in the fingers rather than the palm of your hand and that will reduce the pressure on your pinky finger.

How do I work out what is the best golf grip for me?

The only way to determine which golf grip will work best for you is through trial and error. Start with the overlap if you are a novice golfer with large hands. If you're new to golf and have small hands, start with the interlock.

As you keep playing and experience your swing strengths and start to develop your skills, you can better decide which grip is fit for you. The most essential thing to look for in a grip is anything that allows you to lay your hands on the club consistently.

You don't want to have to adjust your grip every time you acquire a club. Choose something that is both comfortable and effective, and stick to it.

What is the best golf grip for a draw shot?

The overlap grip makes it easier to draw the ball because this grip makes it easy to release a golf club. When you release the golf club, take the clubface and turn it from open to square to closed.

The club face is usually turning towards closed for you to hit a draw. It is easier to get to this release point with the overlap and that makes a big difference in the game. Interlocking golf grip for small hands

Final thoughts on interlocking vs overlapping golf grip

One thing that is certain, and that every golf professional will tell you, is that the grip is essential to your golf swing. If you do not perfect the grip, you cannot move on to swing mechanics and other higher-level stuff. Make sure that you are fully prepared for every swing and upgrade your golf game.

Best Illegal Golf Balls 2023

Illegal golf balls are a controversial thing in golf for obvious reasons. Playing with them in a competition is cheating but what about using them for a casual round on your own or with friends? We know that golf is a hard game, so why not get a little bit of extra help from non conforming golf balls to boost distance and improve accuracy?

I'm a golf ball nerd, and I've played all of the balls in this list so you can be sure that the feedback I'm giving you is genuine. There are a lot of wild claims made by the manufacturers of illegal golf balls and many are total BS. Let me guide you in your choices and make sure you're getting the most from your money.

Best Illegal Golf Balls 2023

  1. Polara Self Correcting 2-Piece Golf Balls (editor's choice)
  2. MG Golf balls  (best for seniors and golfers with slower swing speeds)
  3. Kaede Fly Distance Golf Balls (most unusual illegal golf balls)
  4. Bandit Maximum Distance Golf Balls (best of both worlds illegal golf balls)

These golf balls really do work - long and straight!

polara straight golf balls

Ok, these illegal golf balls are the real deal. I picked up a dozen to play with some non conforming clubs as an experiment and I was just blown away. I literally couldn't hit a shot with ANY shape, they just went arrow straight and at least 10-15 yards further than my normal golf balls. If you struggle with a big hooks and slices off the tee, this is definitely the golf ball for you.

The secret of this illegal golf ball is that you have the line the seam up with the target. You can do this on every shot to give you a perfect ball flight, but it will be illegal in tournament play. Polara claim that they reduce unwanted shot shapes by 75% and that its definitely what I saw on the golf course.

The dual core 2 piece construction feels along the lines of a Srixon Soft feel and I was impressed with the greenside spin and control. Off the the putter they felt firm but not unpleasant.


  • They go arrow straight on every full shot
  • Durable two piece construction
  • Looks and feels like conforming golf balls
  • Way more fun than legal golf balls 


  • They are a bit pricey, but you may never lose one! 

Perfect illegal golf balls for senior golfers

mg senior golf balls

These illegal golf balls from MG were specifically designed to increase distance for senior golfers who have had a drop in swing speed as time catches up with them. Balls designed for seniors will also help beginner golfers who struggle with their strike or players who have naturally slower swings so if you fall into any of those camps, these could be a great option for you. 

What makes these balls illegal is that their initial rebound velocity off the face of the golf club is not conforming to USGA standards. This is the only ball sold by MG which isn't legal, so make sure you're buying the ball you want - whatever that may be! 

If you hit the ball under 250 yards (which is most people to be honest) these balls will give you up to 20 yards more distance - or so the marketing materials on the box say. I swing the club too fast for these balls, but my friend Fred has a respectable 90mph driver swing speed and found that these balls went like sh*t off a shovel! He wasn't getting 20 yards more, but he was seeing at least 10 extra yards on drives and found that the ball felt extremely hot off the face. 

On finesse shots greenside the ball does OK - it has a decent surlyn cover but it's not going to rip like a Pro V1. Off the putter it feels hard, but we have to remember its a distance ball.   

  • Perfect for senior players 
  • Budget friendly pricing 
  • High visibility neon design 


  • These just fall out of the sky for faster swingers 

Weird looking golfs balls but they go long

kaede fly golf ball

I've included these strange looking illegal golf balls in this article because they are something completely different. I've never seen anything like this on the market and I had to see if they were a gimmick.

The unique dimple pattern on these Kaede fly golf balls is meant to reduce drag by 19% over standard golf balls, which is said to lead to big increases in carry distance. I teed these up on a normal round in Thailand where carry distance means everything due to the soft fairways. I have to say, I didn't notice any real difference in how far the ball flew, but I did find that they had a much lower ball flight that normal. 

This lower ball flight could be good or bad for you depending on how you normally hit the ball. I did find that they weren't very durable and the strange dimple pattern scuffed up really easily, especially when playing out of the bunker.  

There are much better golf balls on this list if I'm completely honest! 

  • Unique design and colors - like nothing else out there 
  • Lower ball flight 
  • Added distance through reduced drag


  • Not ideal for short game controlNot very durable
  • Very expensive 

Best of both worlds - flight correcting and long 

bandit maximum distance golf balls

The box says that these are the worlds longest (illegal) golf balls. Now, I can't verify this claim, but I'm going to keep this review nice and short. They are very, very long. They aren't the complete package like the more expensive Polara golf balls, but damn, for the price you really can't go wrong with these. 

You playing partners will not know what has happened to your game when you start bombing perfectly straight drives down even the narrowest of holes!  

  • Decent performance for the price 
  • Good combination of flight correction and additional distance 
  • Pretty durable 


  • They sounds like a pebble 

A history of illegal golf balls

First and foremost; what is an illegal golf ball anyway? Most golf balls are made with strict adherence to PGA rules and standards. For official tournament play, the PGA does their best to make the playing field as equal as possible.

This means no gear whatsoever that can give a player an unfair advantage. And illegal balls are just that – an unfair advantage. Of course, it's only unfair if you are competing in an official amateur or professional tournament.

Outside of these official settings, “unfair” translates to a lot of fun. The reason these kinds of balls are typically banned is that they are manufactured to give you more distance. Some balls also help correct hooks and slices on their own.

In fact, some illegal balls can add as much as 15 yards to your shots. Of course, there are a couple of hitches with illegal balls. While they are a blast for casual play, they won't do anything to improve your game. In fact, if you use them too often, they could actually hinder your game.

Secondly, the added distance and slice correction usually coincides with a lack of playability on the green. Most people use them for distance and to get straighter shots in the long game. So if you are in fact in the market for a ball of this nature, take a look at our list.

Final thoughts on best illegal golf balls

If golf is about having fun for you, and you aren't going to be playing in a load of official tournaments then using an illegal golf ball isn't going to do anything bad for you. Tee any of the balls in this list up and you're going to be the envy of your playing partners. It might also improve your game and you just learn to trust your golf swing and not try and steer the ball.  

Why Do Golfers Shout Fore?

The sound of a fellow golfer yelling fore should be something most regular players are familiar with. For those new to the game, it can come as a surprise to hear a fore call, but it's a sign that an errant shot has been hit and that there could be an incoming ball!

When I hear a shout of fore I normally duck and cover. There are no man points for getting knocked out by a rock hard Pinnacle on a Sunday morning.

A golfer should shout fore if they have hit a ball off line on the golf course to warn other golfers that the ball could potentially be heading in their direction and give them enough warning to take evasive action.

Here are some key reasons why golfers should shout fore.

golfer shouting fore

Why Should Golfers Yell Fore?

It is proper golf etiquette to shout fore if you hit a shot which could potentially land close to or hit anyone on the golf course. Golf is a really tough game, and golfers will be aware that bad shots happen and be ready for a shout of fore, it shouldn't come as that much of a surprise. Always shout fore, even if you think that there aren't any players near to where the ball will lands, it's just safer to do so.

It's Proper Golf Etiquette

Golf is a game of tradition and respect. One of the keys to good golfing etiquette is to try and play without having an impact on the groups around you. It might then seem counter intuitive to be shouting "Fore" at the top of your lungs, but this is the only time you're really permitted to make a lot of noise on the course as it could be the thing which stops that errant shot hitting another player.

Golf Balls Are Dangerous

A golf ball hit with a driver can be travelling at speeds around 140-150 mph. It doesn't take a genius to work out that getting hit by a hard object like a golf ball at those speeds is potentially very dangerous. You could be knocked unconscious or worse, and if you're lucky enough to not get hit on the head, you will have a massive bruise as a souvenir.

When should you shout fore?

You should shout fore whenever you believe you golf ball could land near another person on the course. This could mean a member of the greens staff, another player, or perhaps someone walking their dog on a public footpath. If in doubt, shout fore!

What To Do When Another Golfer Calls Fore In Your Direction?

When people hear fore on the course, their immediate reaction is to turn and look at the direction the shout came from. This is a bad idea. Any golf ball coming your way will be travelling at serious speed and with a trajectory you won't be able to predict. If you did manage to track the flight of the ball, it might still be travelling to fast for you to get out of the way in time. The best thing to do when you hear fore, is to crouch down and cover your head. If you are near some cover, like a tree or even your golf bag, you could shelter there, but don't do so if you have to move around too much.

Fore Right. Fore Left

I've never really understood the need to add right or left to a fore shout. Whose right or left are we talking about? A simple and loud call of fore should be enough for anyone in harms way to take the necessary cover before the ball lands.

Putting an arm out to signal a direction might be useful, but again it requires people to he able to see you! You might see pro golfers do this, but they have loads of people in the galleries watching their swing so it makes more sense.

Why Don't Professional Golfers Shout Fore? 

It has become a bit of a hot topic in recent years as to whether pro golfers should yell fore or not. To me it's simple, YES they should. I don't care how many marshalls or forecaddies there are on the courses they play, there's just no excuse not to shout fore.

Sure, they might be frustrated with their shot, but it'll get a lot worse if they hit a spectator who had no warming the ball is heading for them. Bryson Dechambeau used to be guilty of not shouting fore when hitting a bad shot, but he's since made a point of yelling fore.

In Thailand where I play a lot of golf, all of the caddies shout fore, sometimes even when the ball is going to land in the middle of the fairway! Me and my playing partners still make a point to shout fore too, even though we know the famous caddies siren is about to go off.

What does fore mean in golf?

For has been a documented golf term for a long time. It was recorded in the Collins dictionary in Scotland as far back as the 1800's.

There's speculation that the word fore comes from the military, where Artillery men would shout ‘Fore' to warn infantry in front to drop and cover. It could also come from an abbreviated use of the term "fore-caddie" who are people responsible for watching where a golfer's shots went on the golf course. Golfers would shout "fore" to warn the caddie to look out for where their ball is going to land to prevent lost balls. Golf balls used to be even more expensive than they are now, so paying a fore caddie made economic sense!

Final thoughts on why do golfers shout fore

Shouting fore should be a central part of any golfer's knowledge of etiquette. Forget walking on other people's lines, if there's one thing you remember when playing golf, it should be to shout fore when you hit a poor golf shot which could hit other players. A wayward shot is pretty much guaranteed in a round of golf, so be a considerate golfer and shout fore when you can. 

Best Golf Shoes For Seniors

All of the senior golfers I play with are out on the course at least 3 times a week. Also, these guys walk everywhere, even in the insane heat of Thailand. They need their golf shoes to be comfortable and durable. They can't wear out after 10 rounds and need to provide the support to a body which maybe isn't what it used to be.

I've looked at what my more seasoned golf pals are wearing and found some of the most comfortable golf shoes for seniors you can buy today. We've got spikeless golf shoes, modern golf shoes and more traditional golf shoes to cover all the bases.

Let's take a look at where your money is best spent and make those new golf shoes work for you on the golf course!

Best Golf Shoes For Seniors 2023

Best all round golf shoe made from quality materials

truelinkswear original golf shoes for seniors

These TRUE Linkswear shoes are the best golf shoes for seniors without a doubt. The TRUE Original has a minimalist fit, wide toe box and zero drop to maximise all round comfort. These shoes are specifically engineered for walking, and can keep you going without a problem on 36 hole days!

The wide sole of the Original 1.2 creates a massive amount of surface contact giving you a great connection to the turf and unbelievable traction in all conditions. Walk and feel the course like you've never felt before with a flexible, ergonomically designed sole that eliminates all inhibitions between you and the turf. 

These shoes are made with super premium materials and they just feel so nice straight out of the box. The upper is "alternative" leather which is scratch resistant but feels and looks like the real thing. The sole is made from a nice bendy rubber which doesn't go hard in colder conditions which is something I've experienced with other shoes from big brands. 

The real showstopper of this shoe though is the waterproofing. Rain, dew, snow whatever you are not getting wet feet with these on. TRUE have built a waterproof "bootie" into the shoe with a neoprene tongue to keep all moisture out. What is surprising is that your feet don't feel like they're inside a wetsuit and they are super breathable. Winter or summer you're going to have dry feet and this is a must in senior golf shoe. All of the seniors I play with are out there in all conditions, so this is a shoe which will keep delivering round after round. 


  • 2 year waterproof guarantee
  • Wide Toe Box (Up to EEE)
  • Neoprene Waterproof Tongue
  • Antimicrobial Insert for Superior Comfort and Breathability


  • None that we can think of!

Best waterproof golf shoes with extreme comfort 

ecco h4 boa

Steve on my YouTube channel is massive fan of Ecco shoes. I've always heard people raving about how comfortable they are, but I was never that into the look of them in the past. Freddy Couples put the original Biom Hybrid golf shoes on the map when he started playing golf in them on TV, and Ecco struggled to get the Yak leather needed to keep up with the demand for these spikeless golf shoes.

The Biom Hybrid Boa Gore Tex Waterproof golf shoes have every feature you want in a shoe for seniors. First and foremost, they look great, and come in a variety of colors to suit any taste. They are a more modern looking golf shoe, but age is just a number and senior golf shoes don't need to look like they were made 100 years ago. They are versatile golf shoes in that you can wear them on and off the course and look and feel great.

The Boa fit adjustment feature is a complete godsend for older guys who suffer from a bad back and other conditions which can cause their feet to swell up when playing. You can tighten or loosen these shoes with a twist of the Boa controller without having to bend down for a lengthy period of time, and you can fine tune the perfect fit. This just isn't a feature you will find in a traditional golf shoe.

Out on the golf course, these shoes have you covered in terms of grip and keeping out the water. They are a spikeless shoe, but they are super stable, even in the wettest and greasiest of conditions. With Gore Tex technology included, you know you're getting the best waterproof golf shoes you can buy, while knowing that they will be really breathable and reduce sweating.

If spikes are your thing, the G5 model is essentially the same shoe but with replaceable soft spikes on the sole.

Easily the best golf shoes you can buy and they last for a long, long time. 


  • Supreme comfort
  • Stable throughout the golf swing
  • Gore Tex water proofing
  • Boa fit technology for the perfect fit
  • Soft premium yak leather


  • Price, but they last for ever

Look great these bad boys on or off the course

footjoy contour casual golf shoes

FootJoy have always made great shoes. For seniors, they made the pretty much bomb proof Aqualite range which would last for hundreds of rounds and perform time and time again. The problem with those "traditional" shoes is that they look a bit drab and boring. With the Contour Causal, FootJoy have got with the times while still keeping the needs of the senior golfer in mind.

This is another spikeless golf shoe, and has the laid back styling of a sneaker. Each colour combination is eye catching, and you know that you're getting the materials of premium golf shoes you'd expect from FootJoy.

The appeal of these shoes is that you can easily wear them on or off the golf course. They won't look out of place with a pair of jeans or dressed up a bit more for a smart casual event. The golf shoe market has had to adapt to these needs as golf clubs have began to relax their dress codes and become more accepting of sneakers and other athletic shoes in and around the club house.

I think the Contour casuals will become a classic golf shoe in time and a silhouette other brands try to imitate. 

  • Look at home on or off the golf course
  • Most versatile golf shoes tested
  • Great grip from the soft spikes
  • Competitive pricing


  • Not the most waterproof golf shoes

Guaranteed comfortable golf shoes from Skechers

skechers go elite pro sl

Like Ecco, Skechers were best know for their standard shoe offerings before they entered the golf shoe market. Many seniors jumped at the chance to wear Skechers golf shoes as they knew they would give them the fit, support and quality they were used to, at a price point they could afford.

Most Skechers shoes are basically tweaked versions of their sneakers and these designs make great golf shoes. The Elite Tour SL is more of a specialist golf shoe model, but still has that trademark Skechers look and feel. You get some nice color choices to suit your taste and the materials used look and feel of high quality.

My buddy Mike has two pairs of these shoes and loved that they didn't require any breaking in, they were ready to go straight out of the box.

The shoes feature a premium leather upper with H2GO shield seam-sealed waterproof protection. The low drop design keeps your feet low to the ground in a neutral position which really helps seniors with more static swings. The UltraFlight cushioning provides premium levels of comfort.

  • Comfort straight from the box
  • Great waterproof golf shoes
  • Good option for guys who don't normally wear spikeless golf shoes
  • A few color options


  • White version does discolour over time

Best low spin high launch hybrid clubs

UA hovr 2 golf shoe

The Cobra RADSPEED Hybrid looks the bomb. I really like the bright yellow detailing  and these clubs definitely have bag appeal out on the golf course.

The design delivers low spin, high launch, and forgiveness with Cobra's front-biased Radial Weighting system. Two 6 gram weights are placed in the front of the club head with a further 7 gram weight in the back,  creating balance for a super low spin shot with high launch. Jim who writes for the site plays with a senior who games these clubs and his long game has been revolutionised. He was struggling massively with his 5 iron and switched to the 21 degree model of the RADSPEED and now he's a demon from 180 yards.  

Hollow split rails placed at front of the club create 70% more flex from heel to toe, giving you a greater launch with faster ball speeds. A forged insert is thinner and more flexible for even more ball speed and greater stopping power into greens. Two Baffler sole rails prevent digging for better shots out of tougher lies, rough, or bunkers.

This is much more pricey than the Cobra Air X featured above and is aimed at the senior who has a more consistent swing and more speed. If that's you, I don't think you can look past this club. 

  • Radial Weighting – clever placement of weight enhances speed, forgiveness, and ball flight
  • Baffler rails on the sole for better turf interaction 
  • Forged face insert is thinner and more flexible for faster ball speeds and higher launch


  • Not adjustable - choose the right loft for you 

Save your back with easy to close velcro laces

skechers back 9 golf shoe

OK, these might not look the best, but if you struggle with a bad back, who cares? The velcro on top makes it super easy to put these shoes on and just as easy to take them off. Adjusting the fit is also a breeze. The spikes on the bottom are still soft but super substantial and will give you all of the traction you will ever need. 

These shoes are for a very specific sub set of senior golfer, but they shouldn't be overlooked. 

  • Really easy to put on 
  • Super soft feel
  • Excellent spikes for traction 


  • Not the best looking shoe
  • Only for a specific subset of senior golfer

Final thoughts on best golf shoes for senior golfers

Just because you're a "senior" it doesn't mean you have to compromise on style when it comes to your golf shoes. The options in this list have been chosen because they're obviously great options, but because they will suit the needs of a wide range of different seniors. I hope you can find the best shoes for your or at least get some inspiration. 

Best Golf Towel

No matter where you play golf in the world, a golf towel is an essential piece of golf equipment. Keeping your golf clubs and golf balls clean when you're out on the golf course is an easy way to keep your scores low and your game consistent.

But golf towel is just a towel right? WRONG! Like everything in golf, there are many things to consider when choosing the best golf towel to attach to your bag. We need to consider looks, quality and performance before taking the plunge and choosing a towel. Luckily for you, I've tried nearly every style of towel on the market to find the best golf towels, from ones I've "borrowed" from hotels, to expensive microfiber towels.

Let's find the best golf towel for you.

Best Golf Towel 2022

  1. Waddaplaya Golf Towel (simply the best golf towel money can buy)
  2. Callaway tri fold towel (best colour options)
  3. ToVii Golf Towel Microfiber Waffle set  (best value for money)
  4. Champkey Premium Tri-Fold Waffle Golf Towel (cheapest single towel)

If god designed golf towels this is what they would look like

Waddaplaya make some of the best best accessories and clothing out there, it's a fact. Yes I'm biased because I design, test and wear every item, but I'm not yanking your chain on this one, this stuff is legit.

I wanted to design towels which look good but also do the job you need them to do on the golf course. This is a soft, absorbent microfiber waffle towel for the birdie machines. This holds water - it's not one of those towels that just repels water like 5 ply toilet paper. This is the real deal. I can't stand those towels which dry out after 5 seconds and are useless at cleaning clubs and balls. Give this bad boy a soak at one end and you will be in cleaning even the most dried on grass from your clubs.

This towel measures in at 40" x 16" (100cm x 40cm), and is the perfect size.

All of these towels are double sided and have a small loop at the top so you can easily attach it to your golf bag. Once you have one of these there's no looking back.


  • Quality towel made from premium materials
  • Sturdy loop to safely attach the towel to your bag
  • Eye catching designs
  • Perfect size
  • Guaranteed birdies


  • NONE

Good selection of colours to choose from

callaway tri fold towel

Yes this golf towel might look a bit basic, but it's made from a quality microfiber material and will do the job of keeping your clubs clean without much hassle. The tri fold design is favored by golfers who like to keep their golf towel out of the way, and it does hang neatly when attached to your golf bag.

There's a simple carabiner clip for easy attachment and the fabric loop holding this on is very sturdy.

Callaway offer a decent selection of colours to choose from, ranging from classic black to pink. The Callaway logo is understated and if you're a golfer who isn't the kind to wear loud patterns, this might be the perfect option for you.

This towel measures 16"x21" when fully laid out.

  • Quality towel
  • Simple but effective design to keep clubs clean
  • Good size but doesn't get in the way
  • Nice color options
  • Easy to attach to your golf bag


  • Material takes a while to break in and become absorbent. Give it a wash before use.

Everything you need to keep your clubs clean in one package

towvii towel set

This is a great deal. 3 towels, a divot tool and a golf club cleaning brush. It's basically the quickest way to get everything you would need to keep you golf equipment clean without breaking the bank.

You get a choice of colours for the towels which feel like they are decent quality. These golf towels are ‎16" x 16", so not the biggest I've tested but more than large enough to get the job done. When I play in the heat of Thailand, I like to have a towel for cleaning loose dirt and grass from my clubs and golf balls and then another soaked in cold water to keep me cool.

The spring action divot tool included is ok, but not the best quality, whereas the brush is really solid and has a neat little retractable clip on it for easy access from golf bags.

If you are looking to quickly kit out your golf bag this is a great option. 

  • Everything you need to keep your golf clubs and golf balls clean 
  • 3 golf towels - many options
  • Good color options
  • Really good cleaning brush included


  • Divot tool is a bit cheap. Get a better one from waddaplaya.
  • Towels aren't the best quality I've felt

Excellent value for money

champkey towels

This is a simple, no frills golf towel. It's super cheap and made from a decent quality mircrofibre waffle material which you would find in a more premium towel.

At 16" x 21" it's a the perfect size and the tri-fold keeps it out of the way which is handy if you like to carry your golf bag.

I found the material to be pretty absorbent, but the increased amount of synthetic fibres gave it a cheaper feel than other golf towels on this list.

The small carabiner clip works well and won't fall to pieces anytime soon. 

  • Super cheap price
  • No frills, it does what you need it to
  • Nice simple carabiner clip for attaching to golf bags
  • Tri fold towel design keeps it neat and tidy


  • Cheaper material than premium options 

Final thoughts on the best golf towels 

Sure, golf towels aren't the most fascinating thing to learn about when it comes to golf equipment, but they are one of the most essential pieces of kit out there. Keeping the grooves of your golf clubs clean, and mud off your golf balls is essential to good shots and consistency. Don't make the mistake I see a lot of new golfers come across where they forget a towel. It's a rookie error and you only have yourself to blame! 

Golf In The Rain (Comprehensive guide)

I'm a fair weather golfer at heart and I'll do pretty much anything possible to avoid playing golf in the rain, but sometimes you just can't avoid it. We've all been caught short out on the golf course when a downpour hits, and you're left with a choice, take cover or plough on.

If you are a golfer who will happily play golf in wet weather then you've probably learned some tips and tricks along the way to make the experience bearable, or even sometimes fun! In this article we're going to go over what it takes to play golf in the rain, the gear you will needs and the changes you will need to make to your game.

Let's dive right in (pardon the pun...)

phili mickelson plays golf in the rain

How to prepare for golf in the rain

If you're a sensible golfer, you probably check the weather forecast before playing. Golfers lucky enough to play in consistently hot, sunny weather conditions will have to pack their sunscreen and sunglasses, but for guys who can face wet conditions, preparing for golf in the rain is a bit of an undertaking.

If I know that it's likely to rain when I'm out on the course, I will at minimum make sure I have the following items in my golf bag:

Playing in the U.K. I normally have most of these things in my bag anyway, but I've seen many, many players get caught out when they don't have one of these items.

For the beginners out there, I'll run through each one of these items in a bit more detail so you know what to have with you.

Rain hood

Most golf bags will come with a rain hood which can be attached to the top of your bag to stop water from getting into it and soaking the grips of your clubs. Keeping you clubs dry is pretty essential to playing good golf in the rain as it stops your grips from becoming wet and slippy. If you don't have a rain hood, you can pick one up from Amazon or other golf retailers.

Golf umbrella

This might seem obvious, but a good quality golf umbrella is an absolute must for any golf bag. DO NOT cheap out on this item as you will regret it when you're out in the driving rain and wind, and your $10 umbrella turns inside out and spears you in the head. Not pleasant. A good umbrella will resists strong gusts of wind and also do the obvious job of keep you and your gear dry. It can also be used on hot sunny days as a refuge from the sun's heat.

Cap, beanie or bucket hat

Having something to cover your head from the elements is always useful. Most golfers will wear a hat to play in, but if you don't, throw one into the bag so that you've got the option to keep your head warm and dry if the heavens open.

Waterproof golf jacket

Any waterproof jacket will do the job in a pinch, but a waterproof designed for golf will keep you dry and allow you play golf unrestricted. Get the best waterproof jacket you can afford as those cheap pack away jackets will leak and make you sweat. Look for high quality fabrics like Gore-Tex to make sure you don't overheat while out on the course.

Extra gloves

Playing golf with a wet glove is no fun. The club slips and it's nearly impossible to dry that glove out once it's wet. You can buy specialist rain gloves, but I prefer to use a synthetic glove like the FootJoy WeatherSof as it works just fine in all conditions. Wet weather gloves can make your hands hot and are designed to not be taken off between shots, so take this into account when you're buying gloves. I like to have 3 or 4 gloves in my bag, two new ish and two older ones for use in the rain.

Extra towels

If it looks like rain is a possibility for your round of golf, chuck an extra towel into your bag. You can use this one to keep things bone dry and your usual towel to clean your club, and dry excess moisture from a wet ball. Keep the dry towels inside your bag or hand it inside your umbrella for easy access.

These are the absolute essentials I would have if rain was even a possibility. This is is a different set up to if I knew that rain was guaranteed to play a part in my round of golf. If I know I'm going to get wet, I'll make sure I'm wearing waterproof golf shoes, have full rain gear and lots of gloves and towels. I'll also use a golf trolley with an umbrella attachment so I can keep dry whenever I'm not playing a shot.

Here are a few extra tips and tricks for preparing to play golf in the rain.

Keep your valuables dry

I have a water proof golf bag with zips that stop rain getting in, but this comes at a cost in terms of weight. Most golfers will have a golf bag with at least one waterproof valuables pocket, but they aren't always the most reliable. I put my phone, wallet and keys inside a ziplock bag and keep that inside a pocket. This has saved me on more than one occasion where I've forgotten to close the zips on my valuables pocket and water has flooded in. It's just a case of taking the time before your round to be organised. I also have a dedicated valuables bag for that extra layer of protection. 

Choose the right putter

Rain on the greens makes them slower, it's a fact. I will sometimes switch my putter to a heavier mallet model if I know that I'm going to be playing on slow, wet greens and need to give the ball a decent hit. This won't suit everyone, but I find that a blade style putter is more of a precision tool for quicker surfaces and the mallet gives me more confidence when feel goes out of the window. Give it a try and see if it works for you.

Hybrids are your friend

Wet grass and mud balls are part and parcel of golf in the rain and this makes it harder to get solid contact with the golf ball. As the ball wont be rolling out as far due to soggy fairways, you will most likely be hitting longer clubs for your approach shots than normal. If it's really raining, I try and avoid hitting my long irons if at all possible. I will often put an extra hybrid in the bag to replace my 4-5 iron and use it for a variety of shots, from off the tee, to bump and runs around the green. The wide sole of a hybrid will stop the golf club digging into wet turf and the bigger sweet spot will be more forgiving when swinging with rain gear on. Embrace the hybrid, it could be a life saver!

Accept wet sand in bunkers

Bunker play is enough of a challenge without the sand being heavy and wet. Wet sand will require more speed in your swing to get the ball out of the bunker and this can lead to you decelerating or thinning the ball. The best tips I can give you for wet bunkers is to just accept the lie you get and then trust your sand wedge to get the ball out. Make a committed swing and slap the sand behind the ball and GET IT ON THE GREEN. We're not worried about getting it close in wet weather, we just want to be putting. You could use your lob wedge, sand wedge, or gap wedge, it doesn't matter as long as you feel like you are committed to the shot.

What to wear golfing in the rain

I've given a run down of the essential items for playing golf in the rain, but what should you wear to stay dry AND allow your golf swing to be as unrestricted as possible? A key concept here is layering and I'll work from the ground up to give you a detailed break down of the right gear for the job.

Waterproof golf shoes

Sure those Nike Roshe golf shoes look cool, but they are going to be completely useless when it rains. Thankfully, you don't need to look like your granddad in his FootJoy Aqualites to wear waterproof shoes these days with most of the top manufacturers producing excellent options which keep your feet dry without them getting sweaty.

In the summer months I normally play in a spikeless shoe, but when the rainy fall and winter days roll in, I switch to a shoe with a soft spike. Wet feet is a guaranteed way to ruin your round and can make you totally miserable. Spend the extra cash on a good pair and you'll actually enjoy playing golf in the rain (maybe).

Pro tip - I keep some blister plasters in my bag at all times. Golf shoes can start rubbing at any time and when they do, it's the worst. Changes in the weather can lead to unwanted friction so put some Compeeds or similar in your bag for when the unexpected strikes.

Good socks

Ok stay with me here, but a good pair of socks is essential for any type of weather when playing golf, not just in the rain. Those thin novelty socks you got for Christmas 4 years ago just aren't going to cut it. Get some quality sports socks with padded soles and make sure you wash them before using them. New socks can rub and slip around in your shoes.

Waterproof pants/trousers

A pair of well fitting breathable waterproof pants can be the difference between finishing a round and walking in after 9 holes. I will often wear my waterproofs in the winter even if it isn't raining as I don't mind them getting wet and muddy. You can wear whatever you want under your waterproofs, but make sure you're prepared if they get too hot. Going commando isn't an option. Like all things in golf, buy the best you can afford, they will last longer and do a better job than cheaper options.

Gloves and mitts

Rain gloves are useful if you're playing in steady rain and you can't keep your normal gloves dry. I don't like wearing a glove on moth hands so I don't tend to wear rain gloves, so I'll put 3 to 4 synthetic all weather gloves in my bag and rotate them.

Mitts are great for keeping your hands warm and dry between shots, but they can get in the way and be a hassle to keep taking on and off.

Water proof jacket or rain shirt

What you wear on your top half will depend on personal preference and how much rain you're expecting to get. Tiger Woods famously cannot or will not play in a rain jacket as it restricts his swing. A lightweight three quarter sleeve rain shirt is a good option for those who play in warmer climates or want more flexibility.

Personally, I have no issue with a full rain jacket, and I need one to keep me warm and dry in the winter months. I try and wear something made from Gore Tex or a similarly flexible, breathable fabric so I can swing freely on a rainy day. All of the big brands in the golf industry will make good quality options, so find a jacket which fits, and look after it. It will look after you.


A hat which keeps your head warm and dry is always helpful. It's a bonus if it can keep the rain out of your eyes. Waterproof caps, buckets and beanies do exist but are probably for the most die hard players. Get a well fitting cap and you'll be fine. Keep a spare in your bag if it gets totally soaked.

How to play golf in wind and rain

I've written a comprehensive guide to playing golf in the wind which you can find here. When you add rain into the mix, my first recommendation would be to seriously consider if it's worth playing that day! But, if you want to continue anyway or if you don't have a choice, let look at some things you can do to reduce the impact the rain will have on your game. 

Choose your clubs carefully

When it's raining, water and wet grass are obviously going to be a factor. With the introduction of swing and ball tracking technology, we have learned that when water gets between the ball and the club face its reduces the amount of spin for that shot. This will have a different impact for different clubs so we have to stop and think before pulling a club for a certain yardage. 

Here's an example. You have 150 yards to the middle of the green from the fairway. The ball is wet and the green is receptive. You are wearing full rain gear and have been making three quarter swings all day. You normally hit your 7 iron 150 yards carry. What club should you be hitting in this scenario? if we assume that the wind isn't playing a factor, in this situation you could hit your 7 or 6 iron. The water on the ball will reduce spin and cause the ball to fly a little bit further and will probably cancel out you not making a full swing. 

If you were in the rough for this shot, I would consider hitting an 8 iron as the increased amount of grass and moisture between the ball and the club face will likely cause a low spinning flyer! 

If you are on the tee and it's raining, you will more than likely need to club up as much as you can while feeling comfortable. Unless you're in driving rain, water on the ball and club shouldn't be as much of a factor, but a soggy fairway will reduce roll out. If you normally hit your driver 240 yards with 15-20 yards of roll, play for a total distance of 220. The more height you get off the tee, the less this be a factor but still make sure you know your carry distances with your clubs. It could be the difference between being in the fairway or the hazard. 

Keep your golf club grips dry 

This is pretty self explanatory, but a wet grip makes holding onto the club and controlling your shots much more difficult. Special rain gloves are designed to grip more when playing in wet conditions, but they aren't to everyone's taste. I prefer to try and keep my gloves and grips as dry as possible so that I can keep my shots consistent. Keep a dry towel and spare gloves in your golf bag to keep those grips nice and dry. 

Stay positive

If it's cold and wet out on the golf course, it's easy to let negative thoughts creep into your game. If I have a couple of bad shots or holes, I will start to blame the weather. Yes, the rain makes things tricky, but we are still the ones hitting the shots and more often than not the frustration comes from not accepting and adapting to the different conditions. The round will take longer, you will need to think about your shots a little bit more, and take your time keeping you and your gear dry. 

Try and keep the chat with your playing partners light. You are in this together and it's probably better than being at work! 

Get It On The Green

As we've noted above, water takes spin off your shots. Chipping around the greens in the rain can be a bit of a lottery, and your normal array of shots can become limited. That low spinner you like to play could end up running through the green or that bump and run could check up on the first bounce and stop 30 feet short. 

My advice is to Get It On The Green, and then give yourself a chance to make a putt. Getting cute with your short game is risky in the best of conditions so when the odds are stacked against you, play the percentages and hole those putts!  

Final thoughts on golf in the rain

Preparation is key to playing golf int he rain. If you've prepared your gear and your mindset out on the course for the adverse conditions then you will still enjoy yourself. Accepting that your score won't be as good and that scrambling will be your main focus helps to get your head in gear and your game in line. Get out there and enjoy golf! 

Best Putter For Seniors

Nearly every senior golfer I have played golf with over the years has been a demon on the greens. Maybe it's something which comes with a few laps around the block, but these guys have a deep ability to read greens and jam putts.

If this sounds like you, or if it couldn't be further from the truth, finding the best putter for seniors could be the key to maintaining your putting stroke or unlocking your inner putting beast! I've found some of the best putters for seniors for you to choose from. I've tried mallet putters, blade putters and everything in between and I know that there is a flat stick in this list with your name on it.

Best Putter For Seniors 2022

  1. Ping Fetch putter  (editor's choice)
  2. Odyssey Stroke Lab Double Wide putter (best blade style putter for seniors)
  3. Tour Edge Wingman Putter  (best for alignment)
  4. Wilson Infinite Men's Golf Putter (best value putter for seniors)

Best putter for seniors - hands down

ping fetch 2021 putter

Ping Fetch putters have a hole in the back of them which performs allow you to easily retrieve the ball from the putting surface. It's an underrated feature!

For senior golfers, the standout feature of this putter is the Fetch system as it saves your back from reaching down to pick up the ball. It’s a small thing I know, but to some is will be huge benefit and the difference between playing golf for a couple of many years in the future.

I like this putter on quick greens as well as slower greens. You get a nice consistent roll on the golf ball and due to the nature of the mallet style club head, it is going to a very easy, forgiving putter to use on slower greens. The power generated from a small stroke is excellent and the insert gives such a silky feeling off the face.

The adjustable length shaft is a bonus but doesn't make much difference after you set it to your desired settings. 

If you want a new putter, I would try this out as it's just that good. 


  • Stealthy anti glare finish contrasts with the green surface for alignment mastery 
  • Fetch system is a god send for senior golfers with bad backs
  • Super forgiving mallet putter
  • Probably one of the best golf putters on the market


  • Better suited to slower greens so distance control on fast greens might be tough

Super light hybrid golf club for slow swing speeds

Odyssey Stroke Lab Double Wide

The Stroke Lab black series feature a shaft with a graphite upper section and a steel lower section. Odyssey counter balanced the putter by adding weight near the grip and in the head. This is supposed to increase feel in a heavier putter. 

The double wide is mainly in this list because it appeals to the blade fans. I am a blade fan but not on slower greens, the closest I have found to a blade is this square-shaped double wide, with an extended back piece for alignment

Hinge insert in the face creates a firmer feeling at impact instead of the typical marshmallow feel of inserts. This is a big factor if you prefer a firmer hit off the putter to gauge your strike to be able to adjust for where the sweet spot is.

It's a very simple putter but with the extra weight, it can make a transition from a traditional blade very easy or toward a blade putter from a bigger mallet putter. 

Odyssey gave made a special effort with the weighting in the club head to allow for some toe hang, so that blade users, or people with an arc in their stroke can use it out the box.

  • Handy clubface alignment lines
  • Counterbalanced shaft makes it easier to feel the head of club
  • Loads of head designs and lengths to choose from


  • Expensive putter

Most forgiving hybrid for the senior golfer

Tour Edge Wingman Putter

Tour Edge makes excellent value products with premium features. I am a huge fan of their fairway woods and was interested to try this putter out. It’s packed full of technology and the weights can be adjusted to suit your putting stroke.

This putter has a super high MoI but gives you a great soft feel when making contact with the golf ball. The alignment aid on the top is different to many designs out there, but I really liked how it focused my attention on the golf ball. It was pretty obvious when you were misaligned, and combined with the centre shaft it was perfect for my stroke. 

  • Adjustable weights
  • Target lock alignment system 
  • Excellent pricing for a mallet putter


  • Not the most well known brand
  • Not everyone will like the looks of this putter head

Super affordable putter for a consistent roll

Wilson Infinite Men's Golf Putter

This is a great putter. Simple. It is counterbalanced meaning the balance point of the club is closer to the hands which is ideal for a straight back and through stroke. The head has a matte black anti glare finish and features simple alignment guides which match up perfectly with the centre aligned shaft. 

The double milled CNC face feels amazing - even with harder distance balls. This is a hard putter to beat for the price!

  • Counterbalanced design makes this feel like a lightweight putter
  • Anti glare sleek matte black finish
  • Premium feeling stock double wide grip
  • Great price for senior golfers on a budget


  • Neck style might not be everyones favorite

Final thoughts on the best putter for seniors

Choosing the right putter for your stroke and game is essential no matter your age. The reason I like the Ping Fetch putter so much is that, as someone who suffers from a chronic bad back, I don't want it get worse as I get older. For seniors who have back issues, or feel like they could develop them, this putter is something they should be seriously considering. Any of the other putters in this article will be a good bet though, so find the one which suits your tastes and budget and treat yourself, you know you want to! 

Best Golf Wedges for Seniors

I've played a lot of golf with guys who would class themselves as "seniors" and more often than not, they have razor sharp short game skills. What they lack in distance from the tee, they more than make up for it around the green and I've been sent home crying more than once after underestimating a senior.

The best golf wedges for seniors play to the strengths of the golfer using them. They will be a bit more forgiving, but will be still be precision tools for specialist chip shots and bunker shots. Here are my picks for the best golf wedges for seniors.

Best golf wedges for seniors 2022

  1. Cleveland SmartSole 4 Wedges (editor's choice)
  2. PING Glide 3.0 SS Wedge (best for slower swing speed senior golfers)
  3. Wilson Harmonized Wedge  (cheapest specialist wedge)
  4. TaylorMade Hi-toe wedge (best for seniors who don't have the best strike)
  5. Cleveland CBX 2 Cavity Back Wedge (best wedge to blend into your irons)

Best wedges for seniors without a doubt

cleveland smart sole wedges 2023

The Cleveland SmartSole wedges have a similar affect to putting hybrids in your golf bag - they just make the game easier. It's very hard to duff or thin chips, or flub a bunker shot with these wedges, especially if you get the right bounce angle for the conditions you play golf in.

The chunky underside of these wedges is unnoticeable when addressing the ball and looks just like a standard wedge. The S version has 58° of loft, so there really isn't much need to open the face like you do with other wedges.

The weight normally found behind the sweet spot has been distributed around the perimeter of the club much like a game improvement iron. This perimeter weighting makes the wedge super forgiving and will blend in with your cavity backed irons.

These wedges are no gimmick!

You can find me using both C and S wedge in this video on my YouTube channel. The newest version of these wedges now features a G wedge (gap wedge) so you can play a C, G and S for a complete set.

The C wedge is 42 degrees which makes it the same loft as an 8 iron while the G wedge is 50 degrees to give you a nice gapping between the C and S wedge. This 8 degree increment gives you plenty of options inside 100 yards and will blend with your pitching wedge from your iron set.

With the large sole of the club, you're going to slice through tall grass and fairways without any hassle. Around the green you're not gonna hit those duffed chips that go a a foot or two. You know, the ones you hit and look around to see if anyone noticed...

These are the best wedges for senior golfers on the market because they suit a swing with less speed that could be on the shallow side. These wedges have the potential to get you to reinvent your short game from bunkers to green side to pitch shots within 100 yards.


  • Can be used from any lie on the golf course
  • Easily get out of the sand with a the 58 degree loft sand wedge
  • C wedge designed for chipping and running balls up to the green
  • Good loft options


  • Don't have the classic looks of blade wedges
  • Might fly too far on the first few shots

Premium design and feel in an easy to use package

ping glide stealth 3.0 wedge

PING make some of the best putters, irons, hybrids and woods on the market and their wedges are no exception. They look great and play great.

These are not the super game improvement and get out of trouble clubs that the Cleveland Smart Soles are designed to be, and would be best used by more confident senior golfers who have a consistent swing and wedge game. That being said, any player will find these clubs a lot of fun to play.

The PING Glide golf wedges come with a custom golf grip with white markings on it. You can use these as a guide for your hands when when gripping down on the shaft for different short game shots. PING like to cover every base with their clubs, and designed the Glide 3.0 golf wedge from the hands down so you can feel every part of the shot.

Like most clubs in this list, weight has been shifted to the perimeters from the face to improve off center strikes on the longer shots so there is less margin for error. This is a massive help because those partial shots are ones that nobody likes playing.

I've seen these clubs in the bags of a number of senior golfers and they always seem to do the job. What you know you're getting from PING is quality construction and well thought out design, and that is why some of the most seasoned players stick with PING.

  • Special grip design 
  • Some of the most forgiving wedges for seniors
  • Low centre of gravity to help prevent fat wedge shots
  • Premium traditional wedge look and feel


  • Not the cheapest but will last forever

Cheap but definitely not nasty

Wilson harmonized wedge

These are the best wedges for senior golfers who are on a tight budget. They look like the real deal and you'd be fooled into thinking they cost double what you will pay for one.

These aren't the most forgiving golf wedges and will be better suited to senior golfers who have a handicap under 15. They spin like crazy when they are brand new, to the point where you might have to adjust your landing spot. They even checked up when I was using a cheaper 2 piece distance ball, like a Titleist Velocity.

There are 4 loft options to choose from:

If in doubt get the 56 degree and 100% avoid the 64 degree. Only god and Phil Mickelson can hit that club.

  • Classic blade shape wedge 
  • Great price for a wedge from a top manufacturer
  • Black and chrome options to suit all style preferences


  • The chrome finish will cause glare into your eyes
  • AVOID the 64° club it's scheisse

Get spin control from any lie with these wedges

Taylormade Milled Grind Wedge

If you're a golfer who finds themselves playing out of bunkers or the rough more often than not, or if these are shots which you struggle with, the TaylorMade Hi-Toe wedge was made for you. 

The full face grooves on these wedges mean that you can swing with confidence knowing that if you make contact with the ball, it's going to catch some grooves and get some spin. This makes a huge difference when playing from the sand and rough where strike point can be hard to control. 

My friend Didi who is in his 60's games the 52 and 56 in the Hi-Toe range and he has become a demon around the greens. He has the oil can finish wedges to reduce glare but you can get these bad boys in a variety of different styles to suit your eye. 

As the name indicates, the shape of the wedge is slightly higher in the toe to accommodate the full face grooves. At address this more triangular shape isn't really noticeable and you will come to appreciate the extra face space when playing any open faced wedge shots. These are more precision tools than the super forgiving options in this article so choose wisely.  

  • Nice selection of finishes to choose from
  • Slices right through even the thickest rough grasses
  • Full face grooves make is easy to splash out of bunkers
  • Many loft options, from gap wedge and sand wedge to lob wedge 


  • Funny triangle shape might be off putting at first

Hot face produces insane ball speeds for even low swingers

Cleveland CBX 2 Cavity Back Wedge

These cavity back wedges from Cleveland aren't as dramatic to look as their brother's in the SmartSole range, but they are nearly as forgiving and feel amazing. I've always been a fan of Cleveland wedges - I think they make some of the best and most reasonably priced clubs on the market - and I would happily game these CBX2s.

The big sell here for senior golfers is that they blend in with pretty much any set of cavity back irons. They have the looks of a more traditional wedge, but a similar feel and hot face found on most game improvement clubs. This might not be what lower handicap players are looking for, but if you're the type of golfer who plays a lot of chips with your 7,8 and 9 irons, these wedges will slot in perfectly to your arsenal. 

They do have a particularly hot face which is noticeable on fuller swings where the ball flies 5 to 10 yards further than a bladed wedge. Around the greens, the famous Cleveland grooves give you plenty of grab on well struck chips and the wide sole makes bunker play a breeze. 

As you would expect from a big brand, you get plenty of loft and bounce options to choose from, so make sure to pick the combination which suits you. I play courses with a lot of juicy rough so I have a 56 degree wedge with 14 degrees of bounce. If you have more bare lies, maybe select something with close to 10 degrees so make sure the leading edge of the club doesn't dig in. 

  • Low centre of gravity for high spinning and soft landing bunker shots
  • Super forgiving wedge
  • Cleveland quality grooves and build quality
  • Will blend in seamlessly with your cavity back irons
  • Loads of loft options from gap wedges, sand wedges to lob wedges


  • Premium wedge with a premium price tag

Final thoughts on the best golf wedges for seniors

If you're an older guy looking for the best clubs to help you in the scoring zone, then any of the options in this article will do the job. Make sure you pick a club which looks like it's an old friend, as you need to get intimate with your wedges as you will be spending a lot of time with them. 

Best Golf Ball For Slow Swing Speed 2023

If you have a driver swing speed of between 72-85 MPH then you could be considered to be a slow swing speed player. Does this mean you can't go out onto the golf course and hit bombs? Of course it doesn't!

In this article we will look at the best golf ball for slow swing speed and all of the key factors to consider when choosing the best golf balls for your swing speed.

Best golf ball for slow swing speed 2023

  1. Srixon Soft Feel golf balls (best all rounder golf ball)
  2. TaylorMade Distance+ golf balls (best for maximum distance)
  3. Titleist Tour Soft golf balls  (best mid low compression golf balls)
  4. Vice Pro Soft golf balls (best for low handicap players)
  5. Callaway Supersoft golf balls (best budget option)

The best golf balls for slow swing speed golfers

srixon soft feel

In every golf ball review article I write, the Srixon soft feel is usually included, or should be. It's a golf ball which has characteristics which can benefit nearly every type of golfer and golfers with slower swing speeds definitely fall into this bracket.

This golf ball has a compression rating of 60 which is on the lower end of golf ball compression and means that players with a swing speed below 80 MPH are going to get optimum performance. They fly a long way and will roll out a good distance when struck well off the tee.

These balls do feel soft as the name suggests, but not to the point that you have no feedback from the club head. I really like how these balls feel off my putter and they provide a decent amount of greenside spin for a surlyn cover material golf ball.

Slower swing speed golfers will notice a mid to high ball flight which is more controlled. This is in part due to the new core in the latest model and the 338 dimple pattern which is designed to reduce excessive side spin.

If you haven't tried this ball before, do yourself a massive favor and pick up a dozen. They're cheap and excellent.


  • Long off the tee
  • Stable ball flight
  • Good greenside spin control
  • Designed specifically for slow swing speeds
  • Increased ball speed


  • None really

Best golf balls for raw distance

taylormade distance + golf balls

A big name golf review website once said that soft golf balls are slow golf balls, meaning that they wouldn't go that far off the tee. This just isn't the case with the TaylorMade Distance+.

The Distance+ provides ultra-soft feel with a two-piece construction and 77 compression, designed to maximize your ball speed. 77 golf ball compression is pretty darn soft for a distance ball and it's rare to find a golf ball which can give you soft greenside spin and explosive length off the tee.

Slow swing speed golfers who are looking for raw distance will find that this is the ball for them in all conditions. I have played this golf ball in the heat of the tropics in Thailand and in the cold and damp of a Northeastern American fall and found it perform well. It's a little hard in very cold conditions but that's to be expected.

I noticed faster ball speeds than other "distance" models and I wasn't penalised for having a faster swing speed than is suited for the ball.

A piercing ball flight from the fairway is a welcome sight, and I was impressed with how quickly the ball checked up with my mid irons. 

  • Super long off the tee
  • Solid spin with wedge shots
  • Good results with any club head speed
  • Durable cover material


  • There are softer golf balls out there
  • Not that great off the putter 

Best mid-low compression golf ball for slower swing speeds

titleist tour soft golf balls

At 65 compression rating, these are by no means a super soft golf ball, but they provide a very good balance between distance and feel. You expect a Titleist golf ball to perform well and these do not disappoint. They have a really consistent ball flight, great control around the green and don't scuff up easily when playing from bunkers. They would be probably be top of the list if they weren't more expensive than the excellent Srixon Soft Feel. 

The Tour Soft is a two piece golf ball has been engineered to perform tee-to-green. It features a large, fast core for exceptionally soft feel and a new, more efficient aerodynamic package that will help you experience longer distance off the tee. 

If you're a big fan of Titleist but want something more premium that the Velocity, but less pricey than an AVX (which I really like), this is is the ball for you. 

  • Longer Distance Off the Tee
  • Consistent Flight and Improved Aerodynamics
  • Reliable Short Game Control
  • Soft Feel
  • Great option for slow swing speeds


  • More expensive than the Srixon Soft Feel

Premium golf balls for slow swing speeds

VIce pro soft - box

A three-piece golf ball covered in urethane for extra spin and performance. The High Energy Speed Core creates a higher ball speed and more carry off the tee for the slower swing speed. At 35 compression, these balls a perfect for those guys who aren't swinging as fast as they once did but can still get the ball round the golf course. 

But it's more for the guys who are slightly more advanced, so toward the lower end of the handicap spectrum nearing single digits. This will be the ball that takes you over the edge and with the spectacular colors, you get high visibility too.

The matte cover is my favorite - they just 'feel" stickier! The softer, urethane cover really grabs on wedge shots, even out of the rough. These are similar to the Volvik Vivid ST (which I LOVE) and that familiarity helped me trust the flight and feel off all clubs. Try them out and if you like them, Vice often do great bulk deals.  

  • Offset draw bias to help with slices
  • A.I Jailbreak face for amazing ball speeds
  • Stunning looks


  • Offset might be too much for some players

Competitive pricing for a big name golf ball

callaway-supersoft-max golf balls

The Callaway SuperSoft has an ultra-low 35 compression core. What does that mean? Well, it's believed to produce low spin on the drives and a very soft feel on the shorter shots. 

Callaway's improved version of the SuperSoft is a two-piece ball with a very soft Trionomer cover for that extra soft feel and spin when chipping and putting. Off the tee, the ball will carry long distances with longer roll-out for the majority of swing speeds.

My experience with the ball

But does it work? I played this ball for a few rounds and I can confirm the feeling is incredibly soft off the face of the wedge and putter. The ball feels a little marshmallowy off the face of my insert putter but trying it with a steel putter, I noticed a firmer feeling which I preferred. The ball spun quite nicely around the greens too.

The durability was excellent only succumbing to a scuff from a shot I landed on a cart path. Easily one of the most popular golf balls out there for mid handicappers and we can see why. 

  • Very soft feel from the Trionomer cover
  • Low compression for longer drives and spinnier chips
  • Well-priced indeed


  • Feels marshmallowy soft on the older putters with inserts

Final Thoughts on Best Golf Ball for slow swing speed 

Picking the right golf ball for your game is essential, and matching it to your swing speed is probably the best way to maximise what you're bringing to the course every time you play. Any of the golf balls in this article will help you if you're lacking a bit of natural speed so pick one and stick with it. 

Best Golf Glove For Grip

I'm very particular when it comes to golf gloves. I want the perfect fit and feeling but most of all, I want top level performance. When it comes to golf gloves, to me performance means grip. I want a golf glove which won't let me down in all conditions, and will make up for old or tired grips on my golf clubs.

I have tried nearly every glove on the market and I have found the best golf gloves for grip out there. From premium leather gloves to all synthetic gloves, I've got you covered.

Best Golf Glove For Grip 2022

  1. Hirzl Trust Control golf glove (editor's choice)
  2. Grip Boost Second Skin Golf Glove (best unknown golf glove brand)
  3. TaylorMade tour preferred glove  (best cabretta leather golf glove)
  4. Bionic Stablegrip (most comfortable fit golf glove)
  5. Footjoy Weathersof golf glove (the most popular golf glove in the world)

Always my choice for the best golf glove 

Hirzl Trust Control Glove

This golf glove always comes out on top of every review I do. Why? Because it's the golf glove perfected. It fits perfectly, is made from a perfect blend of kangaroo leather and synthetic materials and it is amazingly durable.

The standout feature of this golf glove is the level of grip it provides. I have never had any issues with the golf club slipping on the golf course with these gloves. I'm usually playing golf in hot and humid conditions in Thailand and the Hirzl Trust Golf glove never lets me down, even when I'm swinging out of my shoes with my driver.

The black palm might not be for everyone, and the kangaroo leather does feel slightly different to cabretta leather, but once you've tried these gloves, you will never go back.

Bonus feature - You can machine wash these golf gloves. Yes you read that right. I have put these gloves through the ringer (literally) and they come out as good as new. I have used the same glove for over two years and it still grips like a vice.


  • Top level grip in dry or wet conditions
  • You can leave this golf glove on between shots - 100% sweat-free palm
  • Last for a very very very long time - years
  • Kangaroo leather - As thin as, but more flexible and durable than Cabretta
  • Swiss quality product - premium golf glove


  • Black palm takes time to get used to
  • Expensive but won't need replacing for a long time

The best golf gloves you've never heard of

Grip Boost Second Skin Glove

I first tried these gloves when an American friend of my mine bought me back 3 from the states. They are a premium leather glove with a Cabretta leather palm and thumb, paired with a super breathable back of the hand. This combination make this an extremely comfortable glove.

They genuinely feel like a second skin and you barely notice that you're wearing them on the golf course. These are a great option if you don't like to wear golf gloves because they make your hands hot and swollen.

Even though this glove feels like it's not even there, I do take gloves off for putting for enhanced feel. Anyone who plays in hot humid weather knows what a pain it is to take a glove off and I often end up using my teeth to pull them off. Not with these. The Grip Boost Second Skins come off very easily.

The soft cabretta leather in the right places gives you the high level of grip that you would expect, and the excellent fit enhances the premium golf glove feeling. 

  • Premium cabretta leather feeling
  • Great pricing
  • Mesh back for better breathability


  • Mesh could tear over time

Best of the premium gloves out there

taylormade tour preferred glove

While FootJoy might make the number one glove on the PGA tour, I think the TaylorMade tour preferred glove is actually a slightly better leather glove. I'm splitting hairs if I'm completely honest, but when you're forking out the extra dollars for a premium golf glove, it's the little things that count.

As expected for a glove of this level, you get super soft cabretta leather, a very nice velcro enclosure, and well placed air holes for breathability. This premium glove is used by nearly all of the top TaylorMade Tour Pros (except Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy who use Nike gloves) and if you get the right size, it's pretty darn perfect.

When it comes to grip, its a good golf glove but it loses some marks because it's not the best in wet weather. I'm being harsh as it's not designed for those conditions but it's up against some big hitters in that department in this list. It's a pretty durable glove considering how thin the leather is, but mine did show signs of wear after a handful of rounds, specifically in the thumb area.

  • Tour grade Cabretta AAA leather
  • Soft feel, ultra-thin all leather construction
  • Contoured wrist band
  • Anti roll thumb seam
  • Ergonomic pull tab


  • Gets slippy in the rain
  • Pricey

Most comfortable glove you can buy

bionic stablegrip

The Bionic Stablegrip golf glove is made of genuine leather and has an extra pad on the palm where leather golf gloves usually wear out.

This extra padding has been added to also help even out your grip so you don't have to squeeze as hard to keep the club in your hands. All the places your hands may be tempted to be off the club, whereby you squeeze harder, are filled up by additional fabric in the glove. Genius design.

I really like this glove because of the top quality fit. I often find gloves are too short int he palm for me and these fit like a second skin and less like a gardening glove. It's a truly unique design where the fingers have been prerotated. Most standard gloves go straight on and then twist when you grip the club, right? Not this one. 

Lycra is built into the glove to really help keep moisture at bay on those very hot humid days. You're getting a leather gloves but broken up with lycra to keep you cool, calm and collected. You can just wash these gloves on a gentle cycle in the washing machine and use them for ages. Basically, it's the perfect combination of the premium feel of leather, with the flexibility of synthetic materials. 

  • More padding on the palm for durability
  • Pre rotated fingers for less twisting of the glove when gripping the club
  • Lycra built into the glove for cooling and moisture wicking
  • Padding system fills in the gaps of your grip so you don't need to squeeze the handle so hard


  • Expensive

The best golf glove for the money. Period. 

FootJoy WeatherSof golf glove

I cannot write a best golf glove article without including the FootJoy Weathersof golf glove. I use these at some point every season and they are just so dependable. I get through more gloves than normal due to playing in the tropics and having an options as good as the WeatherSof to fall back onto is ideal.

They aren't rain gloves, but they work great in those conditions and give you excellent grip. They are at their best when used in hot weather in my experience as they are very effective at wicking moisture away from sweaty hands and do this better than other gloves I have tried.

They are always available at a great price and multi-buy deals are often out there. Do what I do and stock up while they're cheap, you won't be disappointed. 

  • Superior grip in rain and sweltering heat
  • Excellent value for money pricing
  • Very flexible with PowerNet mesh on knuckles
  • Stays comfortable without that crusty stiff feeling
  • Most used glove brand on the PGA tour


  • One color

How to pick the best golf gloves

The best golf glove for you will depend on a few things

  • Color and style preference: do you like white or color gloves? Do you like leather or synthetic? Do you like thin or thick gloves?
  • How sweaty are you? Sweaty palms is one of the hardest things to deal with and it can decide if you go with leather or non-leather products and also how many gloves you might use on the course. 
  • How much do you play on the course? On the course is not where you get a lot of wear and tear so alternating through three gloves can actually make them last a long time. If your grip is very tight, you might have more damage than a looser grip golfer. 
  • How much do you practice hitting balls and chipping? If you hit balls 3-4 times a week and practice chipping, you're going to wear through gloves like crazy. This can mean going a bit cheaper on the practice gloves and keeping playing gloves. Your old playing gloves can be used in practice when you don't want them on the course anymore. 
  • Weather you experience - hot and dry or hot and humid? Humidity can make you pour with sweat all over while dry heat can make you sweat in your sweat gland areas.

How to make your gloves last forever

During play of a round

  • Bring 2-3 golf gloves. You can rotate between 2-3 and clip them on your umbrella or golf cart to dry as you walk/ride.
  • Take your golf glove off between shots and put it on before your shot. The air moving through it will dry it.
  • You can rotate gloves and use a different one every 2 holes or so and let the other have a break and dry in the heat.
  • Hang your gloves on a strap on your bag or on the golf cart to dry. The best is an umbrella as you can hang the gloves on the wires that hold the umbrella in place. 

When you practice at the range and chipping green

  • Use gloves from the golf course that are no longer useable - usually they get wet and stay wet. 
  • Wash the gloves from the course that you don't want. I mean throw them in the washing machine as usual with clothes but do not use a drier. Just lay them flat in a dry place but not in the direct sun. You can keep using them, I promise. 
  • I use one glove until my grip starts to slip a little.
  • Hang gloves not in rotation on your bag or let them lie in the sun. Sometimes at the driving range, if it's undercover, I will put them in front of me on the front of the teeing ground in the sun to dry out.
  • Every time you don't want a golf course glove, you can put it in the practice bag. 

Extending golf glove lifespan in hot weather 

You can wash your gloves either in the washing machine or by rinsing them thoroughly under water. You just dry them out in a dry warm place avoiding direct sunlight. The glove goes crusty in the sun.

  1. After you play, don't throw the golf glove into the golf bag wet. It will dry up and come out crusty, often even snapping if the glove was full of salt and sweat.
  2. Use a golf glove holder in the shape of a hand. You can buy them for cheap and expand your glove over it to maintain the shape.
  3. Try not to open your bottle of water, or anything containing liquid while you have the  golf glove on your hand. Take it off and then unscrew the bottle top. Any additional water or moisture you introduce to your hand will make it worse. 

This works for me and I guarantee it'll work for you. The best and weirdest thing I've tried and works wonders is using a golf glove for wet weather! Think about it though, a glove designed for the wet while your hands are getting wet from sweat makes sense.

Most durable golf glove

As I mentioned in the review above, the Hirzl Trust Control is the most durable golf glove you can buy. I have had the same one for two years and it's still going strong after countless rounds. The Kangaroo leather is amazing, and stays soft no matter how many times it gets wet and then drys out again. Truly a phenomenal product. 

Best golf glove for beginners

Personally I think the best golf glove for beginners is the FootJoy WeatherSof. They are cheap, last for ages, and come in so many size increments that would be able to find the perfect fit. They are also available everywhere online and in pretty much every golf pro shop in the world. Buy in bulk for the best deals and you'll have enough for a season or two. 

If you are unsure what else to wear when playing golf as a beginner, check out my article here

Best premium golf glove

If you just want that extra soft cabretta leather feeling which you can only really get from a premium golf glove, then the best premium golf glove is the TaylorMade Tour Preferred glove. There are some Titleist and Footjoy gloves which are more expensive, but I think the TaylorMade is just that little bit better. 

Best golf glove for sweaty hands

Having played most of my golf for the last 10 years in the hot and humid conditions off Thailand, I feel I'm a pretty good judge of the best golf gloves for sweaty hands. I've written a whole article about it which you can check out here

Final Thoughts on Best Golf Glove For Grip

Yes, golf gloves are very samey on the whole. But when you get a bad glove, you will know about it. The club will slip, you will get blisters and you will curse yourself for not spending a bit of time and money researching the bet golf gloves. This article should take care of the research for you, so buy with confidence.