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Best Cheap Golf Balls for Affordable Fun

This is one of the hottest topics in golf. It might be one of the hottest topics in LIFE. Many players tell me that they want to play a premium golf ball, but that the thought of slicing a brand new Pro V1 into the bushes and water brings them out in a cold sweat. We need to find the best cheap golf balls!

Why do only bad shots keep us up at night?

Is the ball causing us to play bad golf? 

Golf balls don’t need to cost the earth to be good - some of the best cheap golf balls in the world will be better suited to your game and I'm going to tell you why. So put your preconceptions away, and open the door to golf ball enlightenment (on a budget). 

Best Cheap Golf Balls 2023

  1. Srixon Soft Feel (best overall cheap value ball)
  2. Callaway Supersoft Max  (best for the slower swing speeds)
  3. Kirkland Signature (big value urethane golf ball ever)
  4. Bridgestone e6 (best for long, straight rolling shots)
  5. RZN MS Tour  (best for value for distance golf ball) 
  6. Wilson DUO Professional (best cheap urethane ball for slow swing speeds)
  7. Taylormade Project (s) (Taylormade two-piece for max distance)

Always a winner, time after time.

srixon soft feel

Now in its umpteenth iteration, the Srixon Soft Feel remains an anchor in Srixon's ball collection. It's a two-piece golf ball so it's made for distance and durability but the thin cover gives this ball a soft feel so it doesn't feel like you're playing a rock. Expect long drives and irons that roll out with a soft feel on the club face.

Whenever someone asks for a recommendation for a golf ball as high or mid handicapper, I immediately, without hesitation say Srixon Soft Feel. I've loved these balls since I used them dropping from a mid/high handicapper down to a 5 handicapper. Soft feeling off the face and big distance off the tee. Probably the best inexpensive golf balls on the market. 

Best for slower swing speeds on the cheap!

callaway-supersoft-max golf balls

Callaway deliver excellence ball after ball. The Supersoft Max is made for the slower swinger for maximum distance and forgiveness, aerodynamically designed to get high up for a long strong carry.

The soft mantle and cover system work in tandem to reduce spin. Reducing spin also means reducing side spin, so on your longer shots you can reduce those slices and hooks.

I'm not the biggest fan of these balls when I use the insert putter. When I use my steel faced putter, I like them a lot as the feedback is evident. If you use an insert putter, I'd suggest something firmer like the E6 or the RZN below.

Older but recent model - nothing wrong with this!

bridgestone-e6 golf balls

This 2021 model is preferred by a lot of golfers. The performance and feel overall seems to be better in the older model, and on top of that, the price is incredibly low!

Slashing your handicap comes from hitting fairways and greens. The Bridgestone E6 gets you in the fairway easier and boosts long and mid iron performance to get you closer to the green more often. You may need to change your aiming - no more aiming way left. The ball goes where you aim.

Like with other Bridgestone balls, it's easy to notice the shallow dimples. They've done something right with their golf balls because most guys I play with loves these balls. I find the cover is quite hard so don't expect a bar of soap when you undo the packaging. This is for you if your priority is straight hitting and reducing slices and hooks.

Once again, this is a two-piece ball as the prior two options are and so you'll notice more rollout and consistent spin of these balls.

Nike golf balls reborn

Nike stopped making hard goods in 2016, but the original manufacturer of the RZN balls has brought them back to courses everywhere for super low prices.

The RZN MS Tour is the cheapest ball that RZN offer, and is aimed at beginners and high handicappers.

That being said, it performs way above what I was expecting. It’s long off the tee and feels great off the putter. These are some of the best affordable golf balls, there is not much that can rival it. Perhaps Inesis Distance 100 golf balls.

Best for swing speeds under 90 who want urethane balls

wilson duo pro golf balls

When comparing the Wilson DUO Professional to other balls in the list above, it's clear the difference comes in the short game. With short irons, the Duo Professional spins much more and on all shots provides a softer feeling.

The surlyn covered balls might have a slight edge in purely distance but all-round the Duo Professional is a high-value golf ball for golfers who want some feel and spin with an amazing bang for the buck.

When you first touch the Duo Professional ball, you notice the texture of the cover and the 'bite test' tells you straight away the ball is softer than others. Feel off the club face is pleasant and off wedges feels surprisingly soft. The colors on offer make these a fun golf ball to play all year round. 

TaylorMade quality at a great price

taylormade project s golf balls

TaylorMade’s 60-compression Project (s) offers good all-round performance, and gives players a TaylorMade option without breaking the bank.

The ball’s fast core stores and releases energy efficiently throughout the bag for excellent distance. The high-lift, low drag dimple design promotes a high launch and keeps the ball up in the air longer for optimum distance.

When it comes to putting and chipping, the cover offers a soft feel to help you play those scoring shots with ease. I really like the yellow version of this ball as it’s so easy to see after hitting tee shots and in the rough. Buy these and you'll be playing some of the cheapest premium golf balls there are. 

Need to know info about cheap golf balls

Bargain golf balls can still spin

The PGA tour on TV has ruined spin for the vast majority of golfers. When you see highlights reels of players ripping balls 30ft backwards you think that’s what you should be doing.

Here’s a question for you though, how often have you actually seen that happen in the cold light of day on the course? Probably rarely or never. 

We are led to think that it is the ball which is the key ingredient to that tour level zip on the greens. Yes, it is important, but it is one of MANY FACTORS. Club choice, club age, groove sharpness, attack angle, quality of strike, ground conditions, green firmness, swing length, air moisture - yadda yadda yadda. It’s a list so long you’ll start to sound like Bryson and do you really want that? 

The truth is that Pro V1 MIGHT help you to stop the ball on the green quicker, but it is probably harming your drives and approach shots because it is spinning TOO MUCH. 

Sidespin on your drives is what causes the ball to veer off from the target. Softer premium balls are designed to spin more. Are you picking up what I'm putting down?

Golf ball psychology

Have you stood on the tee and a buddy shouts, “Don’t slice it” and you proceed to hit it into the next state? When we play with premium golf balls, a common thought is “I don’t want to lose this ball, it cost me $XXX!”

We often try to remove this demon by teeing up with an old or cheaper ball. Then the ball goes where we want it miraculously!

Why not remove the headworms before you hit the course by playing a ball which suits your budget AND your capacity to keep it on the course. A Pro V1 might fit into this bracket but the best cheap golf balls shouldn’t be any less productive than the premium models. 


When you're buying cheap balls, you can get urethane options, or you can get the cheaper surlyn options. The manufacturers have every base covered.

The rest is up to you and your priorities. If you want spinny action, you have to try the urethane options which are the best value possible above. Then if you're happy with more bump and run, more rollout, then you can go for the 2 layer options with surlyn covers and 2 piece construction. 

Try a few and get the one you really like and use it exclusively to understand the way it reacts and you will slash strokes from your score with your deep knowledge of your game.

Most Forgiving Ping Irons in Golf

Ping don’t get into the same flashy advertising battles as some of the other major golf manufacturers. Their irons are found in the bags of Tony Finau, Bubba and Louis Oosthuizen, and these guys often go years without changing clubs.

So what's the big secret, and what are the most forgiving Ping irons? Let’s take a look at what they have on offer to try and solve these burning questions. Genevieve Ling uses Ping irons.

Most Forgiving Ping Irons in Golf

  1. Ping G710 irons (Game improvement performance with sleek looks)
  2. Ping G425 irons (best styling with Ping forgiveness for every player)
  3. Ping i210 irons (cavity back “players” iron with max forgiveness)
  4. Ping i500 irons  (for golfers who want a higher forgiving ball flight)

Game improvement performance in a super slick package

most forgiving ping iron

When PIng released the G700 in 2018, it was part of a wider hollow body revolution taking place across the iron space. Ping has sometimes lagged behind their competitors when it comes to the looks of their game improvement models, but that is no longer the case.

The Ping G710’s are not only the most forgiving Ping irons, they are also some of the best looking clubs on the market. 

The G710 irons are available in two loft options - standard and Power Spec. A standard loft 7 iron comes in at 29.5 degrees whereas the Power Spec is a beefy 28 degrees. Traditionalists will probably opt for the standard option, but those with higher swing speeds should probably consider the lower lofts as an option.

Loft “jacking” has been common practice for OEMs for some time now as they seek to attract buyers with promises of extra distance.

Game improvement models often launch the ball higher with in-built tech, and higher swing speed players could lose some distance with higher lofts due to higher spin rates. As always, get a fitter to look at your needs to be sure you’re getting the best product for you. 


  • Maximum forgiveness 
  • Consistent ball flight
  • Sleek looks with Anti glare and water repellent finish 
  • Arccos trackers installed as standard
  • Very thin topline for a game improvement iron looks so good at address 


  • Black finish marks more easily
  • Straight shooters, not for ball-shapers

Looks great at address with understated styling

forgiving ping irons g425

This latest iteration of Ping’s famous G series all rounder iron delivers on all fronts. The styling has been toned down from the red of the G410’s and the blade is slightly smaller giving the clubs a more premium feel overall. 

Centre strikes feel beyond solid and heel/toe hits are compensated for by the perimeter weighting across the face. These irons still have the signature “Ping” sound but it is not as pronounced as the gunshot which the G710’s produce. As will all Ping G series irons, these have a decent amount of offset, but a thin topline doesn’t make this too distracting at address. 

Arrcos premium shot tracking sensors are embedded in the grips which is a great feature for the stat focused player. Knowing your club distances is more likely to improve your game than many other things you do, so download the tracking app and get to know your game intimately. 

Ping has resisted the temptation to jack the lofts in these irons, leaving that to the beastly G710 model. This places the G425 firmly as a frontrunner for the most forgiving Ping iron which will appeal to the widest range of players. 


  • High class looks and styling
  • Arccos sensors as standard 
  • Standard wedge features the same tech as the Glide 3.0 flagship wedge
  • Laser straight ball flight


  • Not for the player looking for maximum shot shaping but if you're looking for forgiveness, you give up shot shaping - catch 22.

For golfers who want a higher ball flight with blade styling

The i500 Ping irons are simply some of the best looking blades out there. But wait a minute, this is meant to be about finding the most forgiving Ping irons, not butter knives for ego maniacs! While the i500 irons look like a blade, they are actually hollow. 

This hollow body tech makes these irons some of the most innovative on the market and they are quickly gaining legendary status. The face is constructed from C300 maraging steel which is bendier than a gymnast, allowing the ball to be propelled at impressive speeds and launch angles. 

The club head isn’t too small, but the lack of offset will make these desirable for players who want blade looks but with serious power. 


  • Seriously long
  • Stunning blade looks 
  • High penetrating ball flight
  • Loft options for all levels of player 


  • Not as consistent as the i210s
  • Expensive (but better value than most OEM) 

Cavity back players iron with max forgiveness

The i210 is Ping’s “crossover” model, aimed at the better player while providing high levels of forgiveness.

The head is noticeably smaller than those in the G series models and there is little offset. At address these have Mizuno levels of appeal and the HydroPearl finish always looks delicious.

There is an elastomer insert in the cavity back which provides a lot of forgiveness for off centre hits. This was a feature in the older i200 but has been beefed up following feedback from players.

These clubs are far more workable than the G series irons and should be considered by players on the way down from a mid to low handicap. 


  • Premium looks
  • Supreme accuracy, they go where you aim. 
  • Beautiful sound off the face


  • More expensive than other models 
  • Some will have their heads turned by the i500

Understanding Ping irons for forgiveness

Pings Unique Fitting System

You can take measurements of your body and your body in relation to the floor and match them up to the Ping fitting chart. It's unique and easy for you to fit yourself into a set of Pings. 

Shafts used in Ping

You don't get recommendations of shafts from the Ping fitting system but this is not something they can determine. Generally you know which shaft you should be using. For faster swinging players, you want to go stiffer, and normal swing speed, you'll find regular does the job for most people.

For the slower swing speeds, you can try some graphite shafts to increase the swing speed to get the ball flying higher and further. Often steel shafts are used by moderate to high swing speeds, ranging from regular to extra stiff. If your swing could use some speed gains, a graphite shaft can shed grams off the weight, bringing your speed up.

The good news is that Ping use great shafts in their stock issue clubs. I have three Ping clubs and I have not felt tempted to change the shafts at all since having them, and I have had them since December 2021.

Iron Head Shape and Type

Ping has forged and cast irons as well as blade and cavity back irons. The forged irons from Ping are more for the shot shapers while the cavity back are for pure forgiveness. Because this guide is about forgiveness, it would be best to get a cavity back iron so you can enjoy the mis-hits not being so punishing. 

The forgiving cavity back Ping irons will get you hitting more reliably straight shots instead of shot shaping, but that's what we want in forgiving clubs. Keep in mind that forged clubs can be bent multiple times for lie and loft while cast irons cannot. Cast irons do feel firmer but you need to flush the blade forged irons right in the sweet spot to make them work.

Irons vs combo vs hybrid set

Most golfers looking for forgiveness in their irons have trouble hitting long irons. Ping offers a Crossover hybrid club as well as their normal hybrids. The Crossover is a bit different though.

The Crossovers are popular with people who don't like the look of a pure hybrid. Hybrids do have a tendency to hook and some golfers just don't like the look of them. The Crossovers have a more 'iron' style of look to them. 

You can mix and match whatever you prefer as there is no right answer. You must hit the clubs that make you happiest. If you're looking for wedges to round out your set of forgiving Ping irons, they also make incredibly forgiving wedges in the Glide series. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do Ping irons cost much more?

Ping golf irons cost more than other golf clubs because of a couple reasons. 

The main reason is because Ping does not allow vendors and distributors to undercut each other on pricing. If you sell Ping, you have to stick to the pricing set by Ping at head office otherwise your ability to sell the clubs will be in jeopardy.  is very strict about competition and pricing. If you are a certified Ping distributor, you must follow the exact pricing guidelines set forth by the Ping brand. If you are to violate these guidelines, you lose the ability to sell the Ping golf clubs.

Ping hold their value as well because they release so few clubs. Much like Srixon, you only find new models every 2 years or so. When they release something new, you know they have put in some effort to create something special. Generally Ping purchases last for a long time and people very rarely get rid of their sets because the quality of the product is so good. 

You'll find that even forgiving Titleist irons can also run quite a high price tag. 

What Are The Best Ping Game Improvement Irons?

Currently the Ping G425 are the best game improvements from Ping. Ping game improvement irons tend to get longer and more forgiving each year and the Ping G410 are also a hot product if you can get your hands on any!

Game Improvement irons have got a bad reputation lately as some sort of high handicap or unskilled players clubs. The truth is, that the majority of golfers can play Game Improvement irons all the way down to single figure golf. Ping offer longevity in their irons and your set will last you for years. Very often, Ping enthusiasts are as rabid as forgiving Mizuno iron fanatics

PING’s dot system explained

Before we look at the specific irons which Ping offer, it’s worth going over Ping’s unique dot system. You may have noticed that on all Ping irons, there is a little colored dot somewhere on the head. This dot is used to identify the lie angle of the club and with 10 possible colors/angles, it’s worth getting the right one for you.

A professional club fitter will be able to fit you into the correct color easily, but if you’re buying off the rack, the chart should give you a good indication of which color is best suited to you. 

Which PING irons are right for you? 

If you shoot in the 100’s or 90’s, you are probably looking for a club which will get the ball in the air quickly and maximise your distance. Ping offers a range of clubs which could be suitable for this type of player each with subtle differences. 

Generally the G425 or G410 will be excellent for most mid to high handicappers. For advanced players, the blade Ping irons will be fantastic options. The quality of Ping just sneaks past high handicap Callaway irons and Taylormade who make very forgiving irons too.

But like all golf clubs, how they look and feel is just as important as the tech which is built in. You have to look down at your clubs and LOVE them. If you don’t, you need to think about why and reassess your tools. With this in mind, you might find that the most forgiving Ping iron for YOU is a blade. It probably won’t be but it could be. 


Ping has turned from best kept secret to major player in recent years. They offer a great range of products for all players. Ping irons also hold their value really well over time so they make a great investment whether you are buying new or used.

The winner for me here are the hollow bodied models when it comes to forgiveness with the G710 edging it over the i500 due to the black finish. Overall the G4 series is probably the best value option, with the i210 offering the best of all without really shining. 

How to Break 90 Without Swing Changes

How to Break 90 Easily With Your Game

Julian had never broken 90 before this round. He's been playing for a year and has a personal best of 91, only one time.

I'd never met him before this day and would learn his tendencies as we played. But below are the highlights for you to apply to your own game.

The course is par 90

I guided Julian around the course with the idea in our heads that each hole had one stroke added to the par to make the course a par 90.

WHY? Because it removes pressure you feel to play professional style or scratch golf. Your new par means you can aim to hit par 4 holes in 3 strokes, par 5's in 4 strokes and par 3's in 2.

This is essential in breaking 90. You're not playing to break 72. You're not a pro. When you create an attainable goal with this system, you relax and hit better shots.

You should NEVER be SMASHING a ball when trying to break 90. If you are doing that, you are doing it wrong.

Adapt to Julian's style - know yourself

I quickly picked up some things in Julians game and needed to work around it. If you have seen my whiteboard videos on breaking 90, you'll know i recommend getting rid of trouble clubs that destroy your game, very often the driver.

But I couldn't do that in Julians case so driver was going to be our main club because he had no other tee-club. 

Some holes he was going to be close enough to the green to go for it comfortably. This is where you can take advantage but only when its comfortably in reach. You can't be forcing anything playing the breaking 90 system.

Strengths to utilize!

1. DRIVER: He hit a solid pull-slice off the tee and it worked almost every time. As long as his aim point was correct, he would always be on the right side of the fairway and with decent distance. 

The consistency of his shot shape was the important part and it helps when you have this so you can plan accordingly.

2. Chipping consistency with the SW: He chips so well around the greens but needs to understand the consistent rollout vs carry he is getting. Once we started getting that dialed, he was able to chip much closer to the hole.

The consistency of his chipping is a huge strength and will be the aspect that will mean he can SLASH strokes, as long as he practices the 5 footers and closer to the hole.

3. His irons are very good: 9i to 5i work really nicely for him. He gets the ball toward the target, leaving himself very few partial pitch shots after duffed shots. He usually leaves himself normal chip shots and with his good chipping, he will excel.

I would never let him hit something other than the driver off the tee because it's reliable and he likes to hit it. He doesn't have confidence in his other clubs off the tee. Driver is then the default.

I'd like to set him up shots he would like into the green, but his distances are very good of the tee and we were playing the shorter white tees. We could not avoid the partial shots at times or the wedge into the green. Some holes we were just going to expose a significant weakness that ALL golfers have and particularly 90 and 100 breakers. 

Weaknesses to avoid!

1. Putting: Julians line-reading is perfect. He just has a single problem in his mind regarding putting. He is scared of the return putt if it goes beyond a foot behind the hole.

This aspect of the game could save him so many strokes. Not only on the 5 footers if he practices them, for when he leaves a chip 4 feet from the hole, but also for more confidence to roll the approach putt past the hole. If he can roll it past the hole, he will make more of his longer putts.

He left a few in the mouth of the hole, purely out of fear of going past the hole. This is easily curable with putting practice particularly the ladder drill and the circle drill.

2. Inside PW distance: This is every shot inside 120 yards but most important, the wedges as approach clubs for Julian.

VERY IMPORTANT IS THE NEED TO KNOW YOUR CARRY DISTANCES LIKE A RELIGION. You need to know them so you can plan the approaches and KNOW where the ball will land. 

100% of the time, not a single 90 or 100 seeker can tell me the distance of their wedges. It's almost always a guess. This is most neglected area in golf. Everyone is concerned about drilling driver at the range, but no one hits a bucket of wedges. 

3. Mentality that you are not consistent or good enough: Watch Julians round and tell me he is not consistent! Impossible. He is consistent in his shot shape, his putting distance control, his chipping carry vs rollout. 

We just need to play to our strengths and avoid the weaknesses. 

4. Caddies are a hindrance sometimes: The caddies in Thailand don't play golf and have never hit a golf ball. They will comment on every shot, thinking it's supposed to be like a pro.

This is incredibly distracting a a higher score shooter. "Slice" "oooh short" "not good" "rough" "water" "Water left OB right" - all these little comments as if the shot is not good because it's not perfect sucks. I always applaud a shot that will be playable and in a decent position for the playa. 


If you are in the trees, which you will be A LOT as a mid to high handicapper, you need a punch shot.

Here's the nitty gritty stone cold truth on hero shots.


The shot through the trees? The shot over and under and through the little window in the gap between the....blah blah. What's the best case scenario?

Truth is, the best case scenario is still shit. Sorry. Take your medicine and use a lower lofted club. Chip it back into the fairway and approach the green. 

The downside to failing this shot means lost balls and frustration that spoils your entire day and mood. The upside is minuscule to pulling it off, and still being in the shit.

Let the ego go. Hit the smart shot. Hit the shot that does not give you stress.

This game is hard - don't make it harder

You can play this game on easy mode or hard mode.

Easy mode is hitting the stress free shot in every moment, knowing you have plenty of strokes to get the ball in the hole because it's not a pro regulation course anymore. 

Hard mode is chasing birdies and getting angry because you're hitting stupid shot after stupid shot, expecting a Dustin Johnson birdie extravaganza. 

Check out these two videos so you can go from stuck on default hard mode, to easy street.

Coolest Golf Ball Markers – Best Ball markers in the Game

When you mark your ball on the green, it's not just a practical thing. For some, a tee will do. For those of us you like to get the ball out the way, we like to do it with something fun, meaningful or sentimental.

Then along comes Waddaplayagolf and they create ball markers the likes of which have never been seen. They have some of the coolest golf ball markers in the game right now and some of the best ball markers in terms of production quality. Of course, I am Head Designer at so I am biased. 

Coolest Golf Ball Markers 2023

The patterns on the Zenlightenment marker are just that...Zen. The key feature of the ball marker is the solid black line that runs through the middle. This black line is used when you place the ballmarker on the ground behind the golf ball.

Here's the process:

  1. You first put the marker on the ground with the line aiming down your target line. This is just an initial guess. You can adjust it later.
  2. Read your putt and decide on the true line.
  3. Place the ball in front of the marker and adjust the marker to the new line, or keep it where it is if you guessed right the first time.
  4. Once the line is correct on the marker, place the ball down so the line you have drawn on the ball perfectly aligns with the marker line.

Now you are ready to putt the ball starting on your intended line.

Check out the Waddaplaya Jewel Ball Marker at waddaplayagolf

There's a cool texture under soft clear electric blue enamel on this one. Around the border is the famous golf saying coined by Matt, PLANTING FEATHERS GROWING BIRDIES.

As we all know, planting feathers to grow birdies is pure science. my mother used to tell me as a kid, if I thought something that was totally wrong and did something wrong: "You know what Thought did? He planted a feather and Thought it would grow"

Well playas, we planted a feather and it's grown into birdies. That's life in the big city.

Check out the Waddaplaya Jewel Ball Marker at waddaplayagolf

Credit card ball marker

We all know you have to Plant Feathers to Grow Birdies. Sometimes we can't find any though!

I know you may have a shortage of feathers where you are. So here is the Waddaplaya Credit Card issued by the International Birdie Bank (IBB), underwritten by JMac and BDog, the Lending Manager and Chairman of IBB, respectively.

The Waddaplaya credit card gives you unlimited credit and easy repayment terms. You can withdraw as many birdies as you like, and you have a lifetime to plant more when you find real feathers to replace what you have used. Easy game.

Check out the Waddaplaya Birdie Bank Ball Marker at waddaplayagolf

Some days you're the pigeon, others you're the statue. And you know the best part?

It doesn't matter. We still have air in our lungs, meat on the BBQ (unless you're a vegan), and a dog to scratch who loves us so much when we get home.

Everything is easy peasy lemon squeezy. Your golf game up the scheisse creek? No worries, the dog will be there when you're home. Hit your driver into the bushes all day? No worries, your wife still loves you. Missed the 4 footer on 18 to lose the $5 Nassau? Doesn't matter, you're cheque is still going in on the last day of the month. Easy Peasy.

Check out the Waddaplaya Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy Ball Marker at waddaplayagolf

Stop and think golf ball marker

I play a lot of golf with mid handicappers and high handicappers and one thing I want to do is shake a playa up and tell him STOP! THINK for 10 Mississippis!  You have all the ability you need inside your bones and brain! Stop for a moment. 

This is one of the PLAYING PURPOSE range of ballmarkers. I want you to keep this in your pocket, on your hat clip, whatever you do, and use it on the greens. Every time you look at it remember it. 

When you're looking at your shot, just give yourself 10 seconds of 'me' time and think and strategize without auto-pulling clubs, shooting at the flags willy-nilly and bombing driver on every hole.

Check out the Waddaplaya Stop and Think Ball Marker at waddaplayagolf

Everything to know about the coolest and best golf ballmarkers

Why Do Golfers Use Ball Markers?

A golf ball marker is needed to get your ball out the way of the other players on the greens. You can use a coin, a ball marker or anything really as long as it does not interfere with the play of other players. 

Usually you have to mark your ball on the greens when everyone else is playing. I honestly don't care if someone doesn't mark their ball. The only time I care is if it is on my line or near my stance on the green. If you're far from me, on the opposite side of the hole or off to my right and left, who cares!

The ballmarker is essential for good etiquette and I think one of the best golf ball markers above may be the perfect fit for you

Types of Ball Markers

You can use something flat like one of my top 12 best golf ball markers mentioned above or the other things below:

Golf tee

It is not the perfect choice, but some players use it because it always lays in their pockets. However, it can be an obstacle for someone who needs to putt first.


This round flat shiny thing is always a smart choice if you don’t have a ball marker in your bag. If it is your lucky thing, it can have more meaning to you than marking a position.

Poker Chips

This thing is similar to the size of a coin, and it has many colors. You can see it on the green easily, and it may bring you some luck.

Divot tool/pitch mark repairer

You can use one of these if you're not on the persons intended line on the green. In fact, if you want to plant feathers to grow more birdies, you can use one of Waddaplaya Golf's awesome feather shaped single prong divot tools. They work 60% of the time, every time.

What Do Pro Golfers Use for Ball Markers?

Pros use coins and specialty ballmarkers. Usually they are good luck charms.

Can You Use a Tee as a Ball Marker?

Yes as long as it does not interfere with other players putting or intended line of their stroke. 

What Happens if a Putt Hit a Ball Marker?

Nothing. Just keep playing from where that ball finishes as normal.


If you want something to mark your ball’s position get one of the coolest golf ball markers of all time from Waddaplaya Golf. It's a vibe. It's about the playas. 

Most Forgiving Titleist Irons

Titleist have never been known for the most forgiving irons in the world but after their recent AP1, AP2 and AP3 irons, they moved into the everyday golfer market instead of being the niche for advanced players.

The T series consists of T100, T200 and T300 which is in reverse order of forgiveness. The T300 are the game improvement irons for players who need maximum forgiveness and the T200 series is for the slightly more consistent player looking for some forgiveness but without the big clubhead.

The White Fox on my channel jams Titleist irons and has for the last 4 years. He's never going back.

In both these clubs you'll find forgiveness but it just depends on your skill level. The T300 mainly for high handicappers while the T200 is mainly for mid to lower handicappers. The AP1 is the prior model and one of the best Titleist irons ever, and is also loaded with forgiveness if you can find a set.

It's probably one of the most forgiving Titleist irons ever.

Most Forgiving Titleist Irons 2023

  1. Titleist T300 (Game Improvement Titleist irons)
  2. Titleist T200 irons (Players-distance Titleist clubs)
  3. Titleist AP1 (most forgiving golf irons one model prior)

Most forgiving in the range

The forgiveness of the Titleist T300 is something most people will not associate with Titleist. Due to Max Impact design and stronger lofts, distances on the same as a lot of new game improvement irons.  Any mid to high handicapper would be happy to game these without fear of pain in the fingers and hard impact. 

Higher lofted irons in the set are stronger than any other irons in the Titleist range so you'll see distance gains if you're playing a very old set of clubs. Traditional lofts are only found in the pro-level irons in the Titleist range. 

What does that mean? Well it means if the loft numbers are lower for the same club, then you'll hit it further. 

The Titleist T300 is a mid-low spinning iron. Of course this can mean sometimes it is harder to hold a green but when we're talking forgiveness, we have to make some sacrifices. So if you can roll the golf ball up or have big enough greens, the lower spin shouldn't concern you much. The big advantage of lower spin means that you'll A) hit it further and B) have less dispersion left and right!

Titleist made a silicone-polymer core and put it behind the face so they could make the face thinner, so the ball pops off the face instead of feeling like it mushes into the face like on forged clubs. That means higher ball speeds and more distance.  

The prior model which this one replaces, the AP1 was a hollow body construction but Titleist have used a genuine cavity back in the irons this time. As I always say on this website throughout, cavity backs are always the most forgiving. 

The irons have a wide sole and large face so you have plenty of margin for error. The club prevents digging and also keeps mis-hits online, as well as reducing the losses of distance.

The top line at address when you look down at the golf club, you notice the T300 is much thicker than the T200 model, but the length of the clubface is about the same. A bit unexpected is that the T300 seems to have less offset than the T200.


  • Minimal offset if you don't need help to make the ball go more left
  • Low to mid spinning iron for more distance
  • Stronger lofts in the longer irons especially for more carry
  • The first real "distance irons" Titleist has produced 
  • Wide sole for easy movement through turf


Most forgiving golf irons for lower handicappers

forgiving titleist irons

In the T200 irons, you get a game improvement iron that looks more classic and as the successor to the AP3, is starting to look closer to a players iron, but not quite.

What you'll notice between the T100 which is the pro level club, and the T200 is the offset and that definitely defines it more toward the game improvement. Offset is used to prevent the slice and fades.

Where the T200 is just a little in a class of its own is that it really doesn't look clunky and chunky at address. When you look down at the club, it's got a thick top line but it's not chunky and it when in the bag, they look really slick. 

Another aspect of the club that defines it in the more forgiving section, but for lower to lower-mid handicaps is the loft. Basically, the 9 iron in this set is the same loft as the 8 iron in the more advanced player iron, the T100. 

The point is, they may look and appear as advanced better player irons, but these are very much forgiving Titleist irons. But having them in your bag would look good and perform well whether you're trying to break 90 or you're on the cusp of breaking 80. 

Why fight your equipment by going for the player iron if you can get super performance form an iron like the T200? It has an appearance that better players will like and performs in ways that help you maximum distance and forgiveness.

The T200 (unlike the T300 which has a cast head) has a forged face which wraps around a portion of the sole to create more rebound. They put 90g of Tungsten in both the toe and the heel of the club to stabilize the head at impact for solid strikes.

Titleist made a silicone-polymer core and put it behind the face of this club, similarly to the T300, so they could make the face thinner, and increase speeds on the face while the forged face gives you a slightly more soft feel at impact. That means higher balls speeds and more distance.  


  • Tungsten weights in heel and toe to stabilize at impact
  • Looks like a players iron, plays like an Average Joe iron
  • More offset than the T100 
  • At address, looks like a classic iron, not a real Game Improvement look
  • Excellent for anyone who wants to go from double digit into single


  • Much less forgiveness for higher handicappers


It all depends on your priorities. If I were looking to get from an 18 handicapper or more, so let's say shooting over 90 every round, I'd go T300. If I were a golfer shooting under 90 every now and then and wanted to start moving toward the low 80's and the 70's I would try the T200. Anything from the T series will be a solid choice. In essence, you can't go far wrong with Titleist golf clubs. They're premium quality and will last for a long time. 

How the Handicap System Works WORLD GOLF HANDICAP SYSTEM

Running my Youtube channel has shown me it is crystal clear that there are large populations of people who have no idea how the handicap system works.

That's fine but talking about handicaps or other peoples handicaps makes you look like a dummy if you don't know how it works in the first place. So here's the real deal no-fluff guide for you. 

It is NOT a measure of your self-worth or ego vs another person. 

A handicap is just something that we use to play stroke play or match play games against people of differing handicap levels. It is not some reflection of self worth. People get so caught up in the handicap as if being higher than someone else means you're less of a person.

How to Calculate Golf Handicap Index - Golf Handicap Explained

There is a formula that the World Handicap System uses to get your handicap. It is merely a reflection of your potential and not your average score.

Golf Handicap Meaning

A golf handicap is a number assigned as a measurement of a golfer's potential that allows people of different ability to play against one another. For example, a zero handicap can play against an 18 handicap. After the round, the 18 handicap must subtract 18 shots and the scratch golfer must subtract zero shots. Then we equalize for handicap. 

Handicap Differential Formula

Handicap differential = (Adjusted Gross Score-rating of the course) X 113 / Course slope ratings. The course rating is simply the scores of a new golfer on a normal course under a normal playing condition.

Best 8 out of last 20 differentials only

The last 20 rounds you play go toward your handicap. They count your best 8 out of those 20. That is why they say, the handicap system is a measure of your POTENTIAL.

What is Score Differential in Golf?

What does differential mean in golf handicap? 

The DIFFERENTIAL is the difference between your score and the stroke rating and slope rating for that day on the golf course. This does not merely mean they count your strokes and minus par and that's your handicap.

These ratings can change depending on the tee, distance, flag positions, weather conditions, turf conditions...everything. Here's an example of someone shooting a score of 80 six times in a row. Now with only 6 scores, the system counts the 2 best.

But more importantly, note how he shot 80 with different COURSE RATINGS and SLOPE RATINGS. These are measures of difficulty and so the differential ranges from 2.6 to 8.1. He didn't even shoot 2.5 over par once, but that's his handicap index. 

The ignorant person would say "he is an 8 handicap". Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

Handicap Differential Example

Here is a table of how to calculate a handicap differential chart. With 6 straight rounds of 80, you would think the persons handicap index is 8. But it is actually 2.5

Golf Handicap Chart - Index

Do not assume someone's handicap based on a shot here or there. Don't judge a person's handicap after one round. If you do, you put yourself in the same position to be judged by the very same people.

The thing with a handicap is that because there are 20 scores, and only 8 counting at any one time, the other 12 mean nothing, until you start replacing your scores with higher scores. So it's easier to go DOWN in handicap than it is to go UP. 

A scratch handicapper can shoot a 90 or a few scores in the high 80's and it's not going to make a difference to his handicap, because his handicap will be calculated from the 8 best differentials. 

Here is an example of a 3.8 handicap index:

handicap conversion chart

Golf Index vs Handicap

The handicap index is "a measurement of a player's potential ability on a course of standard playing difficulty," according to the USGA. The golfer uses the handicap index to calculate his handicap at a certain course, based on the difficulty/slope rating/stroke rating of that course. 

For example your HANDICAP INDEX could be 3.8 but at Bethpage Black, from the back tees, your HANDICAP for that course is actually 12 (TWELVE)!

handicap index chart

Golf Handicap Maximum Strokes per Hole

According to the World Handicap System, the maximum score you can make on a hole is the par of the hole plus your handicap for that hole plus 2 more shots.

Maximum Strokes per Hole = Par of the hole + 2 shots + the number of strokes allowed to you on the hole according to your course handicap.

If you are an 18 handicapper, you can make a maximum of triple bogey every hole. If you score a 10 on a par 5, your score in the handicap system will be an 8. 

  • 18 handicap maximum score per hole is TRIPLE BOGEY = Par + 2 shots + 1 shot (handicap allowance every hole)
  • 36 handicap maximum score per hole is QUADRUPLE BOGEY  = Par + 2 shots + 2 shots (handicap allowance every hole)
  • Scratch golfer maximum score per hole is DOUBLE BOGEY = Par + 2 strokes + 0 strokes 

What is a 16 Handicap Golfers Average Score?

Average score of a 16 handicapper is around 90. The 16 mid handicapper will mostly shoot 90-95 with the occasional score below 80. Always remember that average scores are usually about 3-5 shots higher than the handicap index. 

FAQs About Golf Handicaps

What is a Good Handicap in Golf?

The world's average handicap is around 15 so a good handicap is anything below 10. If your handicap is less than double digits, you will be in the top 15% of golfers in the world. Single figure golfers do not always shoot in the 70s but if your handicap is 9 or below, then you will touch the high 70s sometimes and mostly shoot low to mid 80s which is better than the majority of golfers on earth.

Average Golf Handicap of the World

The average world golf handicap is between 14 and 15. 

What is the Highest Golf Handicap (Maximum Handicap)?

The highest possible golf handicap in the World Handicap System is 54 and is usually the first handicap given to most beginner golfers.

Lowest Handicap in Golf

The lowest handicap is a plus-handicap in golf. This is when the golfer's handicap is below zero. Scratch is traditionally the goal to have as a low handicap golfer but the lowest handicaps in golf are between +1 and +8. This mean after the round, the golfer must actually ADD shots to their gross score.

If a +4 handicapper shoots a 71, he has to add 4 shots to his score, which means his NET score is actually a 75, to be able to compare to other golfers in the amateur field. 

Professionals do not use handicaps - only amateurs. 

What is Adjusted Gross Score in Golf?

An adjusted gross score in golf is a golfers full score, counting all the strokes, adjusted under the World Handicap System calculations for unfinished holes where you pick up, any holes you missed, or did not play under the Rules of Golf, or Maximum Hole Score/Net Double Bogey.

Gross Score vs Net Score

Your gross score is the total number of strokes you hit on every hole, from tee until you hit the ball in the hole. Your net score is the total strokes you hit for the day, minus the number of handicap strokes that you get according to the course handicap. or example, if you score an honest 85 and on the day, you have a Course Handicap of 11 then your GROSS score would be 85 and your NET SCORE would be 74.

GROSS SCORE (Total strokes you counted) minus COURSE HANDICAP = NET SCORE

What is a 17 Handicappers Average Score?

The average score of a 17 handicap golfer is 92. You can generally add 17 strokes to a par of 72. Then you add 3-5 strokes on top of that for the average score. 

12 Handicap Average Score

To play to a 12 handicap in golf, your average score is around 87. This will depend on the tees, slope rating and course rating.

What is a good golf handicap for a beginner golfer?

A good handicap for a beginner golfer is anything between 20 and 30. The maximum allowable handicap for a male golfer is 54 so if you can begin with a handicap lower than 30, you have a very good handicap for a beginner. 

If I shoot 100, what is my handicap?

If you shoot 100, your handicap is 22.

What is my handicap if I shoot 90?

Your golf handicap is 15 if you shoot 90 multiple times in a row. 

What is my golf handicap if I shoot 85?

Your golf handicap is 10 if you shoot 85 every round for at leas 3 rounds. 

Average Score Chart of Every Handicap Index below 24

Average score

Golf Handicap Chart

Handicaps are distributed on a bell curve much like every other human ability. The gold handicap charts below show that most golfers are between 8 and 18 handicap. Lady golfers have higher handicap in general.

Golf Handicap Distribution Curve

golf handicap chart distribution

Percentage of Golfers By Handicap Chart

This chart shows the percentage of golfers by handicap level by gender.

What percentage of golfers are single digit handicap?

29% of golfers play to a single figure handicap according to the USGA. In a clubhouse of 100 people, 29 of the golfers will be a 9.9 handicap or lower.

What percentage of golfers are scratch?

3% of golfers are scratch. One out of 33 golfers is a scratch handicap which shows just how impressive that is. 

Is a scratch golfer good?

Scratch golfers are very good and average around 74 or 75 strokes from further back tees. But the one misconception is that they shoot level par every round with scores of 72. The fact is that scratch golfers are in the top 4% of handicap index, so they are very good compared to the average golfer. They still do not average level par scores. That is the realm of plus-handicap golfers. 

What is better than a scratch golfer?

A plus handicap golfer is better than scratch. Scratch golfers generally average a score of about 74 to 75. A plus handicap golfer is shooting below the stated rating of the course considering the slope rating. Their average score is between 70 and 73. Less than 2% of golfers are plus handicap.

Average golf handicap after 1 year

The average handicap for golfers who have played for one year is 27. One year is not a long time in golf and while some people will improve drastically by taking lessons or focusing on the game intensely, there are many more golfers who will take some time to improve enough to drop their handicap below 30. The game is difficult and no one should be discouraged by a number like handicap. 

Conclusion - Handicap index is a measure of potential

Now that you know how the handicap system works, you can understand that it's merely a measure of someone's potential. It is not an attack on your person or your character to have someone announce their handicap is lower than yours. 

Golf indexes are your potential and the handicap you have at a particular course on a particular day is based on the difficulty of the course. Your average score is not your handicap. If you want to lower your handicap, you should watch my channel and check out my articles on mid handicap irons and mid handicapper drivers.

Coolest Golf Headcovers in the World

The coolest golf headcovers need to be cool but they also need to be top quality. If there's anything that turns me off, it's a low quality gimmick. But what turns me on, is a high quality 

Ripping the headcover off the big dog has to fill you with desire and pump before the big tee ball. Pulling off some cheap junk that rips or feels like crap is not allowed here.

The best of the best high quality yet coolest golf headcovers detailed below. 

What do you mean high quality?

Through my Youtube channel, I've learned a lot about good and bad quality products. Which is why I designed my own headcovers. The stuff I have been sent by some manufacturers was never good enough to make it onto my channel. 

At the same time, there are some brands I would love to try out myself. I've listed not only my intensely high quality and cool headcovers in the Waddaplaya range, but also some brands I think would legit fit into any true playas bag. including mine.

Coolest Golf Headcovers in the World

  1. Waddaplaya Golf Headcovers (best quality cool golf headcover)
  2. Sandy Golf Co (best canvas style vacation vibe headcover)
  3. Daphne's Chicken Headcover  (coolest headcover for cocky golfers)
  4. Majek Retro Headcover (coolest complement to Waddaplaya headcover)
  5. 19th Hole Skull Putter Cover (love the detail)
  6. Majek Retro Vintage Headcover (cool vintage headcover)

So addictive to take on and off, you wanna just hit driver

New designs for the 2022 season in blue, white and black. 

I stand behind this product 100% and turned a headcover into something that actually adds something to your round. There is simply no better feeling in golf, and I mean this, as taking this supreme quality sensual headcover off your driver or fairway wood.

It's the start of a great shot. It's the first trigger move that gets you in the zone, and with the soft, silky touch of the inner of the headcover, to the solid stitching and delicious colors, it's frankly impossible to hit a shit shot.

These are produced in batches and sell out fast! Be sure to sign up to be notified of when they arrive in stock on


  • The best after sales service you'll experience
  • Extremely fast shipping time worldwide 3-7 days 
  • The single best feeling headcover I have ever experienced 
  • Three new designs for 2021 to matcha any golf bag


  • Nothing - these are the coolest golf headcovers in the world

Great floral and vacation design vibe

I really wanted to do a collaboration with Sandy Golf Co and Mark is a great cheerful chill guy. I love the designs he pumps out. Due to COVID and other unforeseen issues in my own life, I was unable to follow through on the collab but let's hope so in future!

You can contact Mark through Instagram for orders but due to the current situation, production may be slowed or ceased until the crisis lifts.


  • Flowery, vibey and fits into the theme of the Golf Sidekick
  • High quality American made


  • At times can be shut down or slowed production

Perfect for the cocky golfer

The rooster is an animal full of color, full of pride and full of BDE. Using this in conjunction with the Kochenbolz golf polo at Waddaplayagolf will guarantee the cockiest round of golf, but you'll need a stick to defend against all the hens trying to get your attention.

Colorful complement to any Waddaplaya headcover

One of the coolest golf headcovers on the internet. Loads of color, and the color scheme will complement your Waddaplaya golf headcover perfectly.

This was a design I was looking at creating in the Waddaplaya line for putters. I didn't go with it though because this one is just what I like. The detail is perfect and the quality is superb.

Another design idea I thought would be a great addition. I just couldn't get it to work in my favor and found this to be a decent vintage looking driver headcover. 

I like novelty items but I like things I will use for a long time. Waddplaya Golf is the culmination of all my experience with accessories in golf and the solution I created is the best, coolest and highest quality headcovers in the game

Best Mizuno Irons for Mid to High Handicapper Golfers

Nothing feels like a Mizuno they say. That's somewhat true to this day and it's the reason Mizuno are still some of the best irons for mid to high handicapper golfers in the world. 

The best range currently for mid to high handicapper golfers are the Mizuno JPX 923 Hot Metals.

Should I play Mizuno irons?

If you like the look of the heads behind the ball, and you can hit the sweet spot, yes. Nothing gives you a better start on your shot than LOVING the look of the club behind the ball. If you love it, the ball will go where you want it.

Keep in mind that Mizuno are not as big on making their lofts much stronger like a lot of manufacturers. You might think you're losing distance, but you're merely using higher loft for the same number iron as your buddies. 

I found this out when I started playing again with my Mizuno MP33 irons about 3 years ago. Everyone was hitting 8 iron when I was hitting a 6 or 7. I never realized that the lofts had decreased by 4-6 degrees on any given club! 

Best Mizuno Irons for Mid and High Handicappers

  1. Mizuno JPX 923 Hot Metal irons  (best Mizuno iron for mid and high handicappers)
  2. Mizuno MP20 MMC irons  (best for mid handicap hitting the sweet spot often)
  3. Mizuno JPX 850 Forged irons  (best budget Mizuno iron)

Forgiving large heads for easy striking

mizuno 923 hotmetal irons

If your handicap is over 16 and you want to get the dispersion a bit tighter when approaching greens, the Hot Metals are a forgiving and high flying option.

The perimeter weighting hold a toe bias to help increase ball speeds on off center hits, but help to keep the ball online. This is going to be the biggest difference for someone upgrading from an old set of irons to something produced in the last 3-4 years.

Technology in modern irons has optimized lofts and launch angles plus increased ball speeds to assist you in launching the ball higher with less loft, while tightening dispersion of the shots left and right. 

The soles of these irons get progressively thicker as your iron gets longer. That is where the irons fall short but for most high handicappers, I suggest a 5 and 4 hybrid or driving iron instead of the longer irons. 

Thicker soles on the 4 or 5 iron in this set will be GREAT off the tee, but from a tight fairway, I think most high handicappers will struggle to get it airborne. Keep that in mind as you will more than likely be using the long irons mainly on short par 4's or par 3's anyway. You could go for a set of Mizunos from 6 iron to wedge.

Mizuno Hot Metals are not forged clubs so the feeling is not going to be buttery. This is not really an issue if you're not striking the center of the face as much. The cast Hot Metals will give you that softer feeling on those mishits instead as the perimeter weighting forces more speed into the strike across the face. 


  • Forgiving and big chunky faces for high ball speeds for more distance
  • Easy to hit long irons from a tee
  • Slides easily through the rough instead of digging thanks to chunky soles
  • Strikes low in the face, still provide good results


  • The brushed finish looks not so impressive after a few dings
  • Long irons will be hard to hit from the fairway, but easy from the tee

Forged and easier to hit than a muscle back for consistent distances

Mizuno MP20 MMC irons

The feel of a forged iron is quite different to a cast iron. Cast, deep cavity backed irons are often incredibly forgiving to the point where you may barely notice you mis-hit an iron.

With forged irons, you'll feel it in your hands more when you hit it poorly. But if you, like I did, find that you actually hit the sweet spot well enough, these MMC irons will give you that added consistency in distance control.

This is a tough recommendation but I would suggest if you're a mid handicapper more toward the 9-14 range, this is the club for you. You'll need to have a pretty consistent strike and be comfortable with smaller faces on the clubs.

While the cast irons are always going to be marketed as fast and long clubs with hot club faces, the MP20 style of iron is much softer and more consistent with improved feeling off the club face.

Where you'll notice a MASSIVE difference in performance is around the greens. Your chipping with an MP20 short iron, will be far more consistent than the hot faces of the cavity back, cast clubs. There's much less "spring" off the faces of a forged MP20 MMC.

The MP20 MMC is labeled as an elite cavity back so it's not like this is a blade iron for only advanced players. It's a step up from the cavity backs and one step behind a muscle back. This is really the best of both worlds and the irons will last you well into the low handicap. 


  • Sleek Mizuno looks, not chunky
  • Soft face with consistent distances
  • Less offset and better feeling and control on chips
  • Will last you for years, well into the low handicap without being replaced


  • Please do not buy if you don't hit the sweet spot consistently (7/10 times)

Older but recent model - nothing wrong with this!

Mizuno JPX 850 Forged Irons

These JPX 850 Forged irons are a great value buy that will be in your bag for years. The reason I put them on this list is because the improvements on the current models, while evident, are not so extreme as to rule out using a prior model iron.

The 850 came before the 900's, the 919's and the 921's. As they are forged, the clubs are able to be bent to your specs easily. It's the traditional Mizuno shape and feel in a very budget friendly package.

I'm a big fan of purchasing clubs that are 3-4 models old. That's easy to do with Mizuno because you'll squeeze out great performance from any of their iron models going back 30 years. 

If you're looking for long, accurate forged irons, these will do well for you.


  • Sole and heel grind to improve turf interaction
  • Smaller compact, forged heads for clean, slim look
  • Excellent from hard lies and deep rough alike


  • Older model
  • Can be difficult to hit coming from a cavity back

Hybrids or long irons?

Look for blended sets where they combine the more advanced irons in the short irons with the easier to hit higher handicap clubs in the long irons. While these are not the best irons for mid handicappers, they do very nicely for the higher handicappers. Low handicappers will always turn their nose up at the hybrids. 

But if the thought of hitting a long irons sends shivers up your spine, feel free to look into hybrids from 5 iron up and start your set at 6 iron down to pitching wedge. Mizuno also offer the Fli Hi long irons which are supremely easy to hit especially of a tee.

Things to consider with Mizuno irons

I started using Mizuno irons when I replaced my hand-me-down Spalding cavity backs. Using those cast metal cavity backs I got to about a 7 or 8 handicap.

Then I made the switch to my first ever FORGED club, a Mizuno Pro II muscle back blade. Back then, I really had no idea what I was buying, but they were second hand and cheap, and looked damn good.

I got down to scratch with those irons. But my point is not that you need to wait that long to move to a forged club or a Mizuno club at all. You can go to Mizuno at any time because there is such a wide range of irons now - not just blades or forged clubs.

Mizuno make cavity backs which will be the most forgiving. They also make a muscle back iron which is a more forgiving "kind-of" blade. Then they make pure blades which are of course, the clubs more advanced players like to use. 

You can even blend sets nowadays to have cavity backs in your long irons and blades or muscle backs in your short irons for precision.

Mizuno have a wide range of clubs that suit low, mid and high handicappers, but what makes them so good is that no matter which "level" of club you purchase, when you get down to a low handicap, you can still keep playing even their most forgiving clubs without that feeling that you need to upgrade.

It's what makes Mizuno some of the best irons for amateur golfers who want to feel like true playas. Their clubs look stylish and always look like they are for more advanced players than they are.

The Hot Metal range is the forgiving iron, cast and not forged, cavity backs. For better players there is the elite cavity back and muscle back range.  These MP irons are buttery soft. In between are the cavity backed JPX range to give you the best of both worlds.

Mizuno Cult

Another thing to consider is how cult like Mizuno is. A lot of people once they go Mizuno, they never play another iron. I've moved onto Srixon myself, but Steve, from my channel has had the same set of Mizunos for 20 years. 

He loves his Mizuno set so much that he has a back-up set in case this one gets lost or breaks. 


Mizuno is a tough one, but their latest models always come in different skill level irons. 

You'll find the Hot Metal range in your category if you're a high handicapper and the MMC ranges in the mid handicap range. You'll find a good balance between the two in the JPX range. 

Whatever you choose, with the correct shaft, you'll probably be a fanboy in no time.

Best Low Spin Golf Balls 2023


The best low spin golf ball is necessary for golfers who want to hit the ball longer and straighter - from senior golfer to low handicap player even a beginner, you want a ball with distance and proximity to the target. 

Ask any golfer and they'll tell you a hard golf ball goes farther than a soft golf ball. While that is generally correct, a lot of companies create golf balls that feel softer, producing low spin with the driver while creating high spinning wedge shots. Every golfer can play a low spinning golf ball.

The number of golf ball models available for purchase is larger than ever and you need to know which are low spin balls and how that ball could work with your swing speed and handicap level. I'm going to help you with my 8 best low spin golf balls in 2023.

Best Low Spin Golf Balls 2023

  1. Srixon Soft Feel (best for every mid to high handicapper)
  2. Titleist AVX (best secret low spin golf ball)
  3. Vice Drive (best for moderate to slow swings)
  4. Mizuno RB566V (Microdimples for increased hang time)
  5. Bridgestone e12 Contact (best 3-piece surlyn covered golf ball)
  6. Wilson Duo Soft + (best for recreational golfer who loses balls)
  7. Srixon Q Star Tour (One of my favorite golf balls)
  8. Bridgestone Tour B RX (Best for swings over 105 mph)
  9. Taylormade Tour Response (Best value urethane ball) 

My go-to low spin golf ball for everyone

srixon soft feel

Higher handicap players and senior golfers often have a high handicap and slower swing speed. Their golf ball must be controllable and give feedback of a soft feeling and most importantly, more accuracy. If you want a reliable soft feeling low spin golf ball, I suggest the Srixon Soft Feel.

The Srixon Soft Feel has two layers with a surlyn ionomer cover which encapsulates a large core. The compression of the Soft Feel is quite low at 60. Soft Feels have a larger core layer which helps to increase ball speeds by lowering spin for more distance. 

The Srixon Soft Feel golf balls come in two colors: white and yellow. For anyone who plays in the high handicap, mid handicap level, you can rely bon the Srixon Soft Feel at a good price. Senior golfers also love the Srixon Soft Feel.

I personally played the Srixon Soft Feel until my handicap was 7. I changed to a urethane ball after I got to single figure handicap.

Key Features

  • Two-piece structure with large core
  • Ionomer cover
  • 338 dimple pattern
  • Two glossy colors - yellow and white
  • 60 Compression


  • Mid range priced golf balls for anyone
  • Run out on drives is extra long
  • Cover is durable for long play


  • Feels quite firm off the putter face 

Best low spin ball that no one knows about

titleist avx low spin golf ball

The Titleist AVX is a pretty amazing golf ball, but you've probably never heard of it. Joe who writes for the site shot his personal best of 79 after switching to the AVX and just couldn't believe how straight it flew. It's a super low spinning ball off the driver and long irons and is designed for a low trajectory. It's a great ball for players who generate too much spin or who want extra distance. 

There is no doubt that this ball is super long. Joe noticed that his shots were flying a full ten yards further than his old gamer, the Inesis Tour 900. You may have heard that the AVX was firm around the greens. Titleist saw this and have made changes to the current version to increase short game stopping power. 

The ball feels super soft on chips and pitches and gives you great feedback off the putter. As you progress into the longer clubs, it firms up to give you supreme control. it's rated at 80 on the compression scale which is must softer than most premium balls. 

It's really hard to find a fault with this ball other than the price. It's one of Titleist's 4 premium balls along with the Pro V1, Pro V1X and Pro V1 Left dash and has the price tag to match. Check it out and see if it suits your game. 

Key Features

  • Three-piece premium structure 
  • Softer Cast Urethane Elastomer Cover System
  • Unique Spherically-Tiled 348 Catenary Dimple Design
  • Low Compression - rated at 80


  • Extremely straight ball flight off the tee 
  • Low trajectory
  • Soft off the shorter clubs
  • Great durability due to lower profile dimples


  • Price. That's it. 

Best low spin golf ball for slower swings

vice drive golf balls

The Vice Drive ball is specifically targeted at low to mid swing speed golfers, with the soft Energy Speed core. It's a great option for these swing speeds which means a lot of senior golfers can also benefit from this golf ball in the same category as the all-time favorite Srixon Soft Feel.

The cut-resistant Surlyn cover boosts durability, while wedge spin rates are higher in the latest Drive model for improved control from closer range. It has a solid feel off most of the clubs in the bag which may be a negative for some players. 

Key Features

  • Two-piece structure with large core
  • Surlyn cover
  • 318 dimple pattern
  • Low Compression


  • Budget-friendly 
  • Cut resistant surlyn for multiple round durability
  • Excellent from tight lies, bare lies and even soggy lies
  • Strikes low in the face, still provide good results


  • Firm feel around the greens 

3-piece surlyn ball with micro dimples for hang time

mizuno-rb566v-golf balls

The Mizuno RB 566V is a 3 piece golf ball, wrapped in ionomer. A unique 566 dimple pattern which has micro-dimples means there is less drag on the ball for the correct level of spin for your needs. 

With the dimple pattern and micro-dimples, the balls launch and descend at a higher angle and makes them more stoppable on the greens. Around the greens, the balls perform well without feeling like they're made of marshmallow or soap. They have a firmer feel but work surprisingly well on the greens with very predictable results which is what you need. 

These are the new premium balls out of Japan with the intention of creating faster ball speeds and with the dimple pattern, delay the descent of the ball as long as possible which creates the steeper landing angle for more stopping power. 

Key Features

  • A soft compression, three-piece construction
  • 566 D dimple design with microdimples
  • High launch characteristics
  • Softer rubber core
  • Ionomer cover


  • Long hang time
  • Ideal for mid to low swing speeds in warm conditions
  • Extremely durable cover
  • Extra crust layer improves ball speed over normal 2 piece balls


  • The cover feels very hard to the touch

Value for money golf ball for straight shots

bridgestone e12 contact golf balls

Bridgestone make another 3-piece surlyn golf ball to feature on this list. The e12 Contact is said to reduce sidespin properties which means less dispersion left and right. In the 3 piece surlyn balls, the softer core with a compression of only 50, is not making contact with the cover and in between the core and the cover is now a mantle which is a firmer layer to produce better energy transfer instead of letting the impact all be absorbed by the soft core. 

This is usually a recipe for slow golf balls. Not with the e12 Contact.

Bridgestone use an Active Acceleration Mantle as an important part of the 3-piece construction. This mantle is made up of a composite material that transfers the power of the shot into the ball and creates a higher initial speed at impact.

Because Bridgestone doesn't rely on the core for the speed, they were able to soften the core to allow for softer response around the greens than most distance golf balls. Remember to separate the spin performance of urethane balls and surlyn balls. This Bridgestone e12 Soft may be a soft and long golf ball with a nice touch, it won't spin as much as a urethane ball.

This ball is for the player who understands their swing and game is not suited to a urethane golf ball. 

Bridgestone have four color choices, with three new matte ones. 

Key Features

  • Three-piece construction
  • Ionomer cover with a larger softer core 
  • 50 compression
  • 372  dimple pattern
  • Four colors in white matte green, matte red and matte yellow


  • Soft and springy cover and initial feel
  • Multiple layers with firm mantle to allow for soft core
  • Low spin rates and high ball speeds off the face for maximum distance


  • Red golf balls are difficult to see in the air

Ultra low compression of 40 great budget ball

wilson duo soft plus golf balls

Wilson DUO ranges of golf balls are extremely popular and before JMac on my channel was a single figure handicap, he only played Wilson DUO's. He's now onto TP5 and Inesis Tour 900 but these Wilsons were his starting point of new golf balls. And the loved them.

The DUO Soft + is a low compression ball at 40 compression that spins nicely on approaches and has a nice soapy soft feel on the wedges and putter. It feels like a Tour ball off the face but of course, the spin is much less than that. For the price, there is not much better out there. 

A weird sensation is the matte colored golf balls. They are the same as the normal balls but for some reason - maybe placebo - they FEEL like they spin more on chips and approaches, as if the cover grips onto the clubface more. 

It's surprisingly a two-piece golf ball with only 302 dimples. When I look at these balls, there are so few dimples that the ball actually looks smaller than it really is which is a mental picture that makes you feel like you can't miss with these low spin golf balls. 

Key Features

  • Two-piece construction
  • Surlyn cover 
  • 40 compression
  • 302  dimple pattern


  • Cheap and easy - no crying if you lose them
  • Soft feeling on the club face and putter
  • Matte colors and normal colors - matte color feels like it grips on the grooves


  • Covers can scratch easily

Urethane goodness at a surlyn price

srixon q star tour golf balls

This is one of my favorite balls despite being much maligned lately by My Golf Spy for the issues with the core. In any one of my videos, I may be playing this ball as it's always in my bag.

A soft inner core slowly gets firmer as we move toward the outer edge. The new urethane covering is called Spin Skin and is supposed to grab onto the grooves of your club like velcro and I agree, i get great spin with this ball. Even at a 4 handicap, I can't tell the difference between these and more expensive premium balls.

The new side stamp is excellent with a solid black line with white font inside so you can align your golf ball to your putting line much easier. The ball has a medium 72 compression.

When I hit these balls, I find that they launch high off the driver with a penetrating flight. The roll out on drives is minimal as with most urethane cover golf balls I hit. Where I like the Q Star Tour golf balls is on approach shots. The ball spins enough to stop without ripping back too much. While the back spin of some golf balls looks impressive, I prefer a golf ball that stops where it lands. That's the Q Star Tour.

Key Features

  • Three-piece construction
  • Thin tour cast urethane cover with energy gradient core
  • 338 dimples
  • Two color choices (all glosses)
  • 72 compression


  • Distance off the tee as long as any other
  • Stops very quickly with the grippy urethane cover
  • Softer center, firmer outer layer
  • Superbly priced for the quality of golf ball


  • Some reports claim the core is not evenly produced 
  • May be harder to control at slower swing speed

Used by Tiger and Bryson

bridgestone tour b rx golf balls

Joe who writes for this site picked up two dozen of these balls when they were on promotion and he's a convert to Bridgestone. He's a 12 handicap with a faster swing, and this ball suits him as it tames his wayward tee shots and provides the necessary control around the greens to slash strokes off his scores. This ball is noticeably firmer than something like Pro V1X or TP5X and that may put some off. 

Off the putter the ball gives a good level of feedback, and the bright white finish makes it easy to focus on. In terms of durability, these balls are better than nearly anything out there when it comes to urethane covered balls. Joe played with these during the winter in the UK and was able to make them last for multiple rounds. 

The BR X is a member of the Tour B golf ball range using the REACTIV cover tech to create a new urethane coat for optimal spin and feel characteristics. The compression is moderate at a 75 rating which is much lower than high end balls like Chrome Soft X and Pro V1.

Key Features

  • Three-piece golf ball with a gradient core
  • REACTIV urethane cover 
  • 338 dimples
  • 75 compression


  • Special dimple pattern for improved ball flight
  • Medium compression suitable for most swing speeds
  • Long distance off the tee with more rollout
  • Long and short approach shots stop where they land


  • Cover may scuff easily on wayward shots
  • Not the best for very slow swing speeds

Top value quality urethane ball 

TM Tour Response - golf balls

While faster soft balls are very popular now, In some cases, the lower spin properties of soft balls can compensate for the loss of speed. The flip side is, the lower spin balls do supply much lower spin, which is what we want to often avoid with the iron game.

High speed, high spin players won't worry about lower spinning soft balls because the increase in distance will offset the reduction in spin because they already hit it high and full of spin. 

The urethane covered Tour Response also has the firmer mantle like the surlyn balls above. The low compression core covered in a much firmer mantle, means the soft, slow ball, turns into a quick, long ball that sits down thanks to the cover.  

That's basically how the Taylormade Tour Response works. On a budget too.

As the balls say in their name is Tour Response, they are not illegal golf balls and can be used in all tournaments with USGA approval. These balls are suitable for seniors because of the ultra-low and effortless compression core (40).

These Tour Response balls have three-piece, including a large Hi-Spring core, HFM speed layer, and 100% urethane cover. Although the total compression rate of the ball is 70, its core is soft enough to deliver the true feeling and transfer energy better.

In general, the softer the ball is, the shorter the distance it can reach. However, you will have both the soft feel off the tee and the distance with the Tour Response golf balls. A pure urethane cover is durable and not too hard to hit.

If you are a senior golfer and want to maximize your distance in the game, don’t hesitate to give this ball a try. Each ball has the same number of dimples as the TP5 or TP5x balls. These patterns help maintain the ball’s consistency and fly straight to the target you want.

Key Features

  • Three-piece construction
  • Urethane cover
  • 40 compression core
  • 70 compression overall
  • 322 dimples


  • Urethane cover ball with 70 compression for long approaches that stop
  • Moderate swing speeds will find this ball perfect
  • Spin rate is high for stopping chips


  • Cover may scuff easily on wayward shots
  • Not the best for very slow swing speeds

Which golfer should play low spin golf balls?


If you need more distance off the tee and shape the ball a big way left or right, the low spin golf balls may be for you. If you prefer a chip and run style of chipping instead of floating high shots, you'll like a low spinning ball. Perhaps you can roll the ball up to the greens and in that case, your approach game will like less spin - these will be the surlyn covered golf balls.


But if you prefer to have some spin around the greens, you'll want a ball that spins more on the wedges and chip shots. These will generally be 3-5 layer golf balls with a urethane cover. The manufacturers have engineered them to the point that they have similar low spin on drivers but significantly more spin on wedges and chip shots. 

Player examples

Slow swing speed 

Didi, on my channel, plays to an 8.6 handicap and plays low spinning 2 piece, surlyn golf balls. That's correct, at an 8.6 handicap, he isn't playing a premium urethane high spinning ball.

His game has developed in a way that he wants more distance off the tee as he hits a fade and prefers the lower spin for more rollout and carry. On his approaches, he is often hitting 7 iron and longer into the greens so he plays for the extra rollout. 

Around the greens, he plays the chip and run exclusively and that means he never needs a high spin golf ball to rip back because at his swing speed, and ball flight, he can hardly take advantage of the extra spin. He knows the golf equipment he needs to use to match his game. 

Fast swing speed

Personally, I can play 2 piece golf balls no problem tee to green. With the spin I can generate with the swing speed, the balls stick where they land. The place where I see a clear difference between the urethane multilayer balls and the 2-piece surlyns, is inside 80 yards on partial shots and around the greens, especially bunker shots and floating chips. The low spin balls don't sit as quickly. So I prefer a low-spin ball with a urethane cover off the tee, but by default, the ball will spin more on irons and wedges because of the urethane cover.

Final thoughts on best low spin golf balls 

Pick carefully.

Hit it high, full of spin but want longer tee shots and confidence that your ball will sit down regardless of the ball you use? Use the surlyn.

Hit it low, with slow swing speed on the irons? Think about the urethane covered low spin golf balls.

Your chips not stopping? Your pitches rolling through the green? Urethane can help.

Low ball hitter with lots of spin? Ball not rolling out on tee shots? Prefer to hit bump and run shots? Surlyn low spin golf balls are fine for you!

Remember, we're not on the PGA Tour so we just need to the best golf balls for us. Pick a couple to try, get your golf clubs, got to the course and hit some shots. You'll soon find the low spinning golf ball for you. 

Other golf ball articles

Best Budget Golf Driver for Affordable Distance

There is a budget category for golf clubs that include the best budget golf driver, but I have a better idea for you.

My idea is that you take a look at the cheaper end, yes. But also the higher end, perhaps a second hand model of a driver that is 4-5 years old. The drivers made in the last 4 or 5 years have no changed much and you can pick up a steal on either a new or used one.

Of course, if you want to spend as little as possible, I have a couple of options in this guide, but if I can give you one piece of advice it's to spend as much as you can afford on your equipment. It does make a massive difference to play premium materials instead of the composites that the budget manufacturers make. 

How do I know that? I grew up with not much money to spend on golf clubs and so I always played equipment that was WAY inferior to everyone else. My driver was for the longest time some kind of titanium alloy, Taylormade Burner knockoff. It did not perform as well as stuff made just 3 or 4 years prior.

Best Budget Golf Drivers for Affordable Distance

  1. Cleveland Launcher HB Driver (most forgiving driver for slow swings)
  2. Wilson Launch Pad (sleeper pick)
  3. Srixon Z 585 Driver (Best of the last 5 years)
  4. Callaway Epic Flash Driver (best driver from Callaway from 2019)
  5. Taylormade M6 Driver (one of the best by Taylormade)

Forgiving and easy to hit for slower swings

Cleveland Launcher HB Driver

The Cleveland HB Launcher has a very tall dominating face and setting up to the ball, it looks like a traditional Cleveland. Classic shape and tall face with a massive sweet spot, especially forgiving on toe hits. Used or new, it's a bargain and one of unsung heroes of amateur golf when ti comes to accessibility to good equipment at decent prices. 

The club is light and by light, I mean REALLY light. That might not appeal to everyone but it can definitely help pick up an extra couple mph in your swing. If you're hovering around 85 mph, this little beauty can bring you up to 90 mph and give you a few yards more off the tee.

On the crown, the detailing is similar to PING with cool shapes that make the driver look streamlined and powerful over the ball. 


  • Forgiving all over the face
  • Lightweight to help increase speed for slower swingers
  • Tall face with large sweet spot
  • Excellent sound


  • Loft settings are not adjustable

One of the best budget options

Wilson Launchpad Driver

The 460CC head can be adjusted to lofts of 9, 10.5 and 12 degrees. Whether you swing it fast, slow or medium, you can adjust it to create more height and carry.

Wilson's Launch Pad driver has an ultra-thin face to generate much faster ball speeds for which in turn produces longer carries for more distance.  They've expanded the sweet-spot for greater forgiveness but don't think that just because it's a budget golf driver, that it's no good.

Wilson have been around for years, only being overtaken in the modern era similar to Nokia being overtaken by Apple and Samsung. They still make great phones, but people just focused their attention onto the shinier objects. Wilson are always a sleeper pick but currently also produce some of the nicest putters and wedges I have tried. 


  • Looks much more high end
  • Lightweight, thin face driver for more distance
  • Very low price


  • Name brand recognition is very low for the ego golfer

One of the best drivers of the last 5 years

Srixon Z 585 Driver

The best part of these drivers is how SIMPLE they look at address. There is almost nothing on the crown except a little mark to show the center of the face.

The stock shaft is a Project X HZRDS which is a high quality shaft indeed. The shaft really is the powerhouse of the club and these come fit with a very strong engine.

What I've noticed the most about this club is how on toe hits, the ball actually goes AS FAR AS solid strikes which is perfect for someone like me who hits it toward the toe more often. 

The face has no fancy graphics on it. The crown is super simple and the sweet spot sends feedback up your arms, knowing you've hit it in the pantie.

Looking down at this club is not distracting at all and the top of the crown makes it easy to line the ball up to the sweet spot and with minimal decal and lines on the face, it looks classic and not full of gimmicks. A real simple point and shoot. 


  • The beauty is in the simplicity of design and superb performance
  • Extremely large sweet spot where toe hits go almost as far as middle hits
  • Z785 has some adjustability for loft while the Z585 is super simple no adjusting
  • The crown has very little detail on it, it is very classic looking


  • Z585 model has no adjustability at all

Couple years old means you get great value on the best

Callaway Epic Flash Driver

The Epic Flash driver is one of the best Callaway have produced. The Jail Break technology in the crown and head makes it difficult to beat in terms of distance and sweet spot extension.

Callaway put a technology called Flash Face into the driver to help you get more ball speed off the face to gain more distance. In other words, they made a bigger sweet spot on the driver and in the center of the sweet spot, it's even bouncier.

The computers Callaway used cycled through different 15,000 face iterations, learning from each iteration to finally settle on the best option being the technology they call Flash Face.

Jailbreak bars inside the head near the face stiffen and stabilize the crown plus the sole, so when you hit the ball it places the impact load in the right places for more consistent and long ball flight.


  • Three shaft options HZRDUS, Tensei, Evenflow
  • Ball feels like it explodes off the face at impact 
  • Low spin rates and high ball speeds off the face for maximum distance
  • Jail break technology at budget price
  • Moveable weight and adjustable loft sleeve


  • Graphics are a turn off on the face
  • Sound is the same over good and bad strikes

Taylormade M6 Driver

You do not need the latest driver if you want to have a nice one. Didi on my channel has recently "upgraded" to this driver because it's 4 models old! 

He was using an RBZ driver prior to this and has seen a massive improvement in drives into the wind. The shape is much more penetrating and his big fade is reduced to a small fade. 


  • Grey top line on the crown for easy alignment
  • Long Taylormade face for more forgiveness on mis hits
  • Penetrating ball flight
  • There is hardly any difference in distance between this and newer models


  • Grey top line on the crown may turn you off
  • Sound is very dense instead of ping-y
  • Not adjustable

How much does a good driver cost?

A good golf driver will cost you between $100 and $300. Anything less than $100 will be trash and anything more than $300 probably isn't going to add that much to your game. 

Best affordable drivers for high handicappers

If I have to recommend one of these drivers for a high handicapper, it has to be the Cleveland Launcher HB driver. It's the best combination of distance, forgiveness and price. 

Best driver under $400

If you're looking for a new driver under the $400 price tag, the Wilson Launchpad is a great option. 

Best driver under $300

Now available at around the $250 mark, the Cleveland Launcher HB Driver is a complete steal at this price point. Long bombs for little money! 

Best driver under $200

It's hard to believe it, but you can now snag a Srixon Z 585 Driver for under $200. This is one of the best drivers of the last 5 years so you won't be disappointed with one of these bad boys. 

Why I don't suggest super budget driver

I do not recommend really cheap drivers because they stunt your enjoyment of the game whether you're a new player or been playing a while. If you're not playing something in the last 4,5 or 6 years, you're missing out on a lot of fun and a lot of enjoyment of the game.

How I know this, is that my sister took up golf only after she realized that she could finally afford decent equipment. When she was young, she couldn't have nice clubs and so she never got into golf because it was so difficult to play the cheaper, less effective clubs we could afford.

It changes your whole outlook on the game when you have a decent driver not just a junky one that is cheap. 


You can go for the ultra budget stuff, or you can settle for a new or even USED item from recent years. I would suggest a second hand driver to extract max value on the best budget golf drivers out there.