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Best Distance Golf Balls 2024

Last Updated on January 2, 2024 by Matt Greene
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Who doesn't want a few extra yards? If all you are looking for in a golf ball is distance, then this is the guide for you. We have tried and tested the best distance golf balls on the market today to find which you should be putting into your golf bag.

Distance golf balls have become a major market for ball manufacturers in recent years. These ball often come in at a lower price point per dozen golf balls than premium offerings, so what is the catch? Is there a sacrifice to be made in order to get maximum distance?

We'll look at how slow swing speeds and faster swing speeds can benefit from the right distance golf balls and also look at how feel fits into the distance discussion. We've found balls which are rock hard to super soft, but which is right golf ball for you?

Let's take a closer look at distance balls.

distance golf balls

Best Distance Golf Balls in 2024

  1. Titleist Velocity golf ball (Best for low launch players)
  2. Bridgestone e12 Contact golf ball (Softest feel distance golf ball)
  3. Volvik Crystal golf ball (Best distance golf ball for high visibility)
  4. Callaway Superfast (Best for high swing speed players)
  5. Vice Drive (Best for slow swing speeds)

Titleist Velocity golf ball

High launching ball to suit low ball flight players

titleist velocity golf balls

The Titleist Velocity golf ball was 10 years old in 2022. This latest version is still a 2 piece offering, and continues to be the longest ball in the Titleist range. For this iteration of the Velocity, Titleist have made the core of the ball firmer which helps to generate more ball speed on shots for all swing speeds. Titleist have also introduced a new octahedral dimple pattern (similar to Bridgestone) with 350 dimples for a higher ball flight with a little more consistency.

Using a ball tracker, I noticed the spin was crazy low which was great for distance but again, there is a tradeoff in terms of feel because there is less spin on approaches and less control on chips around the green. I was amazed at how high the ball launched for such low spin numbers, which means there is some magic going on with the ball's core.

It's not a soft as premium golf balls, but it wasn't terrible around the greens and felt better than most of the balls on test.

A great option for the above average golfer who just wants more distance. 

  • More feel than most distance balls
  • Very long
  • Good greenside spin
  • High launch


  • Not the straightest ball I tested 
  • Relatively expensive for a distance ball 

Bridgestone e12 Contact

Softest feeling golf ball for distance

bridgestone e12 contact golf balls

This Bridgestone ball is 3 piece which immediately makes it feel softer than any of the other golf balls in this article. The soft ionomer cover gives excellent control on chips and pitch shots and the ball feels really soft off the putter.

The distinctive Bridgestone dimple pattern is present, called "Contact Force" in this model, and is designed for a straighter ball flight at maximum distance.

I like that these balls come in a number of colour options, the matte orange being my favourite, especially for early morning golf.

This is the best golf ball in the list for players who value feel over everything else. 

  • Very soft feel for a distance golf ball 
  • Interesting dimple patter which aids energy transfer
  • High level of greenside spin control
  • Great colour options to suit all players


  • Some won't like the dimple pattern
  • Less durable than other distance balls

Volvik Crystal golf ball

Bright colours matched with extreme distance 

volvik-crystal golf balls

We couldn't do a round up of distance golf balls without including a ball from Volvik. I'm a huge fan of Volvik golf balls and I've tested pretty much every single one of their balls in depth.

The Crystal is just so long compared to other balls in the Volvik range, that if you're a slower swinger looking for a boost in distance and accuracy it's for you. The ball doesn't shape much and prefers to go straight too - it just feels so similar to a Bridgestone E12. 

But make no mistake, this ball is hard. And by hard, I mean yes, it can feel like hitting a rock. On the 135 yard pitching wedge test, the Crystal usually finishes about 8 feet from the pitch mark - I just couldn't stop it quicker. On bump and runs, you want to be a little gentler because the ball runs out a lot more than others.

I gave a sleeve of these to my playing partner, Dietmar who plays off an 8 handicap and plays any golf ball, as long as it's free! Dietmar isn't long off the tee (230 yards) and likes a firm golf ball for more rollout to reach the greens easier. He shot a 78 with the Crystals so it just goes to show that hard balls can also produce good results, depending on your priorities.

A couple points he noted were that the ball felt like a Top Flite Infinity but he noticed more carry with the Crystals and hit more hybrids instead of fairway woods into the greens. Off his Odyssey Rossie putter insert, he liked the firm click of the ball. It took him some time to adjust to the chipping though because these balls run run run.

  • Very very long with extra roll out
  • A.I Jailbreak face for amazing ball speeds
  • Straightest ball of all Volviks
  • Easy to spot from anywhere - very bright


Callaway Superfast

Cheapest option for golfers on a budget

callaway superfast golf balls

The Callaway Superfast replaces the infamous SuperHot and is still sold in packs of 15 which gives you an extra 25% bang for your buck. And bang it does. This ball is designed for distance and higher ball flight to help you hit it longer with more carry.

The Superfast is a two piece design with a 70 compression core and I like this combination for your 85 to 90 mph swing speed. Our swing speed is fast enough to take advantage of the hot design by putting enough of a lick on the ball to give us the extra distance off the tee.

It's a fun ball - it goes a long way and doesn't feel like a marshmallow like the new super soft golf balls which have become more and more fashionable. Off the tee, I noticed the ball flying a bit higher thanks to the dimple design. The HEX dimple design reduces drag on the ball putting it higher in the air for a steeper descent into the greens for quick stopping shots. So not necessarily more spin, but a ball flight that promotes fewer big bounces on the greens which is great for us.

Around the green it's best to manage expectations as the ball does not have a super tacky urethane cover. The hybrid cover with an innovative PARALOID™ Impact Modifier, is better than the old cover but urethane is always preferred for green side spin so If your main concern is spin on chips and pitches, it's best to consider other options in this guide. The price of urethane-covered balls is also a lot higher. 

  • Travels a crazy distance
  • 2 piece hybrid cover with secret technology from DOW chemical
  • Will increase the ball flight of your shots


  • Not soft greenside - best for bump and run chip shots

Vice Drive

Longest golf ball for slow swing speed

vice drive golf balls

The Vice Drive ball is specifically targeted at low to mid swing speed golfers, with the soft Energy Speed core. It's a great option for these swing speeds which means a lot of senior golfers can also benefit from this golf ball in the same category as the all-time favorite Srixon Soft Feel.

This ball is super long due its low spinning characteristics. If you have a little extra swing speed than the target player, this ball will go like a rocket off the club face.  

The cut-resistant Surlyn cover boosts durability, while wedge spin rates are higher in the latest Drive model for improved control from closer range. It has a solid feel off most of the clubs in the bag which may be a negative for some players. 

  • Cheaper than big brands 
  • Cut resistant surlyn outer layer for multiple round durability
  • Excellent from all lies on the golf course


  • Firmer feel around the greens 

Final Thoughts on Best Distance golf balls

Hitting the ball a long way requires a few things, and the golf ball you play is definitely one of them. We have to be aware that longer golf balls are probably going to feel harder and have less greenside control, but if we're willing to live with that, longer drives are out there for us. 

If you want to learn more about how compression will affect your golf ball, check out my article here

I hope the balls above give you some options to try. Tee it high and let it fly. 

Last Updated on January 2, 2024 by Matt Greene