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Best Low Spin Golf Balls 2024

Last Updated on January 2, 2024 by Matt Greene
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The best low spin golf ball is necessary for golfers who want to hit the ball longer and straighter - from senior golfer to low handicap player even a beginner, you want a ball with distance and proximity to the target. 

Ask any golfer and they'll tell you a hard golf ball goes farther than a soft golf ball. While that is generally correct, a lot of companies create golf balls that feel softer, producing low spin with the driver while creating high spinning wedge shots. Every golfer can play a low spinning golf ball.

The number of golf ball models available for purchase is larger than ever and you need to know which are low spin balls and how that ball could work with your swing speed and handicap level. I'm going to help you with my 8 best low spin golf balls in 2024.

Best Low Spin Golf Balls 2024

  1. Srixon Soft Feel (best for every mid to high handicapper)
  2. Titleist AVX (best secret low spin golf ball)
  3. Vice Drive (best for moderate to slow swings)
  4. Mizuno RB566V (Microdimples for increased hang time)
  5. Bridgestone e12 Contact (best 3-piece surlyn covered golf ball)
  6. Wilson Duo Soft + (best for recreational golfer who loses balls)
  7. Srixon Q Star Tour (One of my favorite golf balls)
  8. Bridgestone Tour B RX (Best for swings over 105 mph)
  9. Taylormade Tour Response (Best value urethane ball) 

Srixon Soft Feel

My go-to low spin golf ball for everyone

srixon soft feel

Higher handicap players and senior golfers often have a high handicap and slower swing speed. Their golf ball must be controllable and give feedback of a soft feeling and most importantly, more accuracy. If you want a reliable soft feeling low spin golf ball, I suggest the Srixon Soft Feel.

The Srixon Soft Feel has two layers with a surlyn ionomer cover which encapsulates a large core. The compression of the Soft Feel is quite low at 60. Soft Feels have a larger core layer which helps to increase ball speeds by lowering spin for more distance. 

The Srixon Soft Feel golf balls come in two colors: white and yellow. For anyone who plays in the high handicap, mid handicap level, you can rely bon the Srixon Soft Feel at a good price. Senior golfers also love the Srixon Soft Feel.

I personally played the Srixon Soft Feel until my handicap was 7. I changed to a urethane ball after I got to single figure handicap.

Key Features

  • Two-piece structure with large core
  • Ionomer cover
  • 338 dimple pattern
  • Two glossy colors - yellow and white
  • 60 Compression


  • Mid range priced golf balls for anyone
  • Run out on drives is extra long
  • Cover is durable for long play


  • Feels quite firm off the putter face 

Titleist AVX

Best low spin ball that no one knows about

titleist avx low spin golf ball

The Titleist AVX is a pretty amazing golf ball, but you've probably never heard of it. Jim who writes for the site shot his personal best of 79 after switching to the AVX and just couldn't believe how straight it flew. It's a super low spinning ball off the driver and long irons and is designed for a low trajectory. It's a great ball for players who generate too much spin or who want extra distance. 

There is no doubt that this ball is super long. Jim noticed that his shots were flying a full ten yards further than his old gamer, the Inesis Tour 900. You may have heard that the AVX was firm around the greens. Titleist saw this and have made changes to the current version to increase short game stopping power. 

The ball feels super soft on chips and pitches and gives you great feedback off the putter. As you progress into the longer clubs, it firms up to give you supreme control. it's rated at 80 on the compression scale which is must softer than most premium balls. 

It's really hard to find a fault with this ball other than the price. It's one of Titleist's 4 premium balls along with the Pro V1, Pro V1X and Pro V1 Left dash and has the price tag to match. Check it out and see if it suits your game. 

Key Features

  • Three-piece premium structure 
  • Softer Cast Urethane Elastomer Cover System
  • Unique Spherically-Tiled 348 Catenary Dimple Design
  • Low Compression - rated at 80


  • Extremely straight ball flight off the tee 
  • Low trajectory
  • Soft off the shorter clubs
  • Great durability due to lower profile dimples


  • Price. That's it. 

Vice Drive

Best low spin golf ball for slower swings

vice drive golf balls

The Vice Drive ball is specifically targeted at low to mid swing speed golfers, with the soft Energy Speed core. It's a great option for these swing speeds which means a lot of senior golfers can also benefit from this golf ball in the same category as the all-time favorite Srixon Soft Feel. As it's a lower spin model, you will notice a more penetrating ball flight off the tee and into the wind. 

The cut-resistant Surlyn cover boosts durability, while wedge spin rates are higher in the latest Drive model for improved control from closer range. It has a solid feel off most of the clubs in the bag which may be a negative for some players. 

Key Features

  • Two-piece structure with large core
  • Surlyn cover
  • 318 dimple pattern
  • Low Compression


  • Budget-friendly 
  • Cut resistant surlyn for multiple round durability
  • Excellent from tight lies, bare lies and even soggy lies
  • Strikes low in the face, still provide good results


  • Firm feel around the greens 

Mizuno RB566V

3-piece surlyn ball with micro dimples for hang time

mizuno-rb566v-golf balls

The Mizuno RB 566V is a 3 piece golf ball, wrapped in ionomer. A unique 566 dimple pattern which has micro-dimples means there is less drag on the ball for the correct level of spin for your needs. 

With the dimple pattern and micro-dimples, the balls launch and descend at a higher angle and makes them more stoppable on the greens. Around the greens, the balls perform well without feeling like they're made of marshmallow or soap. They have a firmer feel but work surprisingly well on the greens with very predictable results which is what you need. 

These are the new premium balls out of Japan with the intention of creating faster ball speeds and with the dimple pattern, delay the descent of the ball as long as possible which creates the steeper landing angle for more stopping power. 

Key Features

  • A soft compression, three-piece construction
  • 566 D dimple design with microdimples
  • High launch characteristics
  • Softer rubber core
  • Ionomer cover


  • Long hang time
  • Ideal for mid to low swing speeds in warm conditions
  • Extremely durable cover
  • Extra crust layer improves ball speed over normal 2 piece balls


  • The cover feels very hard to the touch

Bridgestone e12 Contact

Value for money golf ball for straight shots

bridgestone e12 contact golf balls

Bridgestone make another 3-piece surlyn golf ball to feature on this list. The e12 Contact is said to reduce sidespin properties which means less dispersion left and right. In the 3 piece surlyn balls, the softer core with a compression of only 50, is not making contact with the cover and in between the core and the cover is now a mantle which is a firmer layer to produce better energy transfer instead of letting the impact all be absorbed by the soft core. 

This is usually a recipe for slow golf balls. Not with the e12 Contact.

Bridgestone use an Active Acceleration Mantle as an important part of the 3-piece construction. This mantle is made up of a composite material that transfers the power of the shot into the ball and creates a higher initial speed at impact.

Because Bridgestone doesn't rely on the core for the speed, they were able to soften the core to allow for softer response around the greens than most distance golf balls. Remember to separate the spin performance of urethane balls and surlyn balls. This Bridgestone e12 Soft may be a soft and long golf ball with a nice touch, it won't spin as much as a urethane ball.

This ball is for the player who understands their swing and game is not suited to a urethane golf ball. 

Bridgestone have four color choices, with three new matte ones. 

Key Features

  • Three-piece construction
  • Ionomer cover with a larger softer core 
  • 50 compression
  • 372  dimple pattern
  • Four colors in white matte green, matte red and matte yellow


  • Soft and springy cover and initial feel
  • Multiple layers with firm mantle to allow for soft core
  • Low spin rates and high ball speeds off the face for maximum distance


  • Red golf balls are difficult to see in the air

Wilson Duo Soft +

Ultra low compression of 40 great budget ball

wilson duo soft plus golf balls

Wilson DUO ranges of golf balls are extremely popular and before JMac on my channel was a single figure handicap, he only played Wilson DUO's. He's now onto TP5 and Inesis Tour 900 but these Wilsons were his starting point of new golf balls. And the loved them.

The DUO Soft + is a low compression ball at 40 compression that spins nicely on approaches and has a nice soapy soft feel on the wedges and putter. It feels like a Tour ball off the face but of course, the spin is much less than that. For the price, there is not much better out there. 

A weird sensation is the matte colored golf balls. They are the same as the normal balls but for some reason - maybe placebo - they FEEL like they spin more on chips and approaches, as if the cover grips onto the clubface more. 

It's surprisingly a two-piece golf ball with only 302 dimples. When I look at these balls, there are so few dimples that the ball actually looks smaller than it really is which is a mental picture that makes you feel like you can't miss with these low spin golf balls. 

Key Features

  • Two-piece construction
  • Surlyn cover 
  • 40 compression
  • 302  dimple pattern


  • Cheap and easy - no crying if you lose them
  • Soft feeling on the club face and putter
  • Matte colors and normal colors - matte color feels like it grips on the grooves


  • Covers can scratch easily

Srixon Q Star Tour

Urethane goodness at a surlyn price

srixon q star tour golf balls

This is one of my favorite balls despite being much maligned lately by My Golf Spy for the issues with the core. In any one of my videos, I may be playing this ball as it's always in my bag.

A soft inner core slowly gets firmer as we move toward the outer edge. The new urethane covering is called Spin Skin and is supposed to grab onto the grooves of your club like velcro and I agree, i get great spin with this ball. Even at a 4 handicap, I can't tell the difference between these and more expensive premium balls.

The new side stamp is excellent with a solid black line with white font inside so you can align your golf ball to your putting line much easier. The ball has a medium 72 compression.

When I hit these balls, I find that they launch high off the driver with a penetrating flight. The roll out on drives is minimal as with most urethane cover golf balls I hit. Where I like the Q Star Tour golf balls is on approach shots. The ball spins enough to stop without ripping back too much. While the back spin of some golf balls looks impressive, I prefer a golf ball that stops where it lands. That's the Q Star Tour.

Key Features

  • Three-piece construction
  • Thin tour cast urethane cover with energy gradient core
  • 338 dimples
  • Two color choices (all glosses)
  • 72 compression


  • Distance off the tee as long as any other
  • Stops very quickly with the grippy urethane cover
  • Softer center, firmer outer layer
  • Superbly priced for the quality of golf ball


  • Some reports claim the core is not evenly produced 
  • May be harder to control at slower swing speed

Bridgestone Tour B RX

Used by Tiger and Bryson

bridgestone tour b rx golf balls

Joe who writes for this site picked up two dozen of these balls when they were on promotion and he's a convert to Bridgestone. He's a 12 handicap with a faster swing, and this ball suits him as it tames his wayward tee shots and provides the necessary control around the greens to slash strokes off his scores. This ball is noticeably firmer than something like Pro V1X or TP5X and that may put some off. 

Off the putter the ball gives a good level of feedback, and the bright white finish makes it easy to focus on. In terms of durability, these balls are better than nearly anything out there when it comes to urethane covered balls. Joe played with these during the winter in the UK and was able to make them last for multiple rounds. 

The BR X is a member of the Tour B golf ball range using the REACTIV cover tech to create a new urethane coat for optimal spin and feel characteristics. The compression is moderate at a 75 rating which is much lower than high end balls like Chrome Soft X and Pro V1.

Key Features

  • Three-piece golf ball with a gradient core
  • REACTIV urethane cover 
  • 338 dimples
  • 75 compression


  • Special dimple pattern for improved ball flight
  • Medium compression suitable for most swing speeds
  • Long distance off the tee with more rollout
  • Long and short approach shots stop where they land


  • Cover may scuff easily on wayward shots
  • Not the best for very slow swing speeds

Taylormade Tour Response

Top value quality urethane ball 

TM Tour Response - golf balls

While faster soft balls are very popular now, In some cases, the lower spin properties of soft balls can compensate for the loss of speed. The flip side is, the lower spin balls do supply much lower spin, which is what we want to often avoid with the iron game.

High speed, high spin players won't worry about lower spinning soft balls because the increase in distance will offset the reduction in spin because they already hit it high and full of spin. 

The urethane covered Tour Response also has the firmer mantle like the surlyn balls above. The low compression core covered in a much firmer mantle, means the soft, slow ball, turns into a quick, long ball that sits down thanks to the cover.  

That's basically how the Taylormade Tour Response works. On a budget too.

As the balls say in their name is Tour Response, they are not illegal golf balls and can be used in all tournaments with USGA approval. These balls are suitable for seniors because of the ultra-low and effortless compression core (40).

These Tour Response balls have three-piece, including a large Hi-Spring core, HFM speed layer, and 100% urethane cover. Although the total compression rate of the ball is 70, its core is soft enough to deliver the true feeling and transfer energy better.

In general, the softer the ball is, the shorter the distance it can reach. However, you will have both the soft feel off the tee and the distance with the Tour Response golf balls. A pure urethane cover is durable and not too hard to hit.

If you are a senior golfer and want to maximize your distance in the game, don’t hesitate to give this ball a try. Each ball has the same number of dimples as the TP5 or TP5x balls. These patterns help maintain the ball’s consistency and fly straight to the target you want.

Key Features

  • Three-piece construction
  • Urethane cover
  • 40 compression core
  • 70 compression overall
  • 322 dimples


  • Urethane cover ball with 70 compression for long approaches that stop
  • Moderate swing speeds will find this ball perfect
  • Spin rate is high for stopping chips


  • Cover may scuff easily on wayward shots
  • Not the best for very slow swing speeds

Which golfer should play low spin golf balls?


If you need more distance off the tee and shape the ball a big way left or right, the low spin golf balls may be for you. If you prefer a chip and run style of chipping instead of floating high shots, you'll like a low spinning ball. Perhaps you can roll the ball up to the greens and in that case, your approach game will like less spin - these will be the surlyn covered golf balls.


But if you prefer to have some spin around the greens, you'll want a ball that spins more on the wedges and chip shots. These will generally be 3-5 layer golf balls with a urethane cover. The manufacturers have engineered them to the point that they have similar low spin on drivers but significantly more spin on wedges and chip shots. 

Player examples

Slow swing speed 

Didi, on my channel, plays to an 8.6 handicap and plays low spinning 2 piece, surlyn golf balls. That's correct, at an 8.6 handicap, he isn't playing a premium urethane high spinning ball.

His game has developed in a way that he wants more distance off the tee as he hits a fade and prefers the lower spin for more rollout and carry. On his approaches, he is often hitting 7 iron and longer into the greens so he plays for the extra rollout. 

Around the greens, he plays the chip and run exclusively and that means he never needs a high spin golf ball to rip back because at his swing speed, and ball flight, he can hardly take advantage of the extra spin. He knows the golf equipment he needs to use to match his game. 

Fast swing speed

Personally, I can play 2 piece golf balls no problem tee to green. With the spin I can generate with the swing speed, the balls stick where they land. The place where I see a clear difference between the urethane multilayer balls and the 2-piece surlyns, is inside 80 yards on partial shots and around the greens, especially bunker shots and floating chips. The low spin balls don't sit as quickly. So I prefer a low-spin ball with a urethane cover off the tee, but by default, the ball will spin more on irons and wedges because of the urethane cover.

Final thoughts on best low spin golf balls 

Pick carefully.

Hit it high, full of spin but want longer tee shots and confidence that your ball will sit down regardless of the ball you use? Use the surlyn.

Hit it low, with slow swing speed on the irons? Think about the urethane covered low spin golf balls.

Your chips not stopping? Your pitches rolling through the green? Urethane can help.

Low ball hitter with lots of spin? Ball not rolling out on tee shots? Prefer to hit bump and run shots? Surlyn low spin golf balls are fine for you!

Remember, we're not on the PGA Tour so we just need to the best golf balls for us. Pick a couple to try, get your golf clubs, got to the course and hit some shots. You'll soon find the low spinning golf ball for you. 

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Last Updated on January 2, 2024 by Matt Greene