What Should You Wear to the Driving Range? (Full info)

When you first start getting into golf, chances are you will be hitting your first balls at a driving range. Golf can be a pretty intimidating game to start out in, and the driving range is much more chilled and informal place to work out your swing than a golf course.

I spent hours on the range before I even went near a golf club, and it was a great way for me to shake of the nerves of playing golf at an actual course.

Another great thing about the driving range is that there usually isn't a dress code. Unlike at golf courses, you don't have to think too hard about what to wear to a driving range but there are some pretty basic do's and dont's which we'll cover in this article.

Let's dive right in!

golf driving range

An outdoor driving range in Asia 

What to wear to driving range male

If you're a total beginner at golf or a seasoned pro, it's always good to know what to wear to the driving range. Personally I try and wear golf clothes when I go to the range to practice as it get's me in the same mindset as when I'm out on the course.

But there are times when I'll be wearing jeans and normal t-shirt if I just want to hit balls with a few buddies and shoot the breeze. It all depends on your purpose for visiting the range.

I am going to go through each item of clothing you could wear to the driving range to give the best set of options for your trip.


truelinkswear shoes

I normally wear my golf shoes to the range. I think it's really important as your shoes are what link you to the ground and different footwear will influence your swing in different ways. I wear spikeless golf shoes from TRUE Linkswear which are a lot like sneakers. They are super comfortable - I sometimes wear them for non golf stuff!

If you don't feel like wearing your waterproof shoes or FootJoy classics with jeans, make sure you wear a pair of comfortable running shoes or tennis shoes which have a similar thickness of sole to your golf shoes. This will mean that you are the same height when practicing on the range as you would be on the course.

If in doubt wear running shoes.


I would always recommend wearing socks when playing or practicing golf. Blisters aren't fun and getting sweaty feet can get really uncomfortable.

Personally, I like to wear low profile trainer socks whenever I'm playing golf or practicing on the range. These socks from FootJoy are perfect and keep my feet nice and dry, even in the tropical heat of Thailand.

If the driving range you're visiting is attached to golf course, you will almost definitely have to wear socks. Some may even make you wear longer ankle socks if you are also wearing shorts. Make sure to check the dress code rules ahead of time.

what to wear driving range male

What I like to wear to the range in the heat of Thailand


If it's a warm day, wear short to the driving range. Most golfers will hit around 50-100 balls in a standard range visit and it can be hard work. Staying cool and dry is a priority, so make sure to wear shorts which are made from a synthetic material which wicks away moisture.

Shorts made from denim can be a really restrictive and may even cause chafing after a while. Avoid these if you can.


With pants for the driving range, I always go for comfort and flexibility. Usually I'll wear a pair of golfing trousers made from a synthetic material but I am also a fan of jogging pants.

One thing I usually don't do is wear jeans. Jeans are great but they aren't the most comfortable when you're making repeated golf swings. You also won't be able to wear jeans if the driving range is attached to a golf club where their dress code applies.

If in doubt, wear golf pants or sweat pants.


A collared shirt is the standard for playing golf but you don't have to wear one to the range. A golf shirt is comfortable and will do the job, but isn't always the most fashionable thing to wear, especially if your going somewhere else after the range.

A loosely fitted cotton t shirt or synthetic work out shirt will be perfect and give you more than enough flexibility to make swings in. Collared shirts can still be worn, and may be a requirement if the range is attached to a golf course with a formal dress code.

Here are some great collared golf shirts which look and feel great!


If it's cooler weather you may want to wear a sweater when at the driving range. Any sweater made from a material like merino wool or a synthetic blend will give you the comfort and breathability you'll need when working up a sweat on the range.

I personally like micro fleece or merino wool as they are comfortable and breathable. 


If you watch golf on the TV, you'll see all of the pros wearing a hat. Most of them wear baseball caps for sponsorship reasons - Rory McIlroy doesn't wear one if he's playing in the Ryder Cup or the Olympics.

You don't need to wear a hat to the driving range, but some will find it more comfortable. Most driving ranges are covered, so keeping the sun off your head isn't really a factor. I like wearing a bucket hat when playing and practicing, and you pick one up here.


If it's super cold and you need some extra protection from the elements, wearing a base-layer is great idea. the best base-layers are made from high quality synthetic fabrics and will either insulate you from the cold or wick away moisture from your body if you're hot.

Base-layers are included in most golf course dress codes so you won't have to worry about wearing one to any range.

Golf Glove

Unless you want to get blisters, wearing a golf glove to the range is essential. My go to golf glove for years has been the Foot Joy WeatherSof. Cheap, lasts for ages and works when wet. 

What to wear to driving range girl

what to gear to a driving range girl

Spot the do's and don'ts in this picture  

To find out what is comfortable and practical for woman to wear to the driving range I asked my sister Teaski for he opinion. She is a high handicapper who is hooked on the game, and she tries to get to the range at least once a week to work on her swing. She lives in Thailand, so her tips are based on clothes for hot weather. Here is her guide to looking and feeling good at the range;


Spikeless golf shoes are my go to for a trip to driving range. I sometimes wear sneakers but I like practice in the same shoes that I will be playing golf in. My favourite pair of golf shoes are the TRUE Linkswear All Day Knit II. 


I'm a big fan of hidden sneaker socks, especially in the heat of Thailand and Malaysia. I prefer stretchy materials which keep your feet cool, and these socks from FootJoy are my go to choice.


The skort has been a great invention for female golfers as they let you wear something which looks good and is really comfortable and functional. I do wear sports shorts to the driving range if it's not attached to a golf course, but I will more often wear a skort like this one. 


I don't really wear golf pants due to the hotter climates I play and practice golf in, so if I don't want to wear a skort or shorts I will wear leggings. They are comfortable and practical and have many uses beyond playing golf. These yoga pants are a really good option. 


If I'm going to a standalone driving range, I will wear a looser fitting tee shirt to practice in. I like synthetic/cotton mix fabrics as they keep you cool and comfortable in the heat. If I'm at a range attached to a golf course, I will wear a collared shirt so that I can go straight out onto the course or sit in the club house without issues.


I will usually wear a baseball hat to the driving range as I'll have my hair in a ponytail and the hat helps keep it out of the way. I will sometimes wear a bucket hat if the driving range is uncovered and I want extra protection from the sun.

Can you wear shorts to driving range?

Yes, you can wear shorts to the driving range. If it's colder weather it might be best to wear pants, but it's up to you. Golf shorts are made from flexible and breathable fabrics which are designed to make it easier to swing the golf club. I would avoid wearing shorts made from denim or other heavy materials.

What Shoes Should You Wear to the Driving Range?

Although you don't need to worry about what clothes you're going to wear to the driving range what shoes you should wear is probably worth a bit of thought.

Because however relaxed you are about your practice session at the driving range if you are planning on hitting a few decent shots you are going to need a bit of grip on your feet.

Now that doesn't mean for example that you have to wear golf shoes however you do need a good grip on the ground when you swing the club.

Wearing shoes with enough tread on the soles to give you grip when you swing the club are best to wear to the driving range. Trainers, sneakers or loafers for example are a good choice if you don't have or want to wear golf shoes but sandals, flip-flops, work boots and heels are not recommended.

If you swing the club a bit fast and hard you may find your feet move a bit when you swing the club if you don't wear golf shoes but for beginner and high handicap golfers for example, who typically have low swings speeds, it is fine whatever shoes with some grip they choose to wear.

Most spikeless golf shoes are in reality just sneakers with extra grip on the soles so whatever trainers you wear will be fine.

Some people can feel a bit self-conscious wearing their golf shoes with basketball shorts or tracksuit bottoms or jeans but that's a fashion consideration rather than golfing one.

Sandals, flip-flops and heels are out though. Also men's working boots are probably not a great idea.

One thing to bear in mind also if you do decide to wear your trainers is if you're going to practice regularly at the driving range you may not want to wear you best pair all the time if you want to keep them looking pristine.

On the astroturf mats which you play off at the vast majority of driving ranges they will scuff up, particularly around the toe area after you complete your swing.

Better therefore, if you want to keep your sneakers or trainers looking as good as new for a while yet, to go for an older or more durable pair which you don't mind maybe getting a bit scuffed up.

If you're going for a golf lesson by comparison though I would always wear the same shoes I wear on the golf course. You want the pro to give you feedback on your swing in as close to the same conditions as you play on the course.

And if you wear golf shoes on the golf course you should wear them to your lesson at the driving range.

The height difference in the sole between your golf shoes and your trainers could make a difference as to how you hit the ball at the range compared to the course so the pro may not give you the best feedback for your game because you're swinging differently when he sees you.

One final little thing I've also found over the years when wearing golf shoes at the driving range is that by virtue of having soft spikes on my feet to raise them a little off the ground my feet stay a bit warmer in the winter than they do when I wear trainers!

Final Thoughts On What To Wear To A Driving Range

Guy or girl, old or young, they key to the right clothes for the driving range is COMFORT. You're basically going to be working out, so when you're at golf driving range wear an outfit which you can move freely in and is able to withstand you working up a sweat.

If you're at a driving range attached to a golf course, it's totally fine to wear golf clothes, in fact it's probably easier so you avoid any awkward conversations around dress code. If you do wear golfing clothes, choose items which can also be casual clothes, that way you can get other things done in your day without having to change.

If you don't want to wear golf attire, pick something comfortable like workout clothes and swing away. 

If you want to know what to wear when golfing for the first time, check out my guide here.

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