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How to Break 100 wiki HQ

Bookmark this page. Here, you'll find the ultimate information to break 100 in golf consistently.

Breaking 100 is not about the score, it's about the confidence to be happy that you can play with anyone and get over the embarrassment of being slow or not being 'good enough'. This is the HQ for Breaking 100. Let's begin.

This is a video series of whiteboards videos that I made, after watching and playing hundreds of golf rounds with people who want to break 100, or who have made the breakthrough into the 90's.

Follow the series from Part 1 to Part 6. Each is a video link which will open in a new page.

Please feel free to contribute to the movement if you break 100 - let's say $10 per stroke under 100?

Brian aka BDog's Journey from 110 to 80 (LINK TO YOUTUBE PLAYLIST)

Please watch this playlist with caution. Brian started out with a lot of promise. He lowered his score below 100, but then started watching a lot of Youtube swing mechanics videos. DO NOT WATCH VIDEOS ON SWING MECHANICS! They do not apply to you!

He almost gave up the game as his scores ballooned to 120+ thereafter. He eventually went for some coaching, settling on a great coach in Johor Bahru at Permas Jaya called Jean. He worked hard on his swing, and now has a personal best of 80 on the channel. You can do it too!





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