Shot Scope H4 GPS Review – Handheld Distance

by Jason Blevins (Playa)

Do you hate wearing a watch? I do. 

They make my wrist itch, the metal bands irritate me, the synthetic ones don’t breathe, and the cloth bands just get soaked with sweat. The last thing you need on a humid afternoon in the middle of summer is something else to provide another uncomfortable distraction out on the course.

Thank the golf gods for the Shot Scope H4. The designers at Shot Scope decided to throw all of the technology in their V3 series watch into a handheld device that provides a treasure chest crammed with usable statistics for game development as well as GPS data for the course. 

Full Review of the Shot Scope H4 in Detail

In the Shot Scope H4 box

When you first open the Shot Scope H4, you’ll find

  • a USB charger - it’s specific to the unit so you’ll want to keep track of this and not lose it
  • a magnetic belt clip - provides a very secure connection if you prefer to wear it that way 
  • the GPS unit itself
  • 16 screw-in 'club tags'

Difference between Shot Scope H4 and Arccos

The prime differences in the tags for the H4 vs the Arccos is that the Shot Scope tags don’t use a battery, so you don’t have to worry about the sensors going dead after a couple of years. The D-ring fits through a slot on the belt clip if you opt to carry the unit clipped onto your bag.

I was also considering the Game Golf Live as well as the Arccos system. The Shot Scope H4 provides all the information and data tracking with comparisons without subscription fees and that tipped the scales in favor of the H4. 

How the H4 Club Tags work

To get the clubs ready, just screw the tags into the grips of the corresponding clubs.

Then download and start the mobile app, power on the H4, and the app will walk you through a simple pairing process.

Once at the course turn the unit on, acquire the GPS signal, and you’re off to the first tee.

How does the Shot Scope H4 work on the course?

On the course it’s a very accurate GPS unit with suggested layups, distances to hazards, front, middle, back, etc.

Unlike the V3 watch the H4 handheld does not automatically detect your swing. The H4 relies on the golfer to “tag” the club before each shot to register position.

This may seem like a hassle, but as I read reviews of various watch based systems missing shots, I came to like the idea of having to tag it myself. I have worked it into my pre-shot routine and tagging the club serves as a trigger that I’ve moved into the “action zone”. So far I’ve logged two rounds and not a missed shot, which made post round editing in app or on PC a breeze.

The trigger of moving into the 'action zone' of the shot has helped to get me more focused on my shot and is a mental game side-benefit I did not expect!


  • Tagging your clubs makes this automatic without having to remember to select on a watch face
  • Very easy to set up - plug, download, install, sync
  • Stats tracking is a bonus that you can use to gauge your club distance and where you're leaking shots
  • No subscription fees for the full service
  • Includes the sensors at a very good price - unbeatable really
  • Tags do not use batteries so they will not die


  • A small carry case should be included in the package to prevent scratching but is not
  • Does not automatically pick up your swing as it is not attached to your arm like a golf GPS watch

What data can the H4 give a golfer?

Now we get to the fun stuff… the data. The H4 gives you three different distances for your clubs;

Longest, Average, and P-Avg (Playing Average).

The first two are self explanatory, but the playing average removes outliers from tops, duffs, scoops, thinned shots, etc. This gives valuable real life distances that mean more to me than LM numbers. There is also Strokes Gained data for a quick comparison of your game to your handicap peers that is in an easily understood “at a glance” reference, or it can be as deep a dive as you like.

All in all I don’t think you could get more bang for the buck out of a shot tracker. While it may not have an A.I. caddy like it’s competition, it’s a more than capable unit for game development and it’s lack of subscription fees and lifetime updates to the firmware make it a great choice for the value minded golfer.

How big is the H4 Shot Scope?

The little device is similar to the size of a golf ball and flat enough to not bother you on your belt, in your pocket or hanging from your bag. 

Final Thoughts

If you don't like a watch, the Shot Scope H4 is a nice device to use for the exact same functions.

The data that it tracks is useful to help you keep track of what you're hitting your clubs, how you're playing and how to improve. 

You get the sensors, you get the distance measurements and the stats to analyze your game at a great price - what's not to like?

Last Updated on May 13, 2022 by Matt