Callaway Epic Flash Fairway Wood Review

callaway epic flash fairway wood

Reviewed by James Yeaman

  • 15.8 handicap
  • 105MPH driver swing speed 
  • James plays the 7 wood version of the Epic Flash. 

Review in short

The Callaway Epic Flash fairway wood is a more affordable way to put a premium club into your bag. Packed with top level Callaway technology, the performance and feel that these clubs provide is excellent. 

Why I play this fairway wood

Buying a brand new, old model club is more cost effective than buying the latest model. This was a brand new addition to the bag for the 2022 season, and I sacrificed a wedge to slot this fairway wood into my setup. I’ve gone from 50, 56, 60 to just 50 and 60. My 50 degree wedge has become my one chipping club with a 60 for bunkers and getting over objects. The Callaway Epic Flash Fairway wood has slotted in nicely right between my 3w and 19 degree 3 hybrid giving a 20 or so yard gap to 3w and 10 yard gap above the hybrid. 

callaway epic flash fairway wood -


Looking at address, firstly, the club looks stunning. Gloss top, hint of face, plenty of club behind the ball gives you real confidence to trust that what you put in, is what you’re going to get out. The tour align grip is a god send for proper set up and I feel confident I'm aiming at the target I have chosen. 

Sound and feel

The sound off the face of the Epic Flash is simply stunning. You know when you've middled it and the feedback from the head is just as satisfying as the sound. I'm playing a stiffer shaft in this 7 wood and it does require me put a committed swing on it to make sure I get everything lined up. 


The biggest win from having a 7 wood in general is that I have more weapons at the top end of the bag from the tee. The 7 wood has been a real game changer for par 5’s and mid length par 4’s, giving me far greater choice of numbers for an approach shot.

The Callaway Epic Flash’s adjustable neck has really allowed me to explore what works for me at the range so I feel confident pulling it out on course. Even as a mid level handicapper, I’m able to explore different shot shapes and trajectories. Its like a “my first magic set”. A box of tricks anyone can master but will still blow your friends minds. 

The flash face and jail break technology are really noticeable on mishits, and I feel like I can get away with a below average strike. 

What I would change about this club

Long term, I may look to change the shaft to something a little lighter to be able to generate speed with less effort for those early morning rounds and quick rounds after a day sat in the office. 


  • Easier to hit than a 2 iron
  • Its a fairway finding cannon
  • It will make your on course buddies jealous. 
  • Nice sound off the face


  • You may have to take something you like out of the bag to fit it in
  • High ball flights might be suited 
  • You’re friends will mock at first for not taking driver on the tee (joke is on them)

Tech specs
















Shaft options

  • Project X Hzrdus Smoke
  • MCA Tensei AV Blue
  • Project X Evenflow Green

Price per wood

$299 per club (RRP)


7 woods are called heavenwoods for a reason. They are so much more forgiving than a 2 iron and suit some players more than an equivalent hybrid. The Callaway Epic Flash is great and more affordable option for a high quality fairway wood. As it's a slightly older model, you can pick one of these up for a bargain price. 

Last Updated on February 8, 2023 by Matt