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What Is A Heavenwood? (Full Info)

Last Updated on December 26, 2023 by Matt Greene

Ah the mighty heavenwood. I have recently put one of these into my golf bags and I don't know why I didn't have one sooner. In my opinion the hevenwood is one of the best kept secret golf hacks in the game, so what exactly is a heavenwood golf club?

A Heavenwood is another word for a 7-wood but it actually specifically refers to a model of 7 wood created by Callaway Golf in 2004. In this article we're going to look at the brief history of the Heavenwood specs and look at some reasons why it's gathered cult status among the golfing world.

a callaway big bertha heaven wood golf club from 2004

What Is A Heavenwood In Golf?

A Heavenwood is a hybrid golf club originally designed by Callaway in 2004.

Most golfers really struggle to hit their long irons and equipment manufacturers are always looking for ways to get more people enjoying the game and by extension buying more gear!

The heavenwood was designed to be easier to hit and more forgiving than a long iron or fairway wood and appeal to a wider range of golfers with a variety of skills levels.

Heavenwoods and rescue clubs in general are there to give you straighter ball flight, more distance, and better options from the tee, fairway and rough.

What Is The Difference Between A 7 Wood And A Heavenwood?

It's pretty confusing to work out what's going on with all the different names flying around so it makes sense to ask, is a heavenwood a 7-wood?

The key difference is a 7-wood made by most manufacturers other than Callaway with have a shaft that is standard length for the loft of the club. The shaft on a Callaway heavenwood specifically is a 4-wood shaft, so players will naturally hit the ball longer using a Callaway heavenwood.

Can you still buy a heavenwood?

Yes you can still buy a heavenwood today. There are many second hand options available online from a variety of retailers but it is worth noting that the modern "heavenwood" is no longer a hybrid but a proper fairway wood.

The term heavenwood has become synonymous with any seven wood golf club these days, and there has been a resurgence in popularity in these clubs since tour players like Dustin Johnson started to play them.

What loft is a Heavenwood?

The original heavenwoods came in a range of lofts from 17 to 23 degrees. This is pretty typical for hybrids or utility clubs as it covers the long irons in the golf bag. Here's a quick breakdown.

17 degree heavenwood - 2 or 3 iron

20 degree heavenood - 4 iron

23 degree heavenwood - 5 iron.

The specific irons that a heavenwood would replace will depend on the lofts of your set. Some modern golf irons have much stronger lofts than in previous generations so make sure you check your gapping before adding a heavenwood or other hybrid to your set.

What Kind Of golfer should use a heavenwood?

The classic Callaway heavenwood was a hybrid, and any golfer at any skill level can benefit from playing a hybrid on the golf course. Hybrids offer control and accuracy from a number of different lies and can be used as an effective tee club too.

The modern heaven wood, (essentially a Callaway seven wood) offers many of the same features as a hybrid but with some key differences. Some golfers prefer the bigger head of a fairway wood over a hybrid as it gives the more confidence over the ball. Golfers who have a shallow swing might also benefit from the longer shaft and bigger head of the modern heavenwood as it will encourage you to "sweep" the ball instead of hit primarily down on it which is what happens with a hybrid.

In reality, a seven wood is perfect for most players. I love mine and you'd have to offer me a really compelling alternative to get it out of my bag.

Is A Heavenwood Easy To Hit?

Based on my experiences and of players I know who have a heavenwood, it's one of the easiest clubs to hit. The higher loft, combined with the more forgiving head size gives you a bigger margin for error and you can swing with confidence. 

Heavenwood vs hybrid?

The key difference between a heaven wood and a hybrid of the same loft is the shaft length. A heavenwood will have a longer shaft than the equivalent hybrid. 

A 4 hybrid with 22 degrees of loft and a 40 inch shaft is the closest match to a heavenwood. It really depends on your personal preference and how long a shaft you feel comfortable using. 

Heavenwood vs 3 wood

A standard 3 wood has 13 to 17 degrees of loft. A heaven wood will have a higher loft, around 21 degrees so will naturally launch the ball higher a shorter. The heavenwood has a 40 inch shaft, similar to a 4 wood, so won't feel too different to those guys who game a 3 wood. The main difference will be in ball flight, control and overall distance, however all of these might be cancelled out by the ability of the player to get a better more consistent strike with a heavenwood.

Final Thoughts On What is a Heavenwood

I'm going to keep this short and sweet. If you struggle with a reliable tee shot or lack consistency with approaches to long par 4s and 5s. Get a heavenwood. You'll be in 7 heaven in no time. 

Last Updated on December 26, 2023 by Matt Greene