Game Improvement Guides

You'll notice we supply you with videos from the golf course in each guide as a sort of case study to show you we do what we say!

There's no theory and fluff here - just the simplest tips, tricks and methods that work quickly! I advise you to read through all of them as there are tips in every section that have cross-over value to all handicaps.

Beginners Lair

Leapfrog the butterflies in your stomach and always worrying about what other think. 

Check out how you can improve quickly and get over the fear of judgement.

Breaking 100

In this two part guide, we follow along with Brian - our resident hacker.

Breaking 90

Here's a simple way to break 90 as soon as your next round by following a system everyone knows but never uses!

Breaking 80

In this mega guide, you'll find everything you need to get into the hallowed ground of the 70s!

Short Game 101

We aren't in the game of changing swings. We believe that's best left to the professional coaches. 

But the short game is another story and Matt shows you how he gets it done around the greens to reach new scoring records.

Course Management 101

You can shoot better scores right now without changing a thing in your swing or golf bag. Follow along as we go through the ins and outs of plotting your way around the golf course to slash your handicap.