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Best 14 Way Golf Stand Bag 2024

Last Updated on January 22, 2024 by Matt Greene
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As an organized golfer with easy access to your clubs, you will love switching to a 14 way carry bag. 

But, these modern 14 way carry golf bags could even solve more than one problem for you, at once.

The best 14 way stand bag is actually called a 'hybrid golf bag' - golf bag manufacturers mostly make 14 way carry bags that also function as push-cart or golf buggy-compatible bags.

They create them in this way because most people who like a 14 way golf bag are cart users so these bags kill 3 birds with 1 stone, giving you 3 way to use the bag: carry, push cart and buggy. 

Our top picks consist of only 4 bags to make the cut. Most bags in this category did not meet our standards, so we included bags with 14 full length dividers, maximum storage, strong legs and unfolding mechanism plus we made sure we feature bags of reasonable weight. Anything not on this list, in our opinion is not good enough.

Best 14 Way Golf Stand Bag 2024

Easiest bag to carry

Sun Mountain 4.5 LS Stand Bag

Best bag for carry or cart

Callaway Fairway 14 Stand Bag

Best lightweight hybrid bag

Titleist Hybrid 14 Stand Bag

Best Budget 14 way stand bag

Datrek Go Lite Hybrid Stand Bag

Easiest 14 way bag to carry


5.2 lbs or 2.1 kg

Price Range:




Everything about the Sun Mountain 4.5 LS bag screams quality. It weighs in at 5.2 lbs, which is on the lighter side for a bag with this many features.

Each one of the 14 way dividers runs the full length of the bag, so you will encounter no more tangled grips.

The 4.5 LS 14-Way Golf Stand Bag features padded straps made of three-layer foam construction for maximum comfort. These are some of the most comfortable shoulder straps we experienced and the back padding on the bag made it feel like the bag was barely there. 

The 8 pockets hold such much gear and during our testing, we carried: 

  • 2 jackets
  • one medium sized bottle of water
  • 2 phones, a wallet and keys in the valuables pouch
  • a dozen golf balls
  • 2 rangefinders in the magnetic pocket
  • fistfuls of tees and our Waddaplaya divot tools

We didn't use it but we discovered a speaker pocket, full umbrella sleeve, and specially integrated alignment rod holder.

The legs of stand bags are critical to how they perform. Weak legs or legs that do not open wide enough can render a stand bag useless. The Sun Mountain 4.5 LS legs stand solid and the larger foot pads at the base of the legs make the stand bag sturdy on soft, uneven ground. 

The 4.5 LS makes opening the pockets very easy with the easy pull system so you never have to struggle to access your gear. 

The Sun Mountain is cart-friendly with a cart strap pass-through, leg-lock velcro strap and cart-friendly bottom.


  • Full length dividers all the way to the bottom
  • Multiple storage pockets for everything imaginable
  • Comfortable straps easy carry
  • Can be used with a push cart or riding cart easily


  • Avoid the white and tan color - the actual color is white and pea olive

Best 14 way carry and cart bag

The Callaway Fairway 14 hybrid stand bag design makes carrying a breeze and if you want to use a cart, the bag fits seamlessly onto a push cart or buggy.

The comfortable OptiFit straps and X-Act Fit strap system make the bag really comfortable to carry. Even senior golfers over 60 use this bag to carry.

Why we like the Callaway Fairway 14 for three big reasons and we've never found all 3 in a stand bag until this year:

  1. The bag has 2 comfortable, well designed straps despite being a hybrid bag.
  2. The pop out legs mean we can use the bag at the range without needing to prop it upright.
  3. It sits perfectly on push carts and more important, does not slide and rotate around during 18 holes of golf.

The Fairway 14 also has tons of storage with a flat base. One the base, the kick-out mechanism lies under a cover, so you have no worries when you place the bag on a push cart. The bag doesn't rotate and fall off like old-school carry bags used to.

You can fit all of your gear in the 7 different pockets with room to spare for any additional balls or souvenirs you pick up along the way. You'll find more storage available on this stand bag than you find on some cart bags.

The crossover hybrid Fairway 14 bag suits you if you like to mix it up between carrying, using a push cart and taking a buggy. Versatility like that puts the Callaway near the top of our list of best 14 way stand bags. 

One note, the rain hood is great for a push cart, but when it is on a riding cart I think it might be challenging to get to.I'm in my 60's and my days carrying a bag on my back are over. I still wanted a bag that was easy to carry but functioned well as a cart bag. The Fairway 14 fit the bill and I appreciate the 14 club dividers in the bag.


  • Easy to use on a cart or trolley because of the shape and lever system
  • The bag does not rotate around on the push cart
  • Super comfortable straps 
  • Large and copious storage space
  • Top handle is very sturdy for quick moving around without needing to use straps
  • Lots of colors to choose from


  • Velcro for a golf glove is not present
  • The rain hood is designed for a push cart and is clumsy on a riding cart

Best lightweight hybrid golf bag


5.6 lbs or 2.5 kg

Price Range:




I recommend the Titleist Hybrid 14 golf bag to anyone who wants a lightweight carry bag 50% of the time, and a push cart bag the other 50% of the time.

The Hybrid 14  cooperates with push carts and has all the storage you need if you're a gear guy like me. This bag has A LOT of storage space. You could quite possibly store every golf ball you need for an entire golf trip, plus rain gear and every other unnecessary accessory you could want!

The 14 way full length dividers work well with some minor snagging because there is only one slot near the putter well.

Titleist designed the pocket locations well and using the bag felt very intuitive, in both the standing position and when the bag is on a cart. The intuitive pockets are huge too. I stored so much inside the bag, from jackets, to beanies to water bottles and as always, 1 dozen golf balls still in the box.

We found the cart strap can pass through bag when on a riding cart which makes it much better for securing top half of bag so it doesn't fly off when you start driving.

Our favorite feature of the bag must be the sturdy legs. Good strong legs make it so much easier to trust that when you extend the legs out, the bag will stay where it is. Nothing can be more distracting than when you worry about your bag on every shot.

When we tried the bag out at the range, we like that you can buckle and unbuckle the carry straps easily. You don't think about that aspect of golf bags but if you use the bag on a push cart, you can remove the straps so they don't tangle in your push cart wheels. When you want to carry the bag to the range, you clip them easily back in, and you're ready to go.

Having said that, we did not find the straps very comfortable but we do carry more gear than the average bear. If you do not stuff your bag full of gear, the lighter weight of the bag will make carrying much easier. 

The fabric is a highlight of the Titleist bag. We found that any mud or dirt that flicks up onto the bag stands no chance. You just wipe it down and the residue falls right off without staining the bag.

I suggest this bag to any golfer who wants a long lasting push cart/walking bag that stores everything you need with plenty of space to spare.


  • Easy to switch between carry and trolley use 
  • Solid overall construction
  • Insulated drinks pouch 
  • Titleist brand appeal 


  • No places to keep loose tees on the outside of the bag
  • Finnicky legs and attachments

Best lightweight hybrid golf bag


5.2 lbs or 2.4 kg

Price Range:




If you're on a budget and want a bag that can be used for carry, push trolley or golf cart the Datrek Go Lite Hybrid Stand Bag is the bag for you.

At the lowest price in our list of best 14 way carry bags, the Datrek is also the lightest at only 5.2 lbs. Carrying the bag feels like a feather with straps but if you need a bag to use on a push cart, the Datrek Go Lite does that job well too.

We like that the 14 dividers are full length and when you pull the clubs out, they do not tangle. Luckily the divider frame on the top of the bag protects your clubs grips and shafts. 

Everything you expect in a top class golf bag is in the Datrek at about 30-40% lower price than most of the bags on our list. You can expect stand bag legs of equal quality to Titleist golf bags. The stand design may be one of the strongest we've seen in recent memory.

The Hybrid Go Lite has plenty of storage to hold thick jackets in the garment pouch and in the cooler pocket, you can put an ice black plus at least 3 cans of the good stuff.  

We found the golf ball pouch holds up to 30 golf balls though we would not recommend carrying that many unless you really MUST.

The flat base allows you to drop it onto a push cart or a riding cart seamlessly.

I recommend the Datrek, otherwise known as Bag Boy, Hybrid Go Lite to anyone who wants a lightweight golf bag to carry but occasionally put onto a cart without breaking the budget. 


  • Excellent price point 
  • Multi purpose - carry, push, cart
  • 14 full-length club dividers
  • One of the most impressive stand designs and sturdiness
  • Rubberized putter and driver wells to protect shafts


  • Stitching on the carry strap sometimes unthreads

Best 14 way stand bag to avoid


5.9 lbs or 2.7 kg

Price Range:




The Ping Hoofer series has always been popular as a reliable, sturdy and easy to use bag but the latest iteration performs poorly for a few serious reasons:

  1. We found it almost impossible to get the clubs out of the bag without tangling and sticking putting them back into their slot was just as tedious
  2. Our club shafts got roughed up by the divider at the top of the bag, leaving scratches and marks on the shafts.
  3. Dividers are grouped instead of being individual which defeats the whole purpose of the 14 way bag
  4. There is no cooler pocket which is standard issue on almost all modern bags

The bag is the usual sturdy, reliable quality you can depend on with Ping. Their kickstand that extends the legs remains top of the class but it blows my mind that a well-reputed company can release such a terrible golf bag.

The clubs rub together easily. We found that we need to vigorously wiggle the clubs or move other clubs around to get the one we want. 

We found that when you wiggle the clubs and pull them out, the divider at te top of the bag leaves marks on our clubs. The top entrance of the bag needs another 1 or 2 inches in diameter to accommodate all the clubs.

The dividers should extend all the way down the bag, one slot for each individual club, but the grip end of the clubs group together in the bottom of the bag. We use standard size grips, so nothing about the grip makes them tangle. Sleek looks cool, but functionality is more important. 

The Ping Hoofer fails one last time with no separate putter well. 

As Ping fans in general, we can't hide our shock at this poor bag. A 14 way divider bag should provide an organized and easy way to access your clubs, not make it more difficult but unfortunately Ping Hoofer 14 loses on these counts. 


  • Best kickstand for the leg mechanism in golf
  • Excellent quality materials 
  • Solid extendable legs 


  • The top divider marks the club shafts
  • It's difficult to remove and replace the clubs - they get tangled badly
  • 14 clubs do not fit easily into the bag
  • No closable cooler pocket
  • No dedicated putter well

How to pick your 14 way stand bag


If you're carrying your stand bag, you want it as light as possible - try go as low as you can, under 5 lbs. If you put it on a push or pull cart, the weight could be a bit higher and if you play with a buggy or golf cart exclusively, then weight doesn't mean a thing. 

The more pockets and features the bag has, the heavier it will be. It will depend on whether you play in conditions that are stable or variable whether you get a bag that has ample storage space for jackets, rain gear, towels, extra accessories. 

Storage capacity/number of pockets

The number of pockets on a stand bag will be limited in general because of the are of the bag that touches your butt as you walk. There is usually a pad there so you lose that storage capacity.

On the opposite side of the bag there is the long pocket which can house your jackets and accessories for rain. Pockets on the front side of the bag keep your rangefinders, tees, drinks and other gear. 

Durability and Leg sturdiness

Depending on the weather conditions and how often you play, you want a bag that is going to be tough. This will come down to the fabric they use and the build quality of the frame. These are generally fine in all stand bags, but the big one is the legs. 

Check out the legs of the stand bag. They are usually folded up on display and kept in place with a velcro strap. When you check out a bag, unstrap them, and let the bag stand on the ground of the shop as it would on the course. Wiggle the legs a bit and make sure that they feel strong in the joints where they attach to the bag. Check the spring looking joint that attaches the middle of  the legs to the middle of the bag. These hinge and should. be fixed securely.

Sometimes the hinge part pops out of the leg and you have a leg flying all over the place. Make sure the feel also have nice non-slip feet for when you have to put your bag on a path or paved area around the practice green.

Layout of the top of the bag

The 14 way dividers should give enough room to get the clubs in and out easily without frustration. Some of the bags may have full length liners. If they do not, sometimes your grips can tangle on other grips. There is an easy solution to this. 

You can get some plastic pipes that fit into the bag to house the entire club. 


14 way dividers are all I have used since 2015 and I can't see myself ever using a bag that has only 6 holes unless there is a special place for every clubhead to rest. Removing the frustration is so easy with the new bags that can often double as both stand bags and cart bags. The Sun Mountain is the best of the best. 

Last Updated on January 22, 2024 by Matt Greene