Best Golf Ball Retrievers 2022 – Never Lose a Ball

Losing golf balls is part of playing golf but leaving the course with more golf balls than you came with is PROFIT! Golf ball retrievers can pay themselves off within 5 rounds of golf ball profiteering. 

Golf balls are expensive so finding them on the golf course can take the sting out of a bad shot, but finding a few that aren't yours is the cherry on the top. Since I moved to Thailand, I have seen the value of a golf ball retriever. Didi on my channel has one because there are so many water hazards on golf courses over here and he hasn't bought a golf ball in 8 years because he finds so many. 

You have to know which are the best golf ball retrievers, as all are not made equal. A sports fisherman would not use a junk fishing rod to catch the big salmon, just like you shouldn't use a junk retriever to catch yourself some $4 Pro V1! In this guide I have found the best golf ball retrievers on the market today so you can start profiting from your escapades in the everglades. 

I believe the ToVii Golf Ball Retriever is the best on the market.

Best Golf Ball Retrievers 2022

  1. ToVii Golf Ball Retriever (best all rounder)

  2. Search 'N Rescue Magic Gripper (best looking simple design)

  3. Prowithlin golf ball retriever (ideal for senior golfers)

  4. Callaway "15th Club" Pocket Golf Ball Retriever (best big name retriever)

Best telescopic design and hi visibility retriever head

tovii ball retriever

When I was in the USA recently I saw a lot of guys with this golf ball retriever in their golf bag. I was playing mostly desert golf, and golfers would be using this retriever to get their balls back from between rocks and from under spiky cacti avoiding the rattlesnakes. A playing partner said he would never go into the desert scrub again after seeing a rattle snake so this is essential gear.

The ToVii is available in two length options, 15ft and 18ft when fully extended. Guys who have used both said that the longer option was a little less sturdy and the shorter retriever was easier to control - sometimes the long one can bend and make difficult to pick up the ill gotten golf ball gains. The telescopic design is as smooth as silk and at only 19.4 Oz, this is a very lightweight retriever.

The high quality aluminum alloy shaft and rubber grip feel premium and the hard nylon retriever head will last for a long time. The orange head colour of the retriever head is also really useful when fishing balls out of water hazards as it stands out really clearly.

There's no fancy locking mechanism on this retriever. Golf balls fit perfectly into the head and pop out with a firm tap or push when you want them too. This is the best golf ball retriever on the market today.


  • Smooth telescopic design
  • Twist lock mechanism
  • High quality aluminum shaft
  • Hi visibility orange head
  • Fits in any golf bag


  • 18ft version isn't that stable
  • No locking mechanism on the head

Simple design which almost acts like a magnet for golf balls

magic gripper ball retriever

When I saw this golf ball retriever in action I couldn't believe my eyes. This thing will grab golf balls like they're magnetic, it's a pretty crazy thing to see!

Unlike other ball retrievers, the Search and rescue retriever is made completely from anodized aluminum and has no moving parts in the head. This is significant as it makes the whole unit very robust and reduces the amount of things which could go wrong.

The telescopic mechanism is smooth but it doesn't lock into place. I didn't find this to be an issue but it could be frustrating if your attempting to retrieve balls stuck in mud and the unit retracts.

Not the cheapest ball retriever on the market but the quality construction makes this one of the best golf ball retrievers out there.


  • All metal construction
  • No moving parts
  • Almost magnetic pick up qualities
  • Hi visibility orange head
  • Retractable to 20 inches for the 18 ft version.


  • Requires the golf ball to be clean to work effectively
  • No locking mechanism could get frustrating

Best golf ball retriever for seniors or those with a bad back

prowithlin ball retriever

The Prowithlin golf ball retriever is one of the most popular ball retrievers for older golfers. It is constructed from stainless steel - meaning it will never rust.

A 6ft maximum length means it isn't one of the longest ball retrievers in this guide, but this makes it one of the most solid I've used. There's very little bend in the stainless steel shaft and even the most hard to reach golf balls can be accessed with east.

The locking mechanism in the head takes a little bit of getting used to. Once you have the twist and roll motion down though, it's a breeze. it has a comfortable grip which is available in a number of different colours.

An added bonus with this retriever is that it also comes with a nifty little ball grabber that attaches into the handle. This means you don't have to break your back to pick bulls up off the green, making it a really solid option for senior golfers or those (like me) who have a bad back from time to time!


  • Stainless steel retriever - anti rust
  • Bonus golf ball grabber - saves your back 
  • Excellent locking spring release head
  • Compact retriever fits into any bag - even a side pocket


  • Head design takes some getting used to

High end ball retriever for a big name brand

callaway ball retriever

This Callaway golf ball retriever is the Rolls Royce of ball retrievers and is a good as you would expect from a product with the Callaway brand stamped on it. The only reason it's not top of the list is that it can be significantly more expensive than other golf ball retrievers.

This is called a "Pocket Ball Retriever" as it can be stored in a golf bag side pocket. It comes in both a 15" length and 6" length and it looks pretty inconspicuous. A nice feature of this retriever is the zip head cover. When it's in your bag, it looks like another golf club!

The high-quality aluminum alloy construction minimizes bending when it fully extended and the handle is really comfy. The "jaws' like retrieval mechanism is really sturdy and there is little risk of a golf ball falling out once you've got it.


  • Premium construction
  • Nice Callaway branded headcover
  • Best grip on any ball retriever out there
  • Sits nicely in a bag with your golf clubs
  • Picks up a golf ball with little fuss


  • Expensive
  • Not as long as other retrievers

Longest golf ball retrievers

If you're in the market for the a longer ball retriever, these are the ones you want to consider:

There are other ball retrievers which have a shaft length beyond 18ft, but I've found these to be very unstable and will often break if they are extendable. If you need a retriever longer than say 20ft, look into buying a length of aluminum pipe and have a ball retriever attached to it.

Golf ball retrievers for water - what to look for

If you will be using a retractable golf ball retriever primarily for getting balls out of water hazards, then you need to consider a few key features to make sure you're buying the right golf ball retriever for the job. The things to consider are:

  • Visibility - can you see the head of the retriever when it's under the water
  • Construction material - if you will be submerging the retriever shaft in water, it needs to be made from and anti rust material like stainless steel.
  • Simple locking mechanism - water can make moving parts degrade over time, so a retriever with a simple mechanism to hold the ball in place is ideal

If you're losing way too many golf balls, you should check out the following guides on the recycled vs refurbished golf balls; the best golf balls for high handicappers so you can save some money and the best golf balls for high visibility to help you locate the retrievable golf balls.


If you're into to saving money a golf ball retriever could be the most important piece of golf equipment you own! For beginner golfers, lost balls will be common part of their golf game and having a ball retriever at hand to fish balls out of hazards will sometime allow you to find more balls than you lose.

A ball retriever is also essential for golfers you play in areas where the hazards really are dangerous - if there are snakes or other critters present. Don't be a hero and get the best ball retriever you can afford.

Last Updated on May 3, 2022 by Matt