Best Golf Towel

No matter where you play golf in the world, a golf towel is an essential piece of golf equipment. Keeping your golf clubs and golf balls clean when you're out on the golf course is an easy way to keep your scores low and your game consistent.

But golf towel is just a towel right? WRONG! Like everything in golf, there are many things to consider when choosing the best golf towel to attach to your bag. We need to consider looks, quality and performance before taking the plunge and choosing a towel. Luckily for you, I've tried nearly every style of towel on the market to find the best golf towels, from ones I've "borrowed" from hotels, to expensive microfiber towels.

Let's find the best golf towel for you.

Best Golf Towel 2022

  1. Waddaplaya Golf Towel (simply the best golf towel money can buy)
  2. Callaway tri fold towel (best colour options)
  3. ToVii Golf Towel Microfiber Waffle set  (best value for money)
  4. Champkey Premium Tri-Fold Waffle Golf Towel (cheapest single towel)

If god designed golf towels this is what they would look like

Waddaplaya make some of the best best accessories and clothing out there, it's a fact. Yes I'm biased because I design, test and wear every item, but I'm not yanking your chain on this one, this stuff is legit.

I wanted to design towels which look good but also do the job you need them to do on the golf course. This is a soft, absorbent microfiber waffle towel for the birdie machines. This holds water - it's not one of those towels that just repels water like 5 ply toilet paper. This is the real deal. I can't stand those towels which dry out after 5 seconds and are useless at cleaning clubs and balls. Give this bad boy a soak at one end and you will be in cleaning even the most dried on grass from your clubs.

This towel measures in at 40" x 16" (100cm x 40cm), and is the perfect size.

All of these towels are double sided and have a small loop at the top so you can easily attach it to your golf bag. Once you have one of these there's no looking back.


  • Quality towel made from premium materials
  • Sturdy loop to safely attach the towel to your bag
  • Eye catching designs
  • Perfect size
  • Guaranteed birdies


  • NONE

Good selection of colours to choose from

callaway tri fold towel

Yes this golf towel might look a bit basic, but it's made from a quality microfiber material and will do the job of keeping your clubs clean without much hassle. The tri fold design is favored by golfers who like to keep their golf towel out of the way, and it does hang neatly when attached to your golf bag.

There's a simple carabiner clip for easy attachment and the fabric loop holding this on is very sturdy.

Callaway offer a decent selection of colours to choose from, ranging from classic black to pink. The Callaway logo is understated and if you're a golfer who isn't the kind to wear loud patterns, this might be the perfect option for you.

This towel measures 16"x21" when fully laid out.

  • Quality towel
  • Simple but effective design to keep clubs clean
  • Good size but doesn't get in the way
  • Nice color options
  • Easy to attach to your golf bag


  • Material takes a while to break in and become absorbent. Give it a wash before use.

Everything you need to keep your clubs clean in one package

towvii towel set

This is a great deal. 3 towels, a divot tool and a golf club cleaning brush. It's basically the quickest way to get everything you would need to keep you golf equipment clean without breaking the bank.

You get a choice of colours for the towels which feel like they are decent quality. These golf towels are ‎16" x 16", so not the biggest I've tested but more than large enough to get the job done. When I play in the heat of Thailand, I like to have a towel for cleaning loose dirt and grass from my clubs and golf balls and then another soaked in cold water to keep me cool.

The spring action divot tool included is ok, but not the best quality, whereas the brush is really solid and has a neat little retractable clip on it for easy access from golf bags.

If you are looking to quickly kit out your golf bag this is a great option. 

  • Everything you need to keep your golf clubs and golf balls clean 
  • 3 golf towels - many options
  • Good color options
  • Really good cleaning brush included


  • Divot tool is a bit cheap. Get a better one from waddaplaya.
  • Towels aren't the best quality I've felt

Excellent value for money

champkey towels

This is a simple, no frills golf towel. It's super cheap and made from a decent quality mircrofibre waffle material which you would find in a more premium towel.

At 16" x 21" it's a the perfect size and the tri-fold keeps it out of the way which is handy if you like to carry your golf bag.

I found the material to be pretty absorbent, but the increased amount of synthetic fibres gave it a cheaper feel than other golf towels on this list.

The small carabiner clip works well and won't fall to pieces anytime soon. 

  • Super cheap price
  • No frills, it does what you need it to
  • Nice simple carabiner clip for attaching to golf bags
  • Tri fold towel design keeps it neat and tidy


  • Cheaper material than premium options 

Final thoughts on the best golf towels 

Sure, golf towels aren't the most fascinating thing to learn about when it comes to golf equipment, but they are one of the most essential pieces of kit out there. Keeping the grooves of your golf clubs clean, and mud off your golf balls is essential to good shots and consistency. Don't make the mistake I see a lot of new golfers come across where they forget a towel. It's a rookie error and you only have yourself to blame! 

Last Updated on February 8, 2023 by Matt