Best Golf Glove For Grip

I'm very particular when it comes to golf gloves. I want the perfect fit and feeling but most of all, I want top level performance. When it comes to golf gloves, to me performance means grip. I want a golf glove which won't let me down in all conditions, and will make up for old or tired grips on my golf clubs.

I have tried nearly every glove on the market and I have found the best golf gloves for grip out there. From premium leather gloves to all synthetic gloves, I've got you covered.

Best Golf Glove For Grip 

  1. Hirzl Trust Control golf glove (editor's choice)
  2. Grip Boost Second Skin Golf Glove (best unknown golf glove brand)
  3. TaylorMade tour preferred glove  (best cabretta leather golf glove)
  4. Bionic Stablegrip (most comfortable fit golf glove)
  5. Footjoy Weathersof golf glove (the most popular golf glove in the world)

Always my choice for the best golf glove 

Hirzl Trust Control Glove

This golf glove always comes out on top of every review I do. Why? Because it's the golf glove perfected. It fits perfectly, is made from a perfect blend of kangaroo leather and synthetic materials and it is amazingly durable.

The standout feature of this golf glove is the level of grip it provides. I have never had any issues with the golf club slipping on the golf course with these gloves. I'm usually playing golf in hot and humid conditions in Thailand and the Hirzl Trust Golf glove never lets me down, even when I'm swinging out of my shoes with my driver.

The black palm might not be for everyone, and the kangaroo leather does feel slightly different to cabretta leather, but once you've tried these gloves, you will never go back.

Bonus feature - You can machine wash these golf gloves. Yes you read that right. I have put these gloves through the ringer (literally) and they come out as good as new. I have used the same glove for over two years and it still grips like a vice.


  • Top level grip in dry or wet conditions
  • You can leave this golf glove on between shots - 100% sweat-free palm
  • Last for a very very very long time - years
  • Kangaroo leather - As thin as, but more flexible and durable than Cabretta
  • Swiss quality product - premium golf glove


  • Black palm takes time to get used to
  • Expensive but won't need replacing for a long time

The best golf gloves you've never heard of

Grip Boost Second Skin Glove

I first tried these gloves when an American friend of my mine bought me back 3 from the states. They are a premium leather glove with a Cabretta leather palm and thumb, paired with a super breathable back of the hand. This combination make this an extremely comfortable glove.

They genuinely feel like a second skin and you barely notice that you're wearing them on the golf course. These are a great option if you don't like to wear golf gloves because they make your hands hot and swollen.

Even though this glove feels like it's not even there, I do take gloves off for putting for enhanced feel. Anyone who plays in hot humid weather knows what a pain it is to take a glove off and I often end up using my teeth to pull them off. Not with these. The Grip Boost Second Skins come off very easily.

The soft cabretta leather in the right places gives you the high level of grip that you would expect, and the excellent fit enhances the premium golf glove feeling. 

  • Premium cabretta leather feeling
  • Great pricing
  • Mesh back for better breathability


  • Mesh could tear over time

Best of the premium gloves out there

taylormade tour preferred glove

While FootJoy might make the number one glove on the PGA tour, I think the TaylorMade tour preferred glove is actually a slightly better leather glove. I'm splitting hairs if I'm completely honest, but when you're forking out the extra dollars for a premium golf glove, it's the little things that count.

As expected for a glove of this level, you get super soft cabretta leather, a very nice velcro enclosure, and well placed air holes for breathability. This premium glove is used by nearly all of the top TaylorMade Tour Pros (except Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy who use Nike gloves) and if you get the right size, it's pretty darn perfect.

When it comes to grip, its a good golf glove but it loses some marks because it's not the best in wet weather. I'm being harsh as it's not designed for those conditions but it's up against some big hitters in that department in this list. It's a pretty durable glove considering how thin the leather is, but mine did show signs of wear after a handful of rounds, specifically in the thumb area.

  • Tour grade Cabretta AAA leather
  • Soft feel, ultra-thin all leather construction
  • Contoured wrist band
  • Anti roll thumb seam
  • Ergonomic pull tab


  • Gets slippy in the rain
  • Pricey

Most comfortable glove you can buy

bionic stablegrip

The Bionic Stablegrip golf glove is made of genuine leather and has an extra pad on the palm where leather golf gloves usually wear out.

This extra padding has been added to also help even out your grip so you don't have to squeeze as hard to keep the club in your hands. All the places your hands may be tempted to be off the club, whereby you squeeze harder, are filled up by additional fabric in the glove. Genius design.

I really like this glove because of the top quality fit. I often find gloves are too short int he palm for me and these fit like a second skin and less like a gardening glove. It's a truly unique design where the fingers have been prerotated. Most standard gloves go straight on and then twist when you grip the club, right? Not this one. 

Lycra is built into the glove to really help keep moisture at bay on those very hot humid days. You're getting a leather gloves but broken up with lycra to keep you cool, calm and collected. You can just wash these gloves on a gentle cycle in the washing machine and use them for ages. Basically, it's the perfect combination of the premium feel of leather, with the flexibility of synthetic materials. 

  • More padding on the palm for durability
  • Pre rotated fingers for less twisting of the glove when gripping the club
  • Lycra built into the glove for cooling and moisture wicking
  • Padding system fills in the gaps of your grip so you don't need to squeeze the handle so hard


  • Expensive

The best golf glove for the money. Period. 

FootJoy WeatherSof golf glove

I cannot write a best golf glove article without including the FootJoy Weathersof golf glove. I use these at some point every season and they are just so dependable. I get through more gloves than normal due to playing in the tropics and having an options as good as the WeatherSof to fall back onto is ideal.

They aren't rain gloves, but they work great in those conditions and give you excellent grip. They are at their best when used in hot weather in my experience as they are very effective at wicking moisture away from sweaty hands and do this better than other gloves I have tried.

They are always available at a great price and multi-buy deals are often out there. Do what I do and stock up while they're cheap, you won't be disappointed. 

  • Superior grip in rain and sweltering heat
  • Excellent value for money pricing
  • Very flexible with PowerNet mesh on knuckles
  • Stays comfortable without that crusty stiff feeling
  • Most used glove brand on the PGA tour


  • One color

How to pick the best golf gloves

The best golf glove for you will depend on a few things

  • Color and style preference: do you like white or color gloves? Do you like leather or synthetic? Do you like thin or thick gloves?
  • How sweaty are you? Sweaty palms is one of the hardest things to deal with and it can decide if you go with leather or non-leather products and also how many gloves you might use on the course. 
  • How much do you play on the course? On the course is not where you get a lot of wear and tear so alternating through three gloves can actually make them last a long time. If your grip is very tight, you might have more damage than a looser grip golfer. 
  • How much do you practice hitting balls and chipping? If you hit balls 3-4 times a week and practice chipping, you're going to wear through gloves like crazy. This can mean going a bit cheaper on the practice gloves and keeping playing gloves. Your old playing gloves can be used in practice when you don't want them on the course anymore. 
  • Weather you experience - hot and dry or hot and humid? Humidity can make you pour with sweat all over while dry heat can make you sweat in your sweat gland areas.

How to make your gloves last forever

During play of a round

  • Bring 2-3 golf gloves. You can rotate between 2-3 and clip them on your umbrella or golf cart to dry as you walk/ride.
  • Take your golf glove off between shots and put it on before your shot. The air moving through it will dry it.
  • You can rotate gloves and use a different one every 2 holes or so and let the other have a break and dry in the heat.
  • Hang your gloves on a strap on your bag or on the golf cart to dry. The best is an umbrella as you can hang the gloves on the wires that hold the umbrella in place. 

When you practice at the range and chipping green

  • Use gloves from the golf course that are no longer useable - usually they get wet and stay wet. 
  • Wash the gloves from the course that you don't want. I mean throw them in the washing machine as usual with clothes but do not use a drier. Just lay them flat in a dry place but not in the direct sun. You can keep using them, I promise. 
  • I use one glove until my grip starts to slip a little.
  • Hang gloves not in rotation on your bag or let them lie in the sun. Sometimes at the driving range, if it's undercover, I will put them in front of me on the front of the teeing ground in the sun to dry out.
  • Every time you don't want a golf course glove, you can put it in the practice bag. 

Extending golf glove lifespan in hot weather 

  • You can wash your gloves either in the washing machine or by rinsing them thoroughly under water. You just dry them out in a dry warm place avoiding direct sunlight. The glove goes crusty in the sun.
  1. After you play, don't throw the golf glove into the golf bag wet. It will dry up and come out crusty, often even snapping if the glove was full of salt and sweat.
  2. Use a golf glove holder in the shape of a hand. You can buy them for cheap and expand your glove over it to maintain the shape.
  3. Try not to open your bottle of water, or anything containing liquid while you have the  golf glove on your hand. Take it off and then unscrew the bottle top. Any additional water or moisture you introduce to your hand will make it worse. 

This works for me and I guarantee it'll work for you. The best and weirdest thing I've tried and works wonders is using a golf glove for wet weather! Think about it though, a glove designed for the wet while your hands are getting wet from sweat makes sense.

Most durable golf glove

As I mentioned in the review above, the Hirzl Trust Control is the most durable golf glove you can buy. I have had the same one for two years and it's still going strong after countless rounds. The Kangaroo leather is amazing, and stays soft no matter how many times it gets wet and then drys out again. Truly a phenomenal product. 

Best golf glove for beginners

Personally I think the best golf glove for beginners is the FootJoy WeatherSof. They are cheap, last for ages, and come in so many size increments that would be able to find the perfect fit. They are also available everywhere online and in pretty much every golf pro shop in the world. Buy in bulk for the best deals and you'll have enough for a season or two. 

If you are unsure what else to wear when playing golf as a beginner, check out my article here

Best premium golf glove

If you just want that extra soft cabretta leather feeling which you can only really get from a premium golf glove, then the best premium golf glove is the TaylorMade Tour Preferred glove. There are some Titleist and Footjoy gloves which are more expensive, but I think the TaylorMade is just that little bit better. 

Best golf glove for sweaty hands

Having played most of my golf for the last 10 years in the hot and humid conditions off Thailand, I feel I'm a pretty good judge of the best golf gloves for sweaty hands. I've written a whole article about it which you can check out here

Final Thoughts on Best Golf Glove For Grip

Yes, golf gloves are very samey on the whole. But when you get a bad glove, you will know about it. The club will slip, you will get blisters and you will curse yourself for not spending a bit of time and money researching the bet golf gloves. This article should take care of the research for you, so buy with confidence.

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