Best Synthetic Golf Glove

If you're on a budget, a synthetic golf glove can be your friend. Cabretta leather golf gloves are usually on the more expensive side and aren't always the most durable. Golf gloves made from synthetic materials are not only cheaper gloves, but they often have more features and last a lot longer. They are also better in a range of weather conditions so you can be sure to have a good grip on the club rain or shine.

I've tried nearly every synthetic golf glove design there is so you don't have to and this is my list of the top 5 on the market today.

Tl;dr - The best synthetic golf glove is the FootJoy WeatherSof

Best Synthetic Golf Glove 2022

  1. FootJoy WeatherSof golf glove (best synthetic golf glove)
  2. Callaway Weather Spann golf glove (best fitting glove)
  3. Wilson Feel Plus golf glove  (best budget option)
  4. Under Armour Medal golf glove (best for grip on the club)
  5. TaylorMade Stratus Tech golf glove (best for breathability)

Simply the best synthetic golf glove

FootJoy WeatherSof golf glove

Once again this glove tops another best of list. It's the perfect combination of price, functionality and durability, and these are all big factors when choosing a synthetic golf glove. I put a few of these in the bag at the beginning of a season and they will last for pretty much the whole golfing year, even in the hot and humid conditions that I am usually playing golf in.

Because they're made by FootJoy you know that you're getting high levels of quality control and also trusted fit options. The synthetic materials used in these gloves feel really good and you could be fooled into thinking it's a leather golf glove. You get consistent grip of the golf club and I've never been let down by one of these gloves on the golf course.

Simply the best golf glove made from synthetic materials you can buy. 


  • Excellent pricing 
  • Multiple fit options
  • High level of durability
  • Velcro enclosure is excellent
  • Quality synthetic materials


  • Only comes in white

4 way stretch material for a perfect fit

callaway weather spann golf glove

The first time I tried on the Callaway Weather Spann glove, I was blown away by what a comfortable glove it was! It fits like a glove! This glove allows for all-weather performance by incorporating durable synthetic leather combined with a 4-way stretch synthetic.

It is a really good glove in the rain and it grips like a vice. The material is so thin that it feels like a premium golf glove made from soft leather. This does make me concerned that the overall durability might not be the greatest. I find that thinner gloves gets holes in the heel of the hand and thumb area faster. That being said, I used this glove for 4 rounds and didn't notice any quality issues.

The flexible knuckles add to the excellent feeling this glove provides and perforations across the glove give great breathability. Worth a try. 

  • Best fitting synthetic golf glove
  • Perforations for breathability
  • Sleek design
  • Good grip


  • Could wear quickly

Bargain prices but always reliable

wilson feel plus feel golf glove

These Wilson gloves are so cheap, I had to include them in this list. Most synthetic golf gloves are pretty similar and come in at the same price point, so what are the noticeable differences with a glove that is that much cheaper?

The first thing you notice about the Wilson Feel Plus, is that it's not made from perfectly white synthetic material. This doesn't bother me in the slightest as my gloves get pretty discoloured from regular use, but it might bother people who only want to wear golf gloves which are pristinely white.

Of course, the colour doesn't affect the performance of the glove one bit. It's a perfectly functional glove and performs as expected in all conditions and provides good grip on the golf club. My main issue with cheaper synthetic gloves is that they can feel a bit "scratchy" inside. The synthetic leather they use doesn't alway have the smoothest finish on the underside and when they're new, there can be a lot of excess material. After a few uses this tends to go away but it's something I notice. For such a low price it's not going to stop me using these gloves, but I have to be honest about what I find when wearing these gloves. 

  • Super cheap
  • Very flexible with lycra in knuckles and fingers 
  • Good velcro


  • Discoloured material might put some off

One of the grippiest gloves I've tried

under armour medal golf glove

If grip is what you looking for in a golf glove design, then look no further than the Under Armour Medal Glove. It's like velcro to a golf club! I like to give my driver a rip (probably when I shouldn't) and this glove gave me the performance and confidence to take aim and let fly.

As mentioned before, I play in hot and humid conditions, and grip is really important for me. The best golf gloves I've tried are all really grippy (the Hirzl golf gloves are some of the best for this) and you don't have to break the bank with a premium golf glove made from cabretta leather to get high levels of grip.

Looking at this golf glove, there's nothing on the palm which would make you think that it would perform like it does. On closer inspection, the surface of the palm is textured and this is what makes the synthetic material so grippy. Overall they look great and I like the 3 grey fingers, they actually help me make sure I' gripping the club correctly.

A really good golf glove. 

  • Great looking glove
  • Insane levels of grip
  • Really smooth synthetic leather


  • Might be too grippy for some!

Extremely breathable synthetic material in all conditions

taylormade stratus tech golf glove

The TaylorMade tour preferred glove is the best premium golf glove in my opinion, so how does their synthetic golf glove stack up against the competition?

The TaylorMade Stratus Tech Glove is constructed from premium synthetic material with leather palm and offers superior fit and durability in all weather conditions.

It features an engineered perforation which adds natural breathability whilst the stretch lycra panels provide an exceptional customised fit.

It's the breathability which made this glove stand out for me. It kept my hand cool and I didn't feel the need to take it off between shots which is something I only usually find with premium golf glove gloves. 

  • Looks and feels like a premium golf glove
  • Extremely breathable 
  • TaylorMade quality 


  • Slightly more expensive than other options 

How to pick the best golf gloves

The best golf glove for you will depend on a few things

  • Color and style preference: do you like white or color gloves? Do you like leather or synthetic? Do you like thin or thick gloves?
  • How sweaty are you? Sweaty palms is one of the hardest things to deal with and it can decide if you go with leather or non-leather products and also how many gloves you might use on the course. 
  • How much do you play on the course? On the course is not where you get a lot of wear and tear so alternating through three gloves can actually make them last a long time. If your grip is very tight, you might have more damage than a looser grip golfer. 
  • How much do you practice hitting balls and chipping? If you hit balls 3-4 times a week and practice chipping, you're going to wear through gloves like crazy. This can mean going a bit cheaper on the practice gloves and keeping playing gloves. Your old playing gloves can be used in practice when you don't want them on the course anymore. 
  • Weather you experience - hot and dry or hot and humid? Humidity can make you pour with sweat all over while dry heat can make you sweat in your sweat gland areas.

How to make your gloves last forever

During play of a round

  • Bring 2-3 golf gloves. You can rotate between 2-3 and clip them on your umbrella or golf cart to dry as you walk/ride.
  • Take your golf glove off between shots and put it on before your shot. The air moving through it will dry it.
  • You can rotate gloves and use a different one every 2 holes or so and let the other have a break and dry in the heat.
  • Hang your gloves on a strap on your bag or on the golf cart to dry. The best is an umbrella as you can hang the gloves on the wires that hold the umbrella in place. 

When you practice at the range and chipping green

  • Use gloves from the golf course that are no longer useable - usually they get wet and stay wet. 
  • Wash the gloves from the course that you don't want. I mean throw them in the washing machine as usual with clothes but do not use a drier. Just lay them flat in a dry place but not in the direct sun. You can keep using them, I promise. 
  • I use one glove until my grip starts to slip a little.
  • Hang gloves not in rotation on your bag or let them lie in the sun. Sometimes at the driving range, if it's undercover, I will put them in front of me on the front of the teeing ground in the sun to dry out.
  • Every time you don't want a golf course glove, you can put it in the practice bag. 

Extending golf glove lifespan in hot weather 

You can wash your gloves either in the washing machine or by rinsing them thoroughly under water. You just dry them out in a dry warm place avoiding direct sunlight. The glove goes crusty in the sun.

  1. After you play, don't throw the golf glove into the golf bag wet. It will dry up and come out crusty, often even snapping if the glove was full of salt and sweat.
  2. Use a golf glove holder in the shape of a hand. You can buy them for cheap and expand your glove over it to maintain the shape.
  3. Try not to open your bottle of water, or anything containing liquid while you have the  golf glove on your hand. Take it off and then unscrew the bottle top. Any additional water or moisture you introduce to your hand will make it worse. 

This works for me and I guarantee it'll work for you. The best and weirdest thing I've tried and works wonders is using a golf glove for wet weather! Think about it though, a glove designed for the wet while your hands are getting wet from sweat makes sense.

Most durable golf glove

As I have covered in other reviews, the Hirzl Trust Control is the most durable golf glove you can buy. I have had the same one for two years and it's still going strong after countless rounds. The Kangaroo leather is amazing, and stays soft no matter how many times it gets wet and then drys out again. Truly a phenomenal product. 

Best golf glove for beginners

Personally I think the best golf glove for beginners is the FootJoy WeatherSof. They are cheap, last for ages, and come in so many size increments that would be able to find the perfect fit. They are also available everywhere online and in pretty much every golf pro shop in the world. Buy in bulk for the best deals and you'll have enough for a season or two. 

If you are unsure what else to wear when playing golf as a beginner, check out my article here

Best premium golf glove

If you just want that extra soft cabretta leather feeling which you can only really get from a premium golf glove, then the best premium golf glove is the TaylorMade Tour Preferred glove. There are some Titleist and Footjoy gloves which are more expensive, but I think the TaylorMade is just that little bit better. 

Best golf glove for sweaty hands

Having played most of my golf for the last 10 years in the hot and humid conditions off Thailand, I feel I'm a pretty good judge of the best golf gloves for sweaty hands. I've written a whole article about it which you can check out here

Final Thoughts on Best Golf Synthetic Golf Glove

You don't need to break the bank to game a golf glove that will perform under all conditions. I stopped using premium leather gloves a long time ago and it hasn't impacted my game one bit. Synthetic gloves are here to stay and they should be in your bag now! 

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