Why Do Golfers Only Wear One Glove?

I love playing golf, but something that is odd about it is all of the stuff you do, but don't ask questions about. You know what I mean, like shouting fore without knowing what it means, and taking super exaggerated care to not walk on your playing partners putting line when you know he can't putt for sh*t.

Wearing gloves for golf is one of those weird things. When you watch the old greats of the game like Ben Hogan, you will notice they didn't wear a glove, so why do we wear gloves now. And if you wear one golf glove, why don't we wear a glove on both hands?

Like most things in golf, wearing a glove is probably down to clever marketing, giving us players another thing to spend our cash on. I wear a glove on my left hand (I'm a right handed player) because it gives me better grip and stops me getting blisters. So why don't I wear two golf gloves to keep things even and possibly make things easier? Let's look at some reasons why golfers don't wear two golf gloves.


For most golfers, their bottom hand is where all of the feel in the golf swing comes from. this hand shouldn't grip the golf club too tightly and by not wearing two gloves, you can get a better idea of your grip pressure when you're playing golf.

When I'm chipping around the green or playing finesse shots, I will often take my glove off my left hand so that I've got even more control and feel. Some golfers wear their glove for every shot as it makes them feel more consistent but it's all down to personal preference.

Grip issues

I use an interlocking golf grip and if was going to wear two gloves, I don't think I would be able to grip the club properly and it would feel pretty weird. The extra layer of leather would again make it feel like I was gripping the golf club too hard and I would then over compensate in my swing and adversely affect my golf game overall.

Cost and availability

Wearing two gloves will cost twice as much as wearing one glove, it's pretty simple. Yes the glove on the bottom hand might not wear as fast as the dominant top hand, but it will still need replacing and that costs money.

A "left handed glove" (for your right hand ironically) costs the same as any other glove, but they aren't as readily available. Not every pro shop will carry a glove for your right hand, and if they do, it might not be your size or preferred brand or material.


Golfers are fickle and many golfers won't wear two golf gloves because it just looks weird. I find this odd because many guys will have played baseball with two gloves but as soon as they get on the golf course it's a big no no style wise.

English pro golfer Aaron Rai wears two gloves and he looks perfectly fine, so I think those style gurus might need to just chill out a bit.

So Should You Wear Two Golf Gloves?

Feel and other issues aside, what are the reasons why you would want to wear two gloves when you play golf?

Sweaty Hands

I play most of my golf in the tropical heat of Thailand and you will not avoid getting sweaty hands here. I will usually have 3 or 4 golf gloves in my golf bag and rotate through them when I'm playing to make sure I have a dry glove for perfect contact with the golf grip.

It stands to reason that wearing two gloves would stop any sweat getting onto the grip and stop any issues with the club slipping in the golf swing. If you suffer from sweaty hands give it a go and see if it helps!

Wet, Rainy and Cold Weather

My friend Jim who plays golf in the UK has probably 6 gloves in his bag in the winter months incase he gets caught in the rain. A wet golf grip is no fun and golfers wear special winter gloves in cold and wet climates to keep their hands warm and dry on the course.

These winter gloves will often come in packs of two for both hands and are designed to be kept on throughout the round and not taken off between shots.

How do I stop getting blisters? 

Get the right grip

If don't want to wear two golf gloves, but you still get blisters on your bottom hand, getting the right grips for your golf clubs could be the solution.

There are loads of different styles of golf grips. You can get oversized and undersized grips, ones with cord in them for extra grip and other made from leathers for a really soft feeling. If you want something softer, try the Golf Pride Tour wrap grips which look and feel like leather but perform like a multi compound golf grip.

Get the best golf glove 

I've written loads of articles on the best golf gloves for all conditions. Here are two gloves which I recommend to everyone.

Best Premium Golf Glove: Hirzl Trust Control

Hirzl Trust Control Glove

Hirzl create amazing golf gloves and have sponsored the Ladies European Golf Tour. These gloves are premium and top quality. The palm is made of KANGAROO leather which is often used to make soccer boots and other hard wearing sports items. It is more durable and flexible than Cabretta leather, which is used on the back of the glove.

I have found that the more you wear these gloves the better they get. It's like wearing in a new pair of leather shoes. Once they work out the contours of your hand and get used to the warmth you're giving off, they mould to the shape of your hand like, well, a glove...

They are insanely grippy, even on the most humid days where sweaty hands are inevitable. They are like velcro to a golf club. This isn't usually the case with a leather glove which can get greasy when wet.

They're super thin and yet such a durable golf glove. I still own the same one I got 2 years ago and it's always in my bag for those really sweaty days. And get this, I just chuck it into the washing machine to freshen it up. This would mean certain death for most golf gloves! 

FootJoy WeatherSof golf glove

According to glove manufacturer FootJoy, 20% of golfers use the stalwart WeatherSof golf glove. These are the number one choice because they're so durable and come in at a great price point. I'll usually put 3 of these in the bag a the beginning of the season. They show only mild signs of wear after a few games in hot and humid conditions, and if you rotate them throughout a round, they will last for ages.

The WeatherSof has leather patches on the thumb and the meaty part of your palm while the rest of the glove is a highly durable synthetic materials.

Rain or shine: The glove works for both rain and sweat. It absorbs liquids better than the majority of gloves on the market and in Thailand's heat and rain, these are close to my first choice for the best golf gloves for sweaty hands. 

Final thoughts on golf glove both hands

There's nothing stopping you from wearing two gloves, and you should do what feels best for you and your golf game. If you have issues with your hands being sweaty or if you get blisters regularly, wearing two gloves might be the thing which allows you to play with more freedom and not worry about things outside of just getting the golf ball in the hole. 

Last Updated on February 8, 2023 by Matt