How We Rate Products

How Golf Sidekick Reviews and Rates Products

We understand there are endless choices when buying new golf equipment. Whether it’s tech like rangefinders and watches to inanimate objects like balls and also the engine room of the game, the clubs…it can get confusing. There is a lot of dishonest information out there in the golf blog world and we want to steer you away form making decisions based on non-golfers opinions and completely unknowledgeable and outsourced golf writing.

We write all content ourselves and the reviews and ratings of products using the knowledge of two professionals on the contributors panel as well as two 20-plus year amateur veterans of the game interested in new equipment and gear.

We are committed to you the reader:

  • The products we review are used by professionals and amateur golfers – both sides of the story are better than only one.
  • If we say we have reviewed a product, it means we have used the product.
  • We do not accept any money from manufacturers for favorable reviews.
  • We always try to give the best possible product for your requirements based on what is available at the time. We will include when a product is still worth the time, even if you can only find it in second hand markets.

We hope you understand that every swing and feel is different for every golfer. It’s a very subjective experience and while the reviews and ratings are to help you in your decision making, through educating you further, we are only a handful of golfers.

We try to verify the information the manufacturers are marketing regarding the gear we review. It seems every new product has a new claim associated with it and we hope to see through it and give you a balanced viewpoint.

Who reviews products for Golf Sidekick?

Matt and Jim are first and foremost involved in the reviewing products while there are a handful of professionals to call on for extra assistance when they are required. Everyone involved in the reviewing of products has each been playing golf for more than 15 years.

Where are the products tested?

Products are used on-course and in simulator bays or at the driving range.

How does Golf Sidekick rank products?

We give an overview of the product and the information unique to the product. We talk about our experience with the product and some pro’s and con’s showing the positive and negative aspects of the product.

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