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Best Putter For Seniors 2024

Last Updated on January 2, 2024 by Matt Greene
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Nearly every senior golfer I have played golf with over the years has been a demon on the greens. Maybe it's something which comes with a few laps around the block, but these guys have a deep ability to read greens and jam putts.

If this sounds like you, or if it couldn't be further from the truth, finding the best putter for seniors could be the key to maintaining your putting stroke or unlocking your inner putting beast! I've found some of the best putters for seniors for you to choose from. I've tried mallet putters, blade putters and everything in between and I know that there is a flat stick in this list with your name on it.

Best Putter For Seniors in 2024

  1. Ping Fetch putter  (editor's choice)
  2. Odyssey Stroke Lab Double Wide putter (best blade style putter for seniors)
  3. Tour Edge Wingman Putter  (best for alignment)
  4. Wilson Infinite Men's Golf Putter (best value putter for seniors)

Ping Fetch putter

Best putter for seniors - hands down

ping fetch 2021 putter

Ping Fetch putters have a hole in the back of them which performs allow you to easily retrieve the ball from the putting surface. It's an underrated feature!

For senior golfers, the standout feature of this putter is the Fetch system as it saves your back from reaching down to pick up the ball. It’s a small thing I know, but to some is will be huge benefit and the difference between playing golf for many years in the future.

I like this putter on quick greens as well as slower greens. You get a nice consistent roll on the golf ball and due to the nature of the mallet style club head, it is going to a very easy, forgiving putter to use on slower greens. The power generated from a small stroke is excellent and the insert gives such a silky feeling off the face.

The adjustable length shaft is a bonus but doesn't make much difference after you set it to your desired settings. 

If you want a new putter, I would try this out as it's just that good. 


  • Stealthy anti glare finish contrasts with the green surface for alignment mastery 
  • Fetch system is a god send for senior golfers with bad backs
  • Super forgiving mallet putter
  • Probably one of the best golf putters on the market


  • Better suited to slower greens so distance control on fast greens might be tough

Odyssey Stroke Lab Double Wide

Just so easy to line up

Odyssey Stroke Lab Double Wide

The Stroke Lab black series feature a shaft with a graphite upper section and a steel lower section. Odyssey counter balanced the putter by adding weight near the grip and in the head. This is supposed to increase feel in a heavier putter. 

The double wide is mainly in this list because it appeals to the blade fans. I am a blade fan but not on slower greens, the closest I have found to a blade is this square-shaped double wide, with an extended back piece for alignment

Hinge insert in the face creates a firmer feeling at impact instead of the typical marshmallow feel of inserts. This is a big factor if you prefer a firmer hit off the putter to gauge your strike to be able to adjust for where the sweet spot is.

It's a very simple putter but with the extra weight, it can make a transition from a traditional blade very easy or toward a blade putter from a bigger mallet putter. 

Odyssey gave made a special effort with the weighting in the club head to allow for some toe hang, so that blade users, or people with an arc in their stroke can use it out the box.

  • Handy clubface alignment lines
  • Counterbalanced shaft makes it easier to feel the head of club
  • Loads of head designs and lengths to choose from


  • Expensive putter

Tour Edge Wingman Putter

Most forgiving putter for the senior golfer

Tour Edge Wingman Putter

Tour Edge makes excellent value products with premium features. I am a huge fan of their fairway woods and was interested to try this putter out. It’s packed full of technology and the weights can be adjusted to suit your putting stroke.

This putter has a super high MoI but gives you a great soft feel when making contact with the golf ball. The alignment aid on the top is different to many designs out there, but I really liked how it focused my attention on the golf ball. It was pretty obvious when you were misaligned, and combined with the centre shaft it was perfect for my stroke. 

  • Adjustable weights
  • Target lock alignment system 
  • Excellent pricing for a mallet putter


  • Not the most well known brand
  • Not everyone will like the looks of this putter head

Wilson Infinite Men's Golf Putter

Super affordable putter for a consistent roll

Wilson Infinite Men's Golf Putter

This is a great putter. Simple. It is counterbalanced meaning the balance point of the club is closer to the hands which is ideal for a straight back and through stroke. The head has a matte black anti glare finish and features simple alignment guides which match up perfectly with the centre aligned shaft. 

The double milled CNC face feels amazing - even with harder distance balls. This is a hard putter to beat for the price!

  • Counterbalanced design makes this feel like a lightweight putter
  • Anti glare sleek matte black finish
  • Premium feeling stock double wide grip
  • Great price for senior golfers on a budget


  • Neck style might not be everyones favorite

Final thoughts

Choosing the right putter for your stroke and game is essential no matter your age. The reason I like the Ping Fetch putter so much is that, as someone who suffers from a chronic bad back, I don't want it get worse as I get older. For seniors who have back issues, or feel like they could develop them, this putter is something they should be seriously considering. Any of the other putters in this article will be a good bet though, so find the one which suits your tastes and budget and treat yourself, you know you want to! 

Last Updated on January 2, 2024 by Matt Greene