Nikanti Golf Club Thailand Review

If you have only ONE course to play while in the Bangkok area, Nikanti is the place. This is easily hands-down the best experience I have had in Thailand for golf. 

What makes Nikanti unique?

  • 18 holes broken into six of each par 3, 4, 5 - The course is not overly long and the plentiful par 5 and par 3 (six of each) make it such a pleasure to play instead of endless par 4s.
  • The best service in golf - From moment one you are greeted by everyone, and ushered around to make sure you don't get lost. You are treated like a true guest and not like an intruder. This is incredible and you feel like a total boss.
  • All inclusive pricing! You pay ONE price. There is no worrying about drinks, food. You pay for the day. You get either a free breakfast and lunch or free lunch and dinner. And yes, you can order more of the dishes included. It's not like some airline food either. it's LEGIT good food. The tip, the green fee, caddie fee, food, free water, golf cart are all included. 
  • Caddies are HIGHLY trained - With the inclusivity and the condition of the course, the caddies are also superb. Absolutely great fun and good natured, but well trained to be totally efficient. 
  • Nikanti in Thai language has something to do with the number 6, hence the 6/6/6 split of the course into 3 courses of 6 holes, 6 par 3, 6 par 4, 6 par 5.
  • The whole experience is superior to EVERYTHING else in ThailandFrom when you arrive to when the caddie puts your bag back in the car, you are treated as a guest. There's no dual pricing. You are taken care of with a smile.
  • It's super laid back. Despite being the best, most well kept, highest end service establishment, it is still chilled out. You don't have to feel rushed, or anything. you're a baus for a day. 

How does Nikanti look?

Here's a video of us playing Nikanti Golf Club.

The cold hard fact about Nikanti Golf Club

It is well maintained, has great service but if you are looking for a LONG course, this is not the one for you.

If however, you're looking for a place you will not forget easily, this is the course. Forget every other famous name course in the Bangkok/Nakon Nayok/Nakhon Pathom area. This course is hands-down the best experience and one you can take with you back home or keep coming to if you live here.

Play it early in the morning for a great view, temperature and quiet time. 

nikanti golf club green fee

Nikanti Golf Club Green Fee

Green fees: You can expect to pay between 3,500 THB ($110) and 6,000 THB ($200). Midweek is always toward the lower end of this price range.

Caddie fee: Included in the price above.

Caddie tip: Not included in the price but starts at 400 THB ($13)

Cart price:  Included in the price above

Guides for how to play Nikanti Golf Club in Nakhon Pathom

Follow my channel and watch these videos of us playing there.

Other things to do around Nikanti Golf Club

It's quite a distance from Bangkok center. It's 1 hour or 67km from downtown.

You want to leave 1 hour 45 minutes before your tee time. If you want to stay in Nakhon Pathom, I don't think you'll find much to do out there. Find a transfer or rent a car to Nikanti and return in the evening.

Drivers on GRAB app and taxi drivers in Bangkok would be more than willing to drive you out there, wait around for 5-6 hours and then drive you back for the right fee. I'd guess you could get that for about 3,000 baht for 3-4 people and a big Toyota Fortuner. 

Last Updated on April 6, 2022 by Matt