Red Mountain Golf Course Phuket Review

Red Mountain is the most well-known course on Phuket island and mainly because it was once the most expensive at about 7,000 Thai Baht for 18 holes. 

It's an interesting course with a difficult lay out, and some beautiful scenery. The pictures are worth the trip. But for 7,000 THB ($220 US), I don't know about that.

If you can get on the course with promotions for less than 2,500 baht then I would say that's a pretty good deal and worth the memory if you're only going to be here once. 

What makes Red Mountain unique?

  • Two 18 hole courses  - Loch Palm is next door and run by the same Group - MBK. MBK also run Riverdale in Bangkok plus its close neighbor, Bangkok Golf Club.
  • The course is cut through insane terrain like a video game. The drops and the rises, the slopes and the scenery look like something out of a Tiger Woods PGA Tour Playstation game. Carts are mandatory and you cannot walk this course that's for sure. It has been designed by Jonathan Morrow and been open since 2007.
  • Photogenic - You'll get some great views and some nice pictures to share with buddies back home.
  • Caddies are phenomenal - The caddies at Red Mountain always know what club you need after the first 2-3 holes and take care of you knowing when you need a towel, rangefinder, water...everything.
  • Built on a tin mine - this makes the place look really wild with old jungle and untouched forest
  • Smooth bermuda greens and paspallum tees and fairways make for a brilliantly conditioned course. 

How does Red Mountain look?

Here's a video of us playing Red Mountain.

The cold hard fact about Red Mountain Golf Course in Phuket

It is a scenic golf course but at times can feel gimmicky. It is built on an old tin mine so the terrain is very outstanding. The 17th hole is the craziest one with a drop off of about 50 yards from tee to green on the par 3. 

The condition is very good and the greens are very challenging and also perfectly manicured. Condition and layout really are unique and the back nine, which wasn't in the video above, is EVEN MORE scenic than the first.

Riverdale and Red Mountain by the MBK group are very high-end golfing experiences so if it fits into your budget, you should play Red Mountain for the experience. 

I'd really suggest bringing your own clubs from overseas if you decide to play because it will be WAY LESS fun if you rent clubs that don't suit you.

Red Mountain Phuket Green Fee

Green fees: Generally upwards of 2,500 Thai Baht as of mid 2021. This price includes caddie, cart and green fee. 

Caddie tip: Usually you want to match the caddie fee for the caddie tip.

My standard tip everywhere now since the pandemic is 500 THB if the caddie was remotely better than average. 

Other things to do around Red Mountain

Red Mountain is the most well known and challenging course in Phuket island and is located right in the middle of it.

Every well-known beach is within a 20 minute drive from the course. A lot of people rate Loch Palm (attached to Red Mountain property) as being an even better course, so check that out!

Phuket has tons of nightlife, and with so many transfer and taxi companies around, getting to Red Mountain should be easy, and even better if you rent a car. 

Last Updated on March 26, 2022 by Matt