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Best Golf Wedges for Seniors 2024

Last Updated on January 2, 2024 by Matt Greene
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I've played a lot of golf with guys who would class themselves as "seniors" and more often than not, they have razor sharp short game skills. What they lack in distance from the tee, they more than make up for it around the green and I've been sent home crying more than once after underestimating a senior.

The best golf wedges for seniors play to the strengths of the golfer using them. They will be a bit more forgiving, but will be still be precision tools for specialist chip shots and bunker shots. Here are my picks for the best golf wedges for seniors.

Best Golf Wedges for Seniors in 2024

  1. Cleveland SmartSole 4 Wedges (editor's choice)
  2. PING Glide 4.0 S Wedge (best for slower swing speed senior golfers)
  3. Wilson Harmonized Wedge (cheapest specialist wedge)
  4. TaylorMade Hi-toe wedge (best for seniors who don't have the best strike)
  5. Cleveland CBX 2 Cavity Back Wedge (best wedge to blend into your irons)

Cleveland SmartSole 4 Wedges

Best wedges for seniors without a doubt

cleveland smart sole wedges 2023

The Cleveland SmartSole wedges have a similar affect to putting hybrids in your golf bag - they just make the game easier. It's very hard to duff or thin chips, or flub a bunker shot with these wedges, especially if you get the right bounce angle for the conditions you play golf in.

The chunky underside of these wedges is unnoticeable when addressing the ball and looks just like a standard wedge. The S version has 58° of loft, so there really isn't much need to open the face like you do with other wedges.

The weight normally found behind the sweet spot has been distributed around the perimeter of the club much like a game improvement iron. This perimeter weighting makes the wedge super forgiving and will blend in with your cavity backed irons.

These wedges are no gimmick!

You can find me using both C and S wedge in this video on my YouTube channel. The newest version of these wedges now features a G wedge (gap wedge) so you can play a C, G and S for a complete set.

The C wedge is 42 degrees which makes it the same loft as an 8 iron while the G wedge is 50 degrees to give you a nice gapping between the C and S wedge. This 8 degree increment gives you plenty of options inside 100 yards and will blend with your pitching wedge from your iron set.

With the large sole of the club, you're going to slice through tall grass and fairways without any hassle. Around the green you're not gonna hit those duffed chips that go a a foot or two. You know, the ones you hit and look around to see if anyone noticed...

These are the best wedges for senior golfers on the market because they suit a swing with less speed that could be on the shallow side. These wedges have the potential to get you to reinvent your short game from bunkers to green side to pitch shots within 100 yards.


  • Can be used from any lie on the golf course
  • Easily get out of the sand with a the 58 degree loft sand wedge
  • C wedge designed for chipping and running balls up to the green
  • Good loft options


  • Don't have the classic looks of blade wedges
  • Might fly too far on the first few shots

PING Glide 4.0 S Wedge

Premium design and feel in an easy to use package

ping glide stealth 3.0 wedge

PING make some of the best putters, irons, hybrids and woods on the market and their wedges are no exception. They look great and play great.

These are not the super game improvement and get out of trouble clubs that the Cleveland Smart Soles are designed to be, and would be best used by more confident senior golfers who have a consistent swing and wedge game. That being said, any player will find these clubs a lot of fun to play.

The PING Glide golf wedges come with a custom golf grip with white markings on it. You can use these as a guide for your hands when when gripping down on the shaft for different short game shots. PING like to cover every base with their clubs, and designed the Glide 3.0 golf wedge from the hands down so you can feel every part of the shot.

Like most clubs in this list, weight has been shifted to the perimeters from the face to improve off center strikes on the longer shots so there is less margin for error. This is a massive help because those partial shots are ones that nobody likes playing.

I've seen these clubs in the bags of a number of senior golfers and they always seem to do the job. What you know you're getting from PING is quality construction and well thought out design, and that is why some of the most seasoned players stick with PING.

  • Special grip design 
  • Some of the most forgiving wedges for seniors
  • Low centre of gravity to help prevent fat wedge shots
  • Premium traditional wedge look and feel


  • Not the cheapest but will last forever

Wilson Harmonized Wedge

Cheap but definitely not nasty

Wilson harmonized wedge

These are the best wedges for senior golfers who are on a tight budget. They look like the real deal and you'd be fooled into thinking they cost double what you will pay for one.

These aren't the most forgiving golf wedges and will be better suited to senior golfers who have a handicap under 15. They spin like crazy when they are brand new, to the point where you might have to adjust your landing spot. They even checked up when I was using a cheaper 2 piece distance ball, like a Titleist Velocity.

There are 4 loft options to choose from:

If in doubt get the 56 degree and 100% avoid the 64 degree. Only god and Phil Mickelson can hit that club.

  • Classic blade shape wedge 
  • Great price for a wedge from a top manufacturer
  • Black and chrome options to suit all style preferences


  • The chrome finish will cause glare into your eyes
  • AVOID the 64° club it's scheisse

TaylorMade Hi-toe Wedge

Get spin control from any lie with these wedges

TM milled grind 3 wedge

If you're a golfer who finds themselves playing out of bunkers or the rough more often than not, or if these are shots which you struggle with, the TaylorMade Hi-Toe wedge was made for you. 

The full face grooves on these wedges mean that you can swing with confidence knowing that if you make contact with the ball, it's going to catch some grooves and get some spin. This makes a huge difference when playing from the sand and rough where strike point can be hard to control. 

My friend Didi who is in his 60's games the 52 and 56 in the Hi-Toe range and he has become a demon around the greens. He has the oil can finish wedges to reduce glare but you can get these bad boys in a variety of different styles to suit your eye. 

As the name indicates, the shape of the wedge is slightly higher in the toe to accommodate the full face grooves. At address this more triangular shape isn't really noticeable and you will come to appreciate the extra face space when playing any open faced wedge shots. These are more precision tools than the super forgiving options in this article so choose wisely.  

  • Nice selection of finishes to choose from
  • Slices right through even the thickest rough grasses
  • Full face grooves make is easy to splash out of bunkers
  • Many loft options, from gap wedge and sand wedge to lob wedge 


  • Funny triangle shape might be off putting at first

Cleveland CBX 2 Cavity Back Wedge

Hot face produces insane ball speeds for even low swingers

Cleveland CBX 2 Cavity Back Wedge

These cavity back wedges from Cleveland aren't as dramatic to look as their brother's in the SmartSole range, but they are nearly as forgiving and feel amazing. I've always been a fan of Cleveland wedges - I think they make some of the best and most reasonably priced clubs on the market - and I would happily game these CBX2s.

The big sell here for senior golfers is that they blend in with pretty much any set of cavity back irons. They have the looks of a more traditional wedge, but a similar feel and hot face found on most game improvement clubs. This might not be what lower handicap players are looking for, but if you're the type of golfer who plays a lot of chips with your 7,8 and 9 irons, these wedges will slot in perfectly to your arsenal. 

They do have a particularly hot face which is noticeable on fuller swings where the ball flies 5 to 10 yards further than a bladed wedge. Around the greens, the famous Cleveland grooves give you plenty of grab on well struck chips and the wide sole makes bunker play a breeze. 

As you would expect from a big brand, you get plenty of loft and bounce options to choose from, so make sure to pick the combination which suits you. I play courses with a lot of juicy rough so I have a 56 degree wedge with 14 degrees of bounce. If you have more bare lies, maybe select something with close to 10 degrees so make sure the leading edge of the club doesn't dig in. 

  • Low centre of gravity for high spinning and soft landing bunker shots
  • Super forgiving wedge
  • Cleveland quality grooves and build quality
  • Will blend in seamlessly with your cavity back irons
  • Loads of loft options from gap wedges, sand wedges to lob wedges


  • Premium wedge with a premium price tag

Final thoughts 

If you're an older guy looking for the best clubs to help you in the scoring zone, then any of the options in this article will do the job. Make sure you pick a club which looks like it's an old friend, as you need to get intimate with your wedges as you will be spending a lot of time with them. 

Last Updated on January 2, 2024 by Matt Greene