Callaway Mac Daddy 4 Wedges Review

Reviewed by Jake Bode

  • 22 handicapper
  • 90 MPH driver swing speed 
  • Jake plays the 50, 54, 60 degree wedges from this model

Review in short

Great looking wedges with a variety of bounce and sole grind options to suit players of all skill levels. 

callaway mack daddy 4 wedges

Why I play these wedges 

When I was looking for a new set of wedges, the biggest thing I was looking for was a to be able to get a variety of bounce and sole grind options. The Callaway Mack Daddy 4 Wedges had these options which was different to other brands and models.

My home course has a few different ground conditions throughout the season, so I need a high bounce sand wedge to play out of thick grass and fluffy bunkers and a low bounce lob wedge to plan from hard pan and tight lies in the summer. 


Anyone who has played Callaway Mack Daddy wedges before will know that they look really appealing behind the ball, no matter which loft you're playing. I really like the shape of the head compared to other manufacturers, and it just inspires confidence on short chips and longer shots too. 

The back of the wedge looks really slick. The Milled section with the red inserts give these wedges real bag appeal and will turn some heads for sure! 

Sound and feel

These wedges feel nice and soft which is what I want. They are a blade style which means that you do have to be quite precise with your strikes. the make a nice "click" when you nip the ball off the turn and provide pretty consistent feedback from shots out of the rough and bunkers. 


I have much more control over my distances than previous wedges and have seen some higher/more consistent spin rates as well. Like I mentioned above, the bounce options suit me perfectly and I feel I have the clubs I need to play the shots I commonly have on my golf course. 


  • Great feel
  • Great looks
  • Good availability of used clubs


  • Wear shows a little bit
  • Not as much spin as some other wedge
  • Stock shafts run a little short

Tech specs

















Shaft options

  • True Tempter Dynamic Gold S200

Price per iron



These Callaway Mack Daddy 4 wedges are a great looking set of wedges and offer loads of different bounce and grind options to suit different players. Pick them up used to get a really good deal. 

Last Updated on February 8, 2023 by Matt