Mizuno T22 Wedges Review

Reviewed by Kenton Liu

  • 4 handicapper
  • 118 MPH driver swing speed 
  • Kenton plays the 50/55/60 degree versions of these wedges

Review in short

The Mizuno T22 wedges are a premium forged wedge but at a very reasonable price point. Designed to perform in wet weather, these clubs are ideal for players who like to play golf in all conditions.  

Why I play these wedges

It’s a forged wedge, not cast which is very important for me. These wedges felt amazing when I tested them and allowed me to play all of the shots I need in the scoring zone. They perform great in wet conditions which is a must as I live in Vancouver. Another big bonus was that my shaft of choice came without an up-charge which save me a lot of cash over three wedges. 

mizuno t22 wedges -

Looks and feel 

The T22s have a compact size with a bevelled top edge so the head appears thinner at address which I really like as it blends nicely with my irons. 

There’s also a tapered blade design which positions extra mass higher in the blade to deliver more spin consistency, as well as a penetrating flight irrespective of where shots impact the face.

In terms of  feedback, like the current MP-20 irons, each head (apart from the raw finish option which rusts over time) comes with a microlayer of copper under the satin chrome or denim copper finish. This is really noticeable on slight mishits, which is great for me as I want to know where I'm hitting the ball on the club face. 


What caught my eye about these wedges was their advertised performance in wetter conditions. As I mentioned, I live in Vancouver, Canada where we get a lot of rain all year round. Water on the club face reduces spin, so I wanted a set of wedge which would give me consistent performance in all weather conditions. As a lower handicap player, I need to know that my wedge shots are going to fly a specific distance, even in the rain, and these Mizuno wedges are precision tools, even when the weather is bad. 

They come in 4 grind options which are;

S Grind: Minimal sole shaping for fuller shots and lower lofts

D Grind: Moderate heel and toe relief, allows gentle manipulation of the face

C Grind: Heavy heel and toe relief for more skilled players and firmer conditions

X Grind: Extreme heel and toe relief for real short game maestros

The T22 benefits from a new modified Teardrop shape with extensive bevelling on the topline for the appearance of a thinner top edge, allowing for greater control and versatility. The spin weighted design features flaring or tapering of the upper portion of the blade for a more focused CG location, delivering a more penetrating ball flight. Mizuno have utilised their tour-proven HydroFlow Micro Grooves which are laser etched into the face to disperse moisture from the impact zone at impact, giving extra control in wet conditions, while the Quad Cut milled design ensures a longer effective life span.


  • Great feel
  • Extreme performance in wet weather conditions 
  • Much cheaper than other premium wedge brands


  • Rounded leading edge isn't great to look at 
  • The back of the club is a little busy on the eye
  • Launch is a little high

Last Updated on February 8, 2023 by Matt