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Break 90 – The journey

How to Break 90 in Golf Guaranteed for Free

  • This guide will work 100% of the time, every time.
  • There are no mechanical swing tips in this guide - those are useless unless with your pro, in-person.
  • You will smash 90 within 8 rounds after reading and understanding this guide and watching the videos. Guaranteed.
  • If you don’t smash 90 with 8 rounds after consuming this information, you’ve done it wrong and must restart.
  • If you go over this guide more than once, you will learn more about YOURSELF every time. This is growth.
  • I am not a cult leader but I do accept donations

If you are new here and want to break 90 for the first time, you are also most welcome! If you read this guide, watch my whiteboard hour of power and engage your golfing brain, I guarantee you will break 90 within 8 rounds. The best part is, you won’t merely squeak in with a little 89, you will absolutely smash 90 like it's a joke.

If you have arrived here after breaking 100 using my breaking 100 guide, congratulations and welcome.

Either way, you are about to join the 1000's of enlightened playas out there who are leading the charge in slashing the worlds average handicap.

Enough BS. Let's get down to business. 

Break 90 - from Theory into Practice 

Now that you understand the theory behind how to break 90 in golf, it's time to put it into practice. I wrote a guide on how to do this not long after I started the channel, and the concepts in that guide have stood the test of time. 

Anyone can break 90 and in this guide, I'll show you:

  • The exact shots you need to be able to play from tee to green
  • The way to think and plan your way around the course for success
  • How to practice the concepts at the range
  • Shortcuts and 'hacks' to break 90 faster than you thought possible

There's absolutely no need to make any swing changes.

If you can shoot in the 90's, you can also break 90 without changing your swing.

What I'm going to show you below are basic fundamentals and tricks that you may or may not have come across before. Good luck!

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Break 90 - video case studies  

On my YouTube channel I feature a load of players who are trying to break 90.

They come in all shapes, ages and sizes, with a variety of different swings. They all have their strengths and weaknesses and I try to identify which parts of their game are holding them back and the areas which they can use to smash their scoring barriers. 

Check out these case studies to see if you can recognize parts of your game in theirs. 

JMac is a stoic master and a true player's playa. When I first met him he was a casual golfer, shooting in the 120s. He then embraced the Way of the Playa and saw his scores begin to tumble. In no time at all he was a consistent 90s shooter. He built a reliable bag of clubs and learned his shot trajectory - with these things in place he was ready to smash 90. 

JMac has since shot scores in the low-70s by following the exact journeys laid out in the videos and the guides on this website. JMac is a testament to what you can do if you play mindfully, consciously and with a purpose. 

Back in 2019, BDog was hacking the ball around the golf course, struggling to break 100.

He saw a pro, and fixed some issues with is swing which were preventing him from being consistent. As his swing became more solid, he wanted to shoot under 90 regularly. He had the shots, but his course management was holding him back from true golfing nirvana.