Best Golf Balls for Mid Handicappers in 2023

Looking for a ball to take you to the next level? Extra feel around the greens? More distance off the tee? You know your priority I am sure, and I'm going to help you find the ball that matches it. Just like I found my buddy his divorce lawyer after he was caught playing golf when he told her he was at his mistress's house!

I've played with a lot of different golf balls because I love trying them all. Different colors, different materials, different number of layers - I don't care. I love it. There are so many options and actually, most of them will suit you if you're in search of the best golf ball for a mid handicapper. It just depends on what you're looking for as explained below.

Tl;dr - The best golf balls mid handicappers are the Srixon Soft feels. Learn why below. 

Best Golf Balls for Mid Handicappers

Here are the 8 best golf balls for mid-handicap golfers:

  1. Srixon Soft Feel (best for handicap 10+)
  2. Kirkland Signature (best budget urethane golf ball in the world)
  3. Srixon Q-Star (best for green side spin)
  4. Callaway SuperSoft (best for super soft feel)
  5. Wilson DUO Professional (best low visibility urethane ball)
  6. TaylorMade Tour Response  (best-value Tour quality ball low compression)
  7. Callaway ERC Soft Triple Track (best alignment aid for putting)
  8. Vice Pro Soft (for lower mid handicappers with low swing speed)

When should I buy some more sophisticated balls?

You can buy balls whenever and whatever skill level you like, but I would suggest that if you are losing more than two balls per round, you should stick to the cheaper or second-hand ones for the following reason:

When you count how much money you are losing every time you nail one in the water, out of bounds or the bushes, it starts to hurt...badly.

On top of that, standing on the tee and feeling tension because you don't want to lose one of the new balls you've purchased will affect your game negatively in an immeasurable way.

If you feel happy to buy these balls and feel confident you may lose only one or two and the idea of losing them won't make you tail spin out of control emotionally, you should definitely invest in yourself. If you're a 10 handicap, a 15 handicap or a 20 handicap, check out these balls that will take you to lower scores. 

srixon soft feel

It's a two-piece construction in it's 11th version but Srixon have reduced the compression to 60. That's more moderate than the ultra low trend at the moment and great for us. The implication is that the distance from the tee with more moderate compression is more impressive than with the compressions below 50 at our average swing speeds.

Srixon have also reduced the thickness of the cover and increased the softness. This added softness is the biggest contributing factor to spin around the greens and the Soft Feel delivers with one of the better two-piece balls for holding greens. It's not going to be zipping back, let's not over-exaggerate, but they'll be streaks ahead of the HARD lake balls you've been hitting.

I played a lot of rounds with the Soft Feel - I think what made it so special to me is that it was the first ball I tried. And it got my mind out of thinking about losing $4 balls and into thinking about smacking $1.50 balls smoothly.

Reasons to buy

  • Very durable in my experience lasted 24 holes straight before I lost it
  • High ball flight to stop on the green
  • Soft feel Fusablend cover
  • Low spin off driver face for straighter longer shots


  • None, at this price point

Kirkland Signature

Simply the best budget golf ball anywhere on earth

kirkland-signature golf ball

There is nothing to dislike about Kirkland Signatures. You can pick them up for next to nothing and play a golf ball that actually performs and have a decent urethane cover. 

I know because I bought 24 of these in the USA and played with them at Pebble Beach, Spanish Bay, everywhere. 

My Experience with the ball

The Kirkland Signatures are balls that fly far, and do hold greens. They spin but not in a way that makes the ball rip so far back that you can't control it.

It will be a big difference for you if you move from a surlyn ball to the urethane of the Kirklands. I found there was actually a GAIN in yardage with the Kirklands and the balls sit down where they pitch. That's at a pretty high swing speed, so you may experience slightly less 'rip' with these balls.

Even hitting the ball with wedges that have a rough face, these balls hold up very well compared to even premium urethane balls. You can go a full 18 holes with this ball and just keep using it. 

This is a great golf ball for mid handicappers because it's high quality, urethane covered but it's at a price where you don't feel upset about losing one and reloading. It's very different when you're paying $4-$5 for a premium ball.

That cannot be overstated. The feeling of freedom when you don't fear losing a golf ball is huge. When you don't care about losing balls, ironically, you lose less. The Kirklands are the gateway to that feeling. 

That's what makes the Kirklands so special. I played a 73 and a 71 at Pebble Beach and used Kirkland. You can enjoy that freedom too. Check out the video on my channel. 

Learn more about who makes these great golf balls here

Reasons to buy

  • Longer and straighter woods and iron shots
  • Priced so well, you won't feel bad reloading if you lose one
  • Best quality urethane golf ball for average weekend golf - no frills


  • There is absolutely nothing to dislike about this golf ball

The Callaway SuperSoft has an ultra-low 35 compression core. What does that mean? Well, it's believed to produce low spin on the drives and a very soft feel on the shorter shots. 

Callaway's improved version of the SuperSoft is a two-piece ball with a very soft Trionomer cover for that extra soft feel and spin when chipping and putting. Off the tee, the ball will carry long distances with longer roll-out for the majority of swing speeds.

My experience with the ball

But does it work? I played this ball for a few rounds and I can confirm the feeling is incredibly soft off the face of the wedge and putter. The ball feels a little marshmallowy off the face of my insert putter but trying it with a steel putter, I noticed a firmer feeling which I preferred. The ball spun quite nicely around the greens too.

The durability was excellent only succumbing to a scuff from a shot I landed on a cart path. Easily one of the most popular golf balls out there for mid handicappers and we can see why. 

Reasons to buy

  • Very soft feel from the Trionomer cover
  • Low compression for longer drives and spinnier chips
  • Well-priced indeed


  • Feels marshmallowy soft on the older putters with inserts

wilson duo pro golf balls

Wilson have always made decent golf ball but get little air time because they're an every man's golf company. The best part of the DUO Pro range is they make them in very high color, matte finish. We like the matte finish because it adds to the 'feel' of a grippier, spinnier urethane golf ball.

My experience with the ball

JMac from the channel absolutely loves these golf balls and he used them to get from a mid handicapper down into the single digits.

They're well-priced and perform well with their urethane cover which provides much more spin. JMac improved with his wedge game and chipping so he needed a new golf ball. I had him playing the Srixon Soft Feels for the longest time, but it was time to level-up the ball game.

The compression in the DUO Pro is 60 and so it's a bit higher for moderate swing speeds. 

Reasons to buy

  • Matte colored urethane doesn't show up the scratches as much as white
  • Half the price of a tour level ball, with similar features
  • PROFESSIONAL written on the side of the ball can be used for alignment
  • 60 compression is more moderate than the ultra low compressions elsewhere


  • Price is reasonable but toward the mid range unlike the Kirklands

srixon q star tour golf balls

Woah. I'd be doing you a major disservice if I didn't suggest the Srixon Q-Star as one of the best golf balls for mid handicappers. If you're into premium-level three-piece balls, you won't find much better value than Srixon Q-Star Tour though, at this price range.

Joe, who contributes to the site has sworn by this ball for years (It used to be the AD333 tour...) He's used it from a high double digit handicap to playing off 12. He really likes the consistent flight he gets with the ball off the driver and the responsive feel off the putter. He also plays in cold, wet conditions in the UK, and this ball is extremely durable. 

The cover is urethane which means a little less durable but with that you get near Tour-level spin green side and on approaches. If you're a solid mid handicapper who is shooting in the 80s majority of the time, this ball could give you the edge to finally break 80.

The low 75 compression core takes care of the spin on the longer shots by reducing it to produce long straight drives especially at moderate swing speeds. 

Quite simply, forget spending crazy money for premium golf balls. The Q-Star Tour is mayor of Value Town.

Reasons to buy

  • Urethane cover for Tour-like feel and spin
  • Extreme value pricing
  • Long decal with arrow for alignment on the side of the ball
  • Soft compression core for lower driver spin


  • A bit of run on the chips but I like bump and run so not a big deal

Are you a competitive golfer who plays often? Want to win more competitions?

Taylormade have made a really accessible Tour-style ball for amateur golfers with the Tour Response. It's rated as a golf ball for 8 to 18 handicap so it falls within the range of best golf balls for mid handicappers especially if you're looking for more spin.

We like to call this a tamed down Tour-level ball. The construction is not as advanced on the interior but the outer cover made of urethane makes a big difference in spin. Combined with a low compression core, you have a ball to blast you through the big 80 or even breaking 90 every time.

The Tour Response uses a urethane cover to give the ball the grippy feel and quick stopping properties of a Tour ball. Compression is rated at 40 so it's designed to maximum some distance for the slower swinger but give you that delicious rip when you hit the greens. 

The difference between a surlyn and a urethane covered ball is something you need to experience to believe. Your chips and pitches just stop with no bounding far beyond the pin leaving those awful 20 footers for par.

My experience with the ball

I have played Tour Response golf balls and they are excellent. The ball spins a lot on approaches and especially with wedges in hand. I actually prefer a much firmer ball because I find this ball spins too much for me on the approaches with wedges. 

Off the putter face, the Tour Response is nice and soft like all urethane balls and feels as good as any. From the tee, at swing speeds above 105 mph, you may be better off with a firmer golf ball as I find I get more distance with a ball with compression of 80 to 100. 

Reasons to buy

  • Urethane cover gives the feel of a Tour ball
  • Excellent spin on approaches and chip shots
  • Price to performance ratio is unparalleled.


  • Practice chipping and putting with soft balls
  • Urethane tends to scuff easier
  • Very fast swings may not benefit from this ball

Steve on my channel LOVES these balls. The ERC Soft Triple Track works especially well with the new Triple Track putters as the lines line up perfectly on your putts.

Callaway make this ERC Soft as a 3-piece ball with a blended cover so it's not purely urethane but a blend including surlyn. That means the cover is very tough and withstands a lot of abuse. The main features of the golf ball are the distance and the alignment aid.

Steve has stopped using urethane balls lately to save on costs and actually found this ball goes further than the urethane balls he was using while also stopping in time on the greens. His swing is slowing and the urethane and ERC Soft balls are reacting the same way.

The alignment aid was the first thing that got him into this ball though. He uses the Triple Track putter and since he started using it, in conjunction with the ball, he makes so many putts inside 7 feet.

It really is one of those amazing things you stumble upon. The ball performs very well as a Srixon Soft Feel or a Kirkland Signature might, but the thing that puts it over the edge for putting alone, is the alignment aid. 

Reasons to buy


  • Not as spinny if you really need greenside stopping power

A three-piece golf ball covered in urethane for extra spin and performance. The High Energy Speed Core creates a higher ball speed and more carry off the tee for the slower swing speed.

But it's more for the guys who are slightly more advanced, so toward the lower end of the handicap spectrum nearing single digits. This will be the ball that takes you over the edge and with the spectacular colors, you get high visibility too.

My experience with the ball

The matte cover is my favorite - they just 'feel" stickier! The softer, urethane cover really grabs on wedge shots, even out of the rough. These are similar to the Volvik Vivid ST (which I LOVE) and that familiarity helped me trust the flight and feel off all clubs. Try them out and if you like them, Vice often do great bulk deals.  

Reasons to buy

  • High visibility golf balls for better tracking
  • Urethane cover for impressive spin
  • Good for the slower swinging, lower mid handicap player looking to break into single digits


  • Some people complain about the sound or feel as a bit "underwhelming"

Golf balls for Mid Handicap Buying info

What do you need to be a single figure handicap?

In my experience, mid handicappers want more spin on approaches and pitches but don't need so much that it magnifies the side spin put on bad shots. 

What I mean is premium golf balls aren't ideal for the 10 to 20 handicap range because they produce more spin so when you hit a slice or a hook, the ball will actually slice or hook MORE. If you decide to play decent golf balls, you need to pair them up with a good set of mid handicap irons so you can take full advantage of the technology. 

Pros have a much larger skill set producing a variety of shot shapes with the extra spin they produce. But there's also something else every golfer wants more than spin. 

What is the best golf ball for a 10 handicap?

We want booming distance off the tee without swinging like Bubba Watson. Luckily mid handicappers around the 10 handicap mark are right in the sweet spot of the golf ball market to take advantage of golf balls designed specifically with medium spin and long distance without a huge price tag! Your average score is about 85 and you're close to the breaking 80 barrier. 

Mid handicap is where the manufacturers produce and sell the most golf balls at reasonable price points which makes your life super simple. You can choose between the surlyn and the urethane covered golf balls. 

If you prefer a urethane ball and want to play on a budget, Kirkland Signatures but for a bit more, the Taylormade Tour Response are the best in the 10 handicap category. If you want to play the surlyn ball and care about durability and want more rollout, the best ball is the Srixon Soft Feel and the Callaway Super Soft

Now, if you still prefer a Pro V1 or another premium ball, that's a perfectly fine choice and I've listed the best ones for your perusal.

Best golf ball for mid handicap senior

If you're losing some swing speed but are still shooting in 80s, then you want a ball that's going to give you the most distance, spin and control to keep you in that mid handicap bracket. For senior golfers with moderate swing speeds I would highly recommend the excellent Srixon Q Star Tour. It's such a consistent golf ball and at 75 compression, it's going to give you the most from every MPH of club head speed you generate. Great green side control and outstanding durability make this a really smart choice for the price point. 

What is the best golf ball for a 15 to 20 handicap?

From 15 to 20 handicap, you're right at the top range of the mid handicapper segment. I would say your average score is between 90 and 100. For the 15 to 20 handicap golfer, I suggest the surlyn covered golf balls. They're usually two-piece and focus on distance. 

At this stage of your golf journey, your handicap and skills are suggesting that you need to keep the ball in play. The last thing that you need is a lot of extra spin, slicing the ball further away from the target. A low spin golf ball will work well and any of the balls on this list that I have mentioned will be the best balls for 15 to 20 handicappers. The best one being the Srixon Soft Feel.

Criteria to buy the best golf balls for mid handicappers

If you're confused or stuck between two balls, why not try both of them during a round? That way you can play different shots throughout the round comparing driving distance, green side play, approaches and putting.

I always encourage dropping Pro V1 golf balls for mid handicappers. The technology is set up for advanced players with very fast swings and the ability to control their spin rates as well as the direction they hit the ball so they don't lose many.

Those premium tour balls will accentuate your slice or draws because of the increase in spin but also without the same repertoire of shots a pro has, the money could be better spent. The spin rate is not only referring to top spin or back spin, but also side spin. So bang for your buck in a $4 ball is very low.

Using mid handicapper, mid ranged balls will get you a lot more value for money and reduce the dread of hitting a ball over water to a par 3! And you'll save some money and lower your scores! Check out how the handicap system works.

What if I have a high swing speed and mid handicap?

If you have a HIGH SWING SPEED but are a mid handicap golfer, you can play the same balls or check out the guide in the link. But I would suggest getting control of the swing first and then looking at upgrading your ball. Until then, play second hand balls, because the harder you swing, the more balls you lose. 


Anyone asking me for advice on which ball to play as a mid handicapper will get one of three responses:

If you want a cheap ball made with surlyn and you lose more than 2 per round, get Srixon Soft Feel.

If you want a tour style of golf ball and want more spin, get a Tour Response or Kirkland Signature.

These are the best golf balls for mid handicappers.

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