Best Golf Ball for High Swing Speed 100 Mph Plus in 2023

A lot of golfers don't realize the importance of matching a golf ball to swing speed. Most players without high swing speeds regard all golf balls as the same. You and I know that's not true, especially at 100 mph swing speed and above.

In fact, our swing speed will make different golf balls behave in different ways. High swing speeds just hit the golf ball differently. If you're a 100 mph swing speed or MORE golfer, you have to check out the best golf balls for high swing speed to maximize your game. They'll take you to the next level and bring your scores way down.

Best Golf Balls for High Swing Speeds

  1. Kirkland Signature (best for wild long hitters)
  2. Bridgestone Tour BXS (Tiger Woods ball of choice)
  3. Titleist Pro V1 (best for peace of mind)
  4. Callaway Chrome Soft X Triple Track (best for short putt alignment)
  5. Vice Pro Plus (best value golf ball for performance)

Kirkland Signature

The greatest budget urethane golf ball

kirkland-signature golf ball

These balls are rare to find where I am so I ordered some online and I have to tell you, if I lived in the US, this would be my ball of choice. It's so cheap yet goes like a rocket. I don't really like to proclaim too much distance off the tee with a ball but this one was really quite phenomenal. I noticed distance gains, but I was skeptical about their stopping power. 

My experience

In this Youtube on my channel, I was playing with Steve and included a couple of my shots with the Kirkland signature and on the 10th hole, it was amazing to see how quickly the ball stopped. On the 11th hole, I hit the longest driver I have ever hit on that hole and then followed it up on the 12th with a 6 iron that stopped BEHIND the pitch mark.

I can safely recommend this ball to anyone who is on a budget, hits it hard and doesn't want to lose expensive premium balls!

I played this ball at Pebble Beach and Spanish Bay to shoot 74 and 71 respectively. Yes, I like this golf ball and there is not much wrong with it.


  • Absolutely cheap no two ways about it
  • Stop on the spot with mid to low irons and rip with wedges a few feet
  • Booming off the tee from my experience
  • Bulk packages are value
  • You can hit these and not worry about losing a few because they're a budget ball


  • First few hits feel a bit firm and will take getting used to
  • I wouldn't recommend if you like quick stopping lobbers

Bridgestone Tour B XS 

For maximum distance and Tour spin played by Tiger Woods

bridgestone tour brxs golf ball

Bridgestone - the famous tire and Nike golf ball manufacturer - have made it super easy to find the best golf ball for high swing speeds. It tells you on the box! 

These balls are for people swinging the driver faster than 105 mph. The 'S' on the end of the name stands for Spin. The Tour BXS has a soft feel to it for golfers wanting more feel and spin around the greens. 

In the B XS, you get oodles of control and feel. Distance is equal to any other premium golf balls with a 100 mph swing speed or more. But the feel and spin from wedge shots and short irons is something to behold. A redesigned SlipRes cover keeps it gripped to the club face longer for more spin and high trajectory. 

My experience

Overall, one of the best golf balls for high speed swings. I did notice the balls scuffed easily on harder driving wedge shots. Along with that came up to 6 feet of zip backwards when hitting the greens.

You'll need to control that spin when hitting these. The dimple pattern is a little different to what you may be used to and seems much shallower. Sometimes these looks put us off. But you have to hit them to understand it makes no difference and the ball performs just as well as others in the premium category.


  • Penetrating flight through the wind
  • Soft cover high compression golf balls for Tour level spin
  • Excellent value/performance price ratio
  • Distance is equal to top premium balls


  • Cover is soft and gets scuffed really really easily

Titleist Pro V1

The industry leader gives you peace of mind

titleist pro v1

There is nothing more to say other than yes this ball is the best in the world. 

The main reason to play these is because they are the most widely used on the PGA Tour. That means the pros trust them, the winners use them so in turn, we shall too.

A lot of the time, it comes down to how secure you feel with a golf ball. If you're second-guessing yourself because of the ball, you're not committed to your shot. If you have no worries about the high compression golf ball performing the way you want, you hit better shots.

The Pro V1 is my choice as it flies a bit lower than the Pro V1x which seems to generate more spin. 


  • Durable urethane cover
  • Distance gains off the tee
  • Stops where it's supposed to
  • The ultimate high compression golf ball


  • Nothing besides price but that is starting to level off with most competitors

Callaway Chrome Soft X Triple Track

Now with Triple track alignment

callaway chrome soft x triple track golf balls

The Callaway Chrome Soft is the most popular ball at golf shops but for the 100 mph swing speed or above, Callaway also produce the Chrome Soft X.

There was a bit of controversy a while ago with My Golf Spy claiming the Chrome was a short golf ball. Callaway addressed that. They also introduced the Triple Track marking on the side of the ball which lines up perfectly with their Odyssey Triple track putters. 

They've used a four-piece construction with a larger Dual SoftFast core to get the ball to go as straight and long as any other top premium golf ball when swung at high swing speeds. 

A compression of 95 makes the Chrome Soft X  a high compression golf ball, perfect for higher swing speeds. Callaway ball features hexagonal dimples. If your speed is not high enough, these golf balls will feel like rocks. With a 100 mph swing speed, the ball will spin enough and instead of creating the ripping effect, of 5 yards of spin, you can control the ball enough to get it to stop closer to the pitch mark.

Bottom line is the ball works well for higher swing speeds especially if its 100 mph or higher. Callaway needed to create a supplement to their popular Chrome Soft range to have something that big bombers and tour players can use and provides an all-round good performance.


  • Soft feeling on the face of all clubs.
  • Stops close to the pitch mark with not as much rip backwards.
  • All round performance makes it one of the best golf balls for high swing speed


  • Since I use this ball, I can't find anything particularly wrong with it.

Vice Pro Plus

Good for very fast swings - 110 mph +

vice pro plus golf balls

The Germans have produced a minimalist and slick-looking four-piece urethane covered golf ball with the Vice Pro Plus. But look at that logo. If that doesn't scream sexy, nothing does.

My experience

The Vice Pro Plus feels firmer than the Titleists - pretty similar to the B XS from Bridgestone reviewed a little higher up. With a four-piece construction, golf balls fly a little lower, so if you're looking for a more penetrating flight, the Vice Pro Plus works beautifully. 

Sound off the driver is also different to Titleists Pro V1x. It gives a bigger smack and with a faster swing, the Pro Plus feels firmer and hotter off the face than a lot of Tour balls.

For you big hitting beasts who want some finesse into the greens from inside 150 yards, this ball stops where it drops. The trajectory is high, generating a lot of spin, making the ball stick right where it lands. Can I say it's identical to the market-leader? No, but how about 90% as good? Yes. For so much cheaper, this is a tough competitor to the best golf ball for high swing speeds, the Pro V1x.


  • Penetrating lower ball flight
  • Firm feeling with moderate spin for more control
  • Pleasant firm feeling on the putter similar to best premium balls
  • Also comes in bright green and red colors


  • Cover is very soft and cuts occur more than just scuffs
  • Low brand recognition

Frequently Asked Questions about high swing speed balls

What compression golf ball should I use?

High compression golf balls are important to complement your high swing speed. Generally 100mph swing speed or more should match up with a golf ball compression of more than 90 and probably more than 100 compression.

  1. High compression golf balls are firmer with harder cores.
  2. High compression golf balls compress slower so a faster swing is needed to fully compress the ball.
  3. High compression golf balls maximize your distance potential at higher swing speeds.
  4. Firmer cores and ball compressions over 90 are often mostly in Tour golf balls - Titleist Pro V1 and Pro V1x or the TaylorMade TP5

Are Pro V1 and Pro V1x the best golf balls for high swing speed?

The number one ball in golf is Titleist and the Pro V range in particular. Of course, the fastest swing speeds in the world play these balls on the PGA Tour with the average swing speed around 110 mph. Is it the best for you? It depends on your budget and propensity to lose golf balls. 

So yes it's the best golf ball...if you're good enough. 

Premium expensive balls do not benefit anyone who is shooting high scores and losing a lot of golf balls. Fearing the loss of an expensive golf ball while standing on the tee is a sure way to sabotage yourself mentally before the shot.

Best golf ball for mid handicap with high swing speed

I recommend that you play off a solid 15 handicap or less to benefit from using the balls on this list - not losing golf balls.

Anything above a 15 handicap is an average score of 90+ and you'll need to sharpen up to benefit greatly from the softer covers and price of the golf balls. The best golf balls for mid handicapperseven if you swing above a 100 mph swing speed, is a better place to find some more budget friendly. You want to lose fewer golf balls before committing to premium balls.

If you are swinging it well over 100 mph swing speeds and losing golf balls left and right, I would suggest you're hitting the ball too hard. you need to dial it in and start smaller. Start with softer shots and play cheaper balls until you're not losing them and shooting over 100. These golf balls are not for you and you'll dread playing them, anticipating losing them.

Get some lessons and harness your power. Then once you're able to lose 1 or less balls per round, or earn enough to lose 6 per round, move onto the more premium ball. Until then, almost any golf ball will do for you.

Does a fast swing speed alone determine the golf ball?

No. The golf ball you select if you have a 100 mph or higher swing speed and even more so over, a 110 mph swing speed, is not only tied to the speed of the swing or the tempo. You should always pick a golf ball that will perform the way you want to perform.

The premium golf balls are hit by professionals that hit the ball with fast swings on the Tour. That is partially because they are paid to play the balls and also because they have to use the best of the best balls to get the job done. But please keep in mind, these players are incredibly skilled and precise in what they can do with the golf ball.

Think about how precise you are and if you will benefit from a premium golf ball. If not, you can stick to cheaper balls where you won't notice much difference in performance. You may find that premium balls spin too much for you because your swing is so fast. 

How does a fast swing speed affect the golf ball?

Golf balls spin because of the revolutions put on the ball by the speed of the swing and the angle of attack from the clubface. Often, fast swingers of the club impart a lot more spin than average swings. Hitting a golf ball above a 100 mph swing speed can create excess spin on golf balls that cause the balls to rip back too far on approaches. The extra spin might make the ball balloon and land short. 

The key is to have your swing under control and learn to harness your power and hold back sometimes to produce the result you want. This is a much more valuable skill than merely the ball you use.

On drives, with the correct angle of attack and loft on your driver, you will have a lot less spin on the ball. Urethane balls will spin more, while surlyn covered balls spin less. If your angle of attack is too steep or you flip the ball with your hands, every ball will spin more and shoot up into the air. 

Why do the long drive competitors hit 2-piece balls?

The long-drive competitions are sponsored by manufacturers so their balls will be used in the competitions. Of course, they want to maximize the distance the long drivers are hitting so they use the hardest, longest golf ball focusing purely on distance. If your focus is solely distance, and nothing else on the golf course, this will suit you.

Golf is a game played on the course though so we factored in the need for spin and touch and approach shots. If you do choose a distance golf ball, you'll need to adjust your chipping and pitching to allow more roll out as the distance balls are not designed to bite or stop on the greens very easily.


Most of the top end balls will suit your game it just depends on your skill level. If you are consistent and don't lose many balls, the premium balls are for you. If you're a bit erratic, it's going to be best to test a few balls. The urethane covered premium balls will give you more feel and spin around the greens which the harder balls won't do with your fast swing. 

I love the Volvik S4 and the SaintNine Extreme Soft Gold and I have a 110 mph swing speed. 

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