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Best Golf Pencil Bags 2024

Last Updated on January 2, 2024 by Matt Greene
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Golf pencil bags are the lightest and easiest bags for you if you like to play a quick round in the evening. The best golf pencil bags have light storage for some balls and tees, and a half set of clubs.

Pencil bags are also a lot lighter than many of the best golf bags and take up very little space so you can always have your clubs on the back seat, ready to go. It's a cool look; arriving at the golf course with a pencil bag under your arm, ready to rock.

Pencil bags are underrated and can be used together with your main bag. You can take half a set to the course, or just a few clubs to the range for practice without lugging the full bag with you. In this guide, we'll explore some of the best options. Make sure you read some of our other posts on the best golf bags for push carts and best golf stand bags.

Best Sunday Pencil Golf Bags 2024

  1. Sunday Golf Loma Pencil Stand Bag (Editor's pick - best specialist pencil bag)
  2. Titleist Premium Carry Pencil bag (most unique mini stand)
  3. Cobra Ultralight Pencil Bag (best golf pencil bag without a stand)
  4. Mizuno BR D2 Quiver Bag (best deluxe pencil golf bag)

Sunday Golf Loma Pencil Bag

sunday loma pencil bag

Why we like it:

  • Specialist golf bag manufacturer in the small bag market - premium and built to last
  • The lightest bag at 2 lbs in weight 
  • Full length legs make it easy to access clubs without needing to bend down
  • The widest color selection in the pencil bag market
  • Velour lined valuables pocket for your keys, wallet and phone
  • Cooler pouch to keep the drinks cold

What you need to know: The Loma pencil golf bag comfortably carries 6-7 clubs and is a specialist pencil bag from the leading minimalist golf bag manufacturer in the world. The strap is only a single strap. 

The Loma XL version may be more appropriate if you want a bag for more than the pitch and putt course or driving range.

Titleist Premium Carry Pencil bag 

best golf pencil bag titleist

Why we like it:

  • The apparel pocket is full length for plenty of jacket and hat storage
  • Lightweight only 3 lbs in weight 
  • Mini legs are unique and keep the bag from lying totally on the ground
  • The bag can actually fit 14 clubs
  • External water bottle pocket for easy access while walking
  • With no clubs in the bag, you can fold it, and store it under your car seat

What you need to know: The bag has no support to inside the fabric and is a true pencil bag. If you try stand it upright, the bag will fold over. You rest the bag on the ground and the top area of the bag is propped up by a mini stand, only a few inches off the turf. The stand is not like normal golf stand bags.

Cobra Ultralight Pencil Bag

best golf pencil bags cobra

Why we like it:

  • One of the few bags with a double or single strap option
  • Lightweight only 3 lbs in weight 
  • Mini legs are unique and keep the bag from lying totally on the ground
  • 5 pockets for ample storage of gear and balls
  • With no clubs in the bag, you can fold it, and store it under your car seat

What you need to know: The Cobra Ultralight is a simple bag without a stand. It is a basic pencil bag that allows you to carry your clubs and some gear without any bells and whistles. 

Mizuno BR D2 Quiver Bag

mizuno pencil bag

Why we like it:

  • Excellent pocket system with a detachable pouch if you want to take your valuables with you into the clubhouse
  • Lightweight only 3 lbs in weight 
  • Dual shoulder straps
  • Mini stand legs to keep the bag off the ground with water resistant coated underbelly
  • Four basic red, black, blue and white options
  • The bag can take a beating and shows minimal sign of wear and tear

What you need to know: The legs on the bag are shorter than most anticipate. It will rest above the ground but the legs are around half the usual length of regular stand bags. Keep in mind you will need to bend down to retrieve your clubs. 

What is a Sunday Golf Pencil Bag?

A Sunday golf pencil bag, also known as a Sunday bag or pencil bag is a lightweight and minimalist type of golf bag designed for golfers who prefer walk the course with only a few clubs.

They are also popular bags for the driving range or pitch and putt courses. These bags are often used for casual rounds, practice sessions, or when playing only a few holes. They are named "Sunday bags" due to their historical association with golfers who would use them for leisurely rounds on Sundays.

Things to Consider When Buying A Pencil Bag

From functionality to style, here are the key considerations for selecting the best golf pencil bag for you:

  1. What will you use it for? Pencil bags great for the driving range to take a few clubs. They can also be used for pitch and putt courses or if you enjoy using half a set on the golf course. They would not be suitable for 14 club play and if you need a bag for driving on carts. 
  2. Storage Capacity: Understand you will only be able to store a few essentials. Some pencil bags have quite a bit of storage for a jacket but you will be limited to what you can store in a pencil bag.
  3. Durability: While pencil bags are compact, they still need to withstand the rigors of the golf course. Look for durable materials, reinforced stitching, and quality zippers to ensure your bag can endure the elements. While it is a secondary bag for most people, you don't really need to buy one every year, so it's best to find a high quality fabric like the bags in this article.
  4. Comfort: Get a pencil bag with a nice strap with padding that sites in a good position on the shoulder. No matter how light the bag is, an uncomfortable strap can make you regret carrying in a few holes. 
  5. Stand style: If you want a bag that stands in a way you can reach your clubs without bending, you need a full length stand pencil bag. If you don't mind bending over to retrieve clubs, then the short stands or mini stands are suitable for you. It can be annoying to bend down a lot if you did not factor that into your purchasing decision.
  6. Weather Resistance: Naturally you want a bag that suits your climate conditions to protect your clubs from the weather. 

What are Golf Pencil Bags Used For?

Golf pencil bags are small, lightweight alternatives to traditional golf bags, designed to carry only the essentials.

  1. Minimalist Carry: 5-8 clubs and some balls.. 
  2. Quick Rounds: When you want to turn up, grab a few clubs and chill out.
  3. Practice Sessions: I always use pencil bags for the driving range, usually taking only driver, 4 iron, 7 iron, pitching wedge. I don't like lugging the whole golf bag from the car to the house and from the car to the range. 
  4. Walking Courses: This is good for people starting out walking and using only a few clubs to get used to the idea of carrying. 
  5. Casual Play: Pitch and putt courses and executive golf courses where only 3 or 4 clubs will do and there is minimal chance of losing a ball.


They make the perfect bag for a quick nine holes, a practice session, or make it easy to play a half set. The balance between functionality and aesthetics, storage and simplicity, makes these bags great alternatives to bringing the big bag everywhere all the time.

In the end, the choice of the best pencil golf bag comes down to your playing style. Whether you're a proper walking golfer, a casual enthusiast, or in need of a bag for the driving range, pencil golf bags offer you options that can elevate your game, lighten your load, and help chill you out on the course.

Last Updated on January 2, 2024 by Matt Greene