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Best Cheap Golf Bag in 2024

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Looking for a high-quality golf bag without draining your wallet? Look no further! In this article, we unveil the best affordable budget golf bags that offer exceptional value without compromising on quality.

After extensive research and consideration of user reviews and expert opinions, we have compiled a list of top contenders. We've split the list into stand and cart/push cart bags so everyone should be covered.

Whether you're a beginner or just looking for a new golf bag or another option, you're in the right place. Let's do this!

Best Cheap Golf Bag in 2024

Golf stand bags

  1. TaylorMade 5.0 ST Golf Stand Bag (editor's pick - best golf stand bag)
  2. Callaway Golf Fairway 14 Golf Stand Bag (best color options)
  3. Wilson Staff EXO Golf Stand Bag  (best for pushcarts)
  4. Big Max Heaven Seven Golf Stand Bag (cheapest bag)

Golf cart bags

TaylorMade 5.0 ST Golf Stand Bag

Best stand bag for the money

tm 5.0 stand bag

The TaylorMade 5.0 ST Golf Stand Bag punches way above its weight. This bag looks solid and its construction is robust, utilizing high-quality materials that ensure long performance even in demanding conditions. This is what you would expect from a TaylorMade product and it's what you get even at a lower price point.

This is a super lightweight golf bag, making it a great choice for guys who like to walk the course and carry their golf bag. Weighing in at just 5 pounds, its lighter than others in this list, but doesn't feel flimsy and poorly made. Carrying the bag feels effortless, thanks to the padded dual shoulder straps that distribute the weight evenly, reducing strain on the shoulders and back.

The stand system of the TaylorMade 5.0 ST Golf Stand Bag is super easy to use. The anti-split stand legs work perfectly on different types of ground and retract smoothly when it's time to carry the bag. With a stand bag, the last thing you want to be worrying about is the damn thing blowing over in the wind on the golf course and you don't have that feeling with this bag.

With multiple pockets and compartments, the 5.0 ST bag has loads of storage space for all of your golf stuff. The large apparel pocket can hold waterproofs and other layers, while the accessory pockets are perfect for golf balls, tees, and other stuff we all accumulate in our golf bags. The velour lined valuables pocket keeps your personal items secure and easily accessible and the soft material avoids scratches. The bag's 4-way top with full-length dividers is simple but effective. It's not the luxury of a 14 way divider but it does the job.

The TaylorMade 5.0 ST is a fantastic golf bag. It is a lightweight, durable, and functional golf bag for a brilliant price. Whether you prefer walking the course or using a cart or push cart, this could be the perfect bag for you.


  • TaylorMade quality
  • The best zips I've seen on a golf bag
  • Solid stand system - won't fall over in the wind
  • Massive pockets
  • Lightweight


  • Strap is a little fiddly

Callaway Golf Fairway 14 Golf Stand Bag

Loads of color options 

callaway fairway 14 stand bag

Callaway has always made some of the best golf bags for carts, so how do their stand bags stack up? This bag looks the business, coming in loads of different colorways to match your style and has all of the key features you expect from a stand bag.

When it comes to organizing your clubs, the Fairway 14 Golf Stand Bag shines. As the name suggest, there are 14 full-length dividers for a dedicated slot for each club, which prevents them from tangling and banging around when you're carrying your bag. I am a huge fan of dedicated dividers and I always look for a stand bag with this feature. The "Lowrider" moulded top is really solid and make it east to access your clubs when in pushcart mode.

The bag offers generous storage options with multiple spacious pockets, including a large apparel pocket, accessory pockets, and a valuables pocket. Each pocket is strategically placed to allow ease of access when carrying or when the bag is on a cart or trolley. The zips and pocket openings have been well thought out and you don't get your hands snagged using them.

Callaway understands the importance of comfort, and the Fairway 14 Golf Stand Bag delivers. Thick padded shoulder straps provide a customized fit and excellent weight distribution, minimizing fatigue and strain during long walks on the course. The stand system is hassle-free and locks away tidily when in cart mode.

The Fairway 14 Golf Stand Bag includes all the extra bells and whistles which make a golf bag "premium" even for a lower price than the competition. An umbrella holder, towel ring, and glove attachment provide practicality and convenience on the course. The bag weighs in at 6 pounds so is a little heavier than other bags on this list. Keep this is mind if you plan on using it mainly as a carry bag.


  • Loads of colours to choose from 
  • 14 way divider for clubs
  • Well placed pockets
  • Really comfortable straps
  •  Easy to use stand


  • Not the lightest on test

Wilson Staff EXO Golf Stand Bag

Amazing value from Wilson  

wilson exo stand bag

Wilson aren't really talked about when it comes to golf bags, but they should be. They are often overshadowed by the big boys but they keep making high quality product and can keep putting them out of for really competitive prices as they aren't always paying high marketing budgets. 

Here's why we really like this bag: 

  • Lightweight and Portable: The Wilson Staff EXO Golf Stand Bag is designed with portability in mind. It is lightweight, making it easy to carry and maneuver on the course. Whether you prefer to walk or use a cart, this bag is a convenient choice for golfers on the go.
  • Exceptional Organization: The EXO Golf Stand Bag offers excellent organization options to keep your clubs and gear in order. With a 5-way top and full-length dividers, your clubs stay protected and easily accessible. The multiple pockets, including apparel pockets, accessory pockets, and a valuables pocket, provide ample storage for all your golfing essentials.
  • Durable and Built to Last: Wilson Staff is known for its quality craftsmanship, and the EXO Golf Stand Bag is no exception. Constructed with durable materials, this bag is built to withstand the rigors of regular use. It can endure the elements and is designed to provide long-lasting performance, ensuring it will be a reliable companion on your golfing journey.
  • Comfortable Carry System: The EXO Golf Stand Bag features a comfortable carry system that makes it easy to transport. The adjustable shoulder straps are padded, providing a comfortable fit and reducing strain on your shoulders and back. This allows you to enjoy your round without discomfort or fatigue.
  • Stylish Design: Wilson Staff has paid attention to aesthetics with the EXO Golf Stand Bag. It features a sleek and stylish design, with modern color options and branding that will turn heads on the course. Not only does it offer functionality and performance, but it also adds a touch of style to your golfing ensemble.


  • Multiple handles for easy moving 
  • Built to last
  • Very light for such a feature packed bag
  • Rugged construction 


  • It looks OK
  • Not many people play Wilson clubs - so many won't use it

Big Max Heaven Seven Golf Stand Bag

Unknown but quality bag

big max 7 heaven golf bag

This is a little known brand but I've seen it quite a lot on golf courses here in Thailand. The caddies over here love it as it's super lightweight, which is ideal if they're pulling the bag on a cart. As a carry bag it does exactly what you would expect, with pretty solid legs for a budget golf bag.

There is plenty of storage for all of your gear and I've found the materials used to be high quality. The only downside is that there isn't an insulated drink pouch which is always a handy feature.

The bag has nice straps which aren't fiddly to adjust so you can get the bag sitting just right on your back. You can use it on a push cart and golf buggy just fine too.

This might be the fanciest option on this list, but it's a really solid golf bag for the money.


  • Filthy cheap
  • Good dividers 
  • Did I say it was cheap? 
  • Light as a feather


  • No insulated drinks pouch 

TaylorMade Select ST Cart Bag

TaylorMade at the top again

taylormade select st cart bag

TaylorMade top the list again this time for their excellent TaylorMade Select ST Cart Bag. For an affordable golf bag, this is has everything you need and more.

When people get a cart bag, decent storage is usually at the top of their list of must have features and this bag delivers. The TaylorMade Select ST Cart Bag has multiple pockets, including large apparel pockets, accessory pockets, and an insulated cooler pocket.

This bag is specifically designed for use on a golf cart, featuring a cart strap pass-through and a secure base that fits well on a cart. It provides easy access to your clubs and equipment during rounds, keeping them securely in place while on the move.

The Select ST Cart Bag features a "stadium" 14-way top with full-length dividers. Dividers are pretty much essential when using a cart to stop your clubs rattling about and getting tangled when you're rolling around.

The bag includes features designed for comfort and convenience, such as a padded shoulder strap for carrying the bag short distances, molded handles for easy lifting, and a towel loop for quick access to your towel during rounds.

This is the best budget golf bag for carts and push trolley on the market right now. Grab one and you won't regret it.


  • "Stadium" divider top 
  • Full length divider 
  • Crazy amounts of storage
  • Nice little should strap for transportation
  • Designed to work on a cart 


  • It's a little bulky but many won't mind 

Hot-Z Golf 2.5 Cart Bag

Best value cart bag 

Hot-Z Golf 2.5 Cart Bag

You might not have heard of Hot-Z as a brand but they should definitely be considered when looking for a really reasonably priced cart bag.

Here's why we like this bag:

  • Lightweight and compact: The Hot-Z Golf 2.5 Cart Bag is an ultra lite cart bag, making it easy to transport and is ideal for golfers who prefer to use a pushcart.
  • Loads of storage: It might be compact, but this bag offers plenty of storage space with multiple pockets. You can carry all of your golfing essentials without needing to cram anything in and not know where everything is.
  • Durable build: The Hot-Z Golf 2.5 Cart Bag is built to last. It features durable materials and solid construction that can withstand regular use and exposure to the elements thanks to the rugged construction materials.
  • Cart-friendly design: The bag is designed specifically for use on a golf cart. It features a cart strap loop that secures it to the cart, ensuring stability and preventing the bag from shifting during transportation. It also has a cart-friendly base for easy placement on the cart.
  • Affordable price: The Hot-Z Golf 2.5 Cart Bag offers good value for its price point. It provides essential features and functionality without breaking the bank, making it a budget-friendly option for golfers.

When considering the Hot-Z Golf 2.5 Cart Bag, its lightweight and compact design, ample storage, durable construction, cart-friendly features, and affordability make it an attractive choice for golfers seeking a reliable and affordable cart bag.


  • Cheap
  • Cart and pushcart friendly base
  • Lightweight


  • Not the most eye catching bag

Prosimmon Tour 14 Way Cart Golf Bag

Best 14 way cart bag 

Prosimmon Tour 14 Way Cart Golf Bag

The Prosimmon Tour 14 Way Cart Golf Bag is a feature-packed bag that offers excellent functionality and organization for golfers who primarily use a golf cart. Here are the key aspects worth considering:

Organization: The standout feature of this bag is its 14-way top divider system, providing individual slots for each club. I find this this to be essential for a cart bag to stop rattling and tangling of clubs. There's something about driving around in a cart which causes club issues! Theres also a dedicated putter sleeve which I LOVE on a cart bag. Easy access to the club you use on every hole. 

Storage: The Prosimmon Tour Cart Golf Bag offers plenty of storage options which you expect from these styles of golf bags. It includes multiple pockets, including apparel pockets, accessory pockets, a cooler pocket, and a valuables pocket.

Comfortable Carrying: While primarily intended for cart use, the Prosimmon Tour Cart Golf Bag includes a padded shoulder strap. This allows for easy transportation between the car and the cart, or if your cart or push trolley breaks down!


  • Super cheap for the amount of features 
  • Massive amounts of easy access storage 
  • 14 dividers and a putter sheath 


  • Not the best looking bag
  • Putter sheath is a bit unsightly 

Final thoughts: The Best Cheap Golf Bags

In conclusion, choosing the right golf bag is a crucial decision for any golfer, and it's important to consider individual needs and preferences. Whether you opt for a stand bag, a cart bag, or a lightweight pencil bag, finding the perfect balance between functionality, convenience, and affordability is key.

From beginners embarking on their golfing journey to seasoned players seeking reliable spare bags, our selection has options for all. We've considered factors such as size, weight, club organization, storage options, comfort, and durability to ensure that every golfer can find a bag that suits their specific needs.

What to consider when buying a golf bag

When buying a golf bag, there are several key factors to consider to ensure you make the right choice for your needs. Here are some important aspects to keep in mind:

  1. Bag Type: Determine the type of golf bag that suits your playing style. The main options are cart bags, stand bags, and carry bags. Cart bags are designed for use on golf carts, while stand bags have built-in legs for standing on the ground. Carry bags are lightweight and designed to be carried on your shoulder.
  2. Size and Weight: Consider the size and weight of the bag. If you frequently walk the course, a lighter bag may be more comfortable to carry. Ensure the bag has sufficient storage space for your clubs, balls, accessories, and personal items.
  3. Club Dividers: Look for a golf bag with individual club dividers. Dividers help keep your clubs organized, protected, and easily accessible during your round.
  4. Storage Features: Check the bag's storage options, including pockets for golf balls, tees, gloves, valuables, and apparel. Additional features such as cooler pockets or umbrella holders can also be beneficial.
  5. Durability and Quality: Assess the bag's construction, materials, and overall durability. A well-made bag with sturdy zippers, reinforced handles, and durable fabric will ensure longevity and protection for your equipment.
  6. Comfort and Convenience: Consider the bag's strap system, padding, and overall ergonomics. Look for features that enhance comfort during transportation, such as padded shoulder straps, dual straps, or ergonomic handles.
  7. Waterproofing: Golf is often played in various weather conditions, so choosing a bag with water-resistant or waterproof material can help protect your gear from rain or dampness.
  8. Price: Set a budget and look for options that offer the best value for money. Assess the features, quality, and durability of the bag in relation to its price.

Should I buy a stand bag or a cart bag?

The choice between a stand bag and a cart bag depends on your specific needs and playing style. Here are some factors to consider when deciding between the two:

Stand Bag:

  • Portability: Stand bags are designed for golfers who prefer to walk the course. They typically feature built-in legs that extend to keep the bag upright, making it easy to access clubs while on the move.
  • Lightweight: Stand bags are generally lighter than cart bags, making them more comfortable to carry for extended periods.
  • Versatility: Stand bags can be used on both walking and riding rounds, providing flexibility if you occasionally use a golf cart.
  • Limited storage space: Stand bags tend to have fewer pockets and storage options compared to cart bags, so if you carry a lot of gear or frequently need extra storage, a stand bag may not be ideal.

Cart Bag:

  • Convenience: Cart bags are designed to be used on golf carts or pushcarts, offering easy access to golf clubs and storage while riding.
  • Ample storage: Cart bags typically have more pockets and storage compartments, allowing you to carry all of your golf gear and personal items.
  • Organizational features: Cart bags often come with full-length dividers, which keep clubs separate and prevent them from tangling or clashing during transportation.
  • Stability: Cart bags fit securely on the cart, preventing shifting or movement during transportation.
  • Less portability: Cart bags are bulkier and heavier than stand bags, which may make them less suitable for golfers who prefer to walk the course.

Your decision should be based on your playing preferences, how you typically navigate the course, and the amount of equipment you carry. If you primarily walk the course and prioritize portability, a stand bag is a great choice. On the other hand, if you typically ride in a golf cart or pushcart and require more storage space and convenience, a cart bag may be the better option.

What bag should a senior golfer buy?

When it comes to choosing a golf bag for senior golfers, there are a few key factors to consider to accommodate their specific needs. Here are some considerations:

  1. Lightweight: Opt for a lightweight bag that is easier to carry or maneuver for senior golfers who prefer walking the course. Look for materials like nylon or lightweight synthetic fabrics to reduce overall weight.
  2. Stand Bag with Comfortable Straps: A stand bag with ergonomic and padded shoulder straps is beneficial for seniors who choose to walk the course. This will provide better comfort and reduce strain on the shoulders and back.
  3. Easy-to-Use Features: Look for bags with user-friendly features, such as easy-access pockets, large zippers, and user-friendly buckles. This ensures that senior golfers can easily retrieve their clubs, accessories, and personal items without any unnecessary hassle.
  4. Club Organization: Consider a golf bag with individual club dividers to keep clubs separated and prevent tangling. This feature enhances convenience and makes it easier for senior golfers to locate and retrieve specific clubs during their round.
  5. Ample Storage: Ensure the bag has enough storage space for essential items, including golf balls, tees, rain gear, and personal belongings. Multiple pockets and compartments will help keep everything organized and easily accessible.
  6. Sturdy and Stable: Look for a bag that is stable when standing upright or when placed on a golf cart. This provides convenience and prevents the bag from tipping over, making it easier for senior golfers to access their clubs and equipment.
  7. Consider Personal Requirements: Take into account any specific needs or preferences that a senior golfer may have. For example, if they have mobility issues, a bag with a cart strap pass-through can securely attach to a golf cart.
  8. Budget: Consider the budget and find a golf bag that offers good value for money. While high-end bags may have luxurious features, there are affordable options available that meet the needs of senior golfers without compromising quality.

The best golf bag for a senior golfer will depend on their individual preferences, physical abilities, and playing style. By prioritizing lightweight design, comfort, convenience, and organization, senior golfers can find a bag that enhances their enjoyment of the game and supports their needs on the course.

What is a golf pencil bag used for?

A golf pencil bag, also known as a Sunday bag or a carry bag, is a lightweight and compact golf bag designed for minimalistic and convenient use. It serves specific purposes in golfing scenarios where golfers may prefer to carry a limited set of clubs or desire a hassle-free experience on the course. Here's what a golf pencil bag is commonly used for:

  1. Walking Rounds: Golf pencil bags are popular among golfers who enjoy walking the course rather than using golf carts. Their lightweight design and compact size make them easy to carry throughout the round.
  2. Practice Rounds: When golfers head to the driving range or practice facility, they often prefer a pencil bag to carry a small selection of clubs they intend to work with. It allows them to focus on specific shots and practice without the need for a full-sized bag.
  3. Shorter Rounds: For casual or executive golf outings, where players might only use a limited number of clubs, a pencil bag offers convenience and simplicity. It eliminates the need to bring a full set of clubs, making the round more manageable.
  4. Traveling: Golf pencil bags are also a popular choice for golfers who frequently travel and want a compact and lightweight bag to take on trips. They can be easily folded or collapsed for efficient storage and transport.
  5. Quick Rounds or Par 3 Courses: When playing a short or executive course or engaging in a quick round of golf, a pencil bag allows golfers to carry a reduced number of clubs while enjoying a more relaxed and streamlined experience.

Last Updated on January 2, 2024 by Matt Greene