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About Golf Sidekick

The Mission: Golf Sidekick's mission since inception has been to slash the world's average handicap by 5 strokes. The main focus has always been on the double digit handicap golfer. I believe you can improve your scores, have more fun and make new friends by getting good enough at golf to have enough confidence to play with anyone anytime.

We can achieve this with relevant equipment, applicable strategy, superb course management, and knowing more about the game in general.

Golf Sidekick brings you only the best advice, best recommendations and best information for better golf. There's no ghost writing, there are only golfers involved here. Our team consists of golf pros, professional touring golfers, instructors and amateur golfers with keen insights into the game.

We focus on bringing you the best, most truthful independent golf equipment reviews and on-course strategies.

Our secondary mission is to stop you quitting this wonderful game. We want you playing forever and ever.

You can catch all the mental advice, course management concepts, and overall fun at the Golf Sidekick Youtube channel.

Golf Sidekick Chief Contributors

Alex Etches - Chief Reviewer at Golf Sidekick. Founder of Alex Etches Golf Youtube channel with 100k subscribers.

We are very proud to have Alex onboard at Golf Sidekick as the Head of Reviews where he contributes with years of experience reviewing golf equipment on Youtube as well as being a club fitter. His experience has helped thousands of golfers make the right decisions for their golf games. 

Alex turned professional golfer in 2012 and has been an influential voice in club, ball and gear reviews on Youtube since 2013. 

At the age of 22, he started his PGA apprenticeship at GolfSupport in Nottingham and had an instant passion for Teaching and Custom Fitting. One day he decided to record his swing and put it on YouTube and that’s how he started his YouTube career. 

Alex Etches quickly became known as Australia's No.1 Golf YouTuber, a highly sought-after golf coach, club fitter and content creator. Alex was named 'Top Influential Voice in Golf' by Australian Golf Digest.

Alex is now based in Northern Ireland where he conducts reviews for Golf Sidekick Youtube and golfsideick.com as well as his own channel. 

Eric Chong of Impact Golf Malaysia - Lead Technical Specialist at Golf Sidekick; Club Fitting and Club Building Expert 

Eric is our head technical specialist regarding every aspect of the technology in golf balls, golf clubs, shafts, grips as well as every nuance in what makes golf equipment work the way it does. He has over 20 years of experience dealing with golfers daily, creating equipment designed especially for them. 

Eric Chong is a former professional golfer who cut his teeth in Australia playing alongside the likes of Adam Scott and Nick O Hern. Early into his professional golf career though, Eric fell more and more in love with building clubs, learning about clubs, specifications, technical aspects of every part of the golf club and fitting clubs to all skill levels of golfer.

Eric owns and operates Impact Golf Malaysia fitting and driving range center in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, where he offers lessons through his pros on staff, while he focuses purely on club fitting and custom building.

He is one of the most sought after fitters and builders in the South East Asian region especially after appearances on the Golf Sidekick Youtube channel. Clients fly from as far abroad as Singapore, Australia and Switzerland just to be fitted by Eric. 

You can contact Eric through his Instagram account to book a session with him.

Impact Golf Malaysia
Location Map click here

Contact: +60342520406

Pro Mo Thaya Limpipolpaibul - Head Tour Professional at Golf Sidekick

Mo is a professional golfer on the All Thailand Tour, Thai PGA Tour and Asian Development Tour. He is sponsored by the brand founded by Golf Sidekick, Waddaplayagolf. Mo provides key insight into strategies and tactics used in the course management guides on Golf Sidekick. With his contacts in the golf industry, he also communicates with manufacturers to find insights into the new equipment being released every year. Pro Mo's Youtube channel.

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Bo Chalisa Lim - Golf Content Specialist

Bo is a professional golfer with 5 years of Japanese and Thai Golf Tour experience. She is a current Waddaplaya sponsored Pro. She uses her professional knowledge to ensure information on Golf Sidekick is unbiased, clear and correct. Bo has been ranked in the top 15 lady professionals in Thailand and has competed in Japan as well as in Europe in co-sanctioned events.

Business Development Opportunities and Enquiries

Katie Lee - katie@golfsidekick.com

Katie is the direct contact for any business, partnership, sponsorship or collaboration opportunities. She joined Golf Sidekick in 2019 and manages the daily business of Golf Sidekick. With her contacts in the retail golf industry, Katie sources products and testing facilities for reviews and ratings. She is the fluid that keeps the engine running.

Matt Greene - matt@golfsidekick.com

I am the Founder and Owner of Golf Sidekick. I have been playing this great game on and off for 25 years. I created this website to help double digit handicappers get better at golf with the right tools in their hands and to have fun doing it.

I trust that my team and I will help you be a better golfer. 

My extensive knowledge of the psychology of athletes is the reason I started Golf Sidekick to spread the information to assist more golfers for free. I have been playing golf for 25 years over 4 continents and in that time I have acquired professional-level knowledge on what makes the average golfer tick. I am also the Chief Designer and Founder of Waddaplaya Golf. The greatest golf apparel line ever.

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