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The Mission: Golf Sidekick's mission since inception has been to slash the world's average handicap by 5 strokes. The main focus has always been on the double digit handicap golfer. I believe you can improve your scores, have more fun and make new friends by getting good enough at golf to have enough confidence to play with anyone anytime.

We can achieve this with relevant equipment, applicable strategy, superb course management, and knowing more about the game in general.

The Golf Sidekick is the Robin to your Batman, the Chewy to your whoever it is in Star Trek he is the sidekick to. Born in a crossfire hurricane, I grew up playing this game on and off, never understanding the mental aspects of the game and how to overcome them, never having that person to guide me through the maze of beneficial equipment and thoughtful gameplay.

That was until 2017, when i started playing again after a 4-5 year absence. I decided to be that person for as many golfers as I can. Golfers are my tribe and you're in it.

A few years ago, through my thinking and philosophizing, The Way of the Playa was born and Stress Free Golf was created. Armed with what some are calling a bucket hat and sunglasses, I bring you only the best advice, best recommendations and best information for you. There's no ghost writing, there are no non-golfers involved here. You won't find a lot of fluff. Just the good stuff by me...a real life golfer.

I'm here to help your game through equipment recommendations, tips on breaking your scoring barriers and having more fun at golf. My secondary mission is to stop people quitting this wonderful game. I have assembled a team of people to keep the future of Golf Sidekick and the Way of the Playa continuing for years. We want you to play better more fun golf forever. 

You can catch all the mental advice, course management concepts, and overall fun at the Golf Sidekick Youtube channel.

Check out waddaplayagolf for the finest golf apparel as well as I design and create items I personally want to use in a way I want to use them. It is not a merch scam. It's genuinely high quality apparel and accessories designed by me for the playas.

Let's keep it golf only. That's what life's all about. 

Golf Sidekick

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Golf Sidekick Contributors

about golf sidekick

Bo Chalisa Lim - Bo is a professional golfer with 5 years of Japanese and Thai Golf Tour experience. She is a current Waddaplaya sponsored Pro. She uses her professional knowledge to ensure information on Golf Sidekick is unbiased, clear and correct. Bo has been ranked in the top 15 lady professionals in Thailand and has competed in Japan as well as in Europe in co-sanctioned events.

Pro Mo Thaya Limpipolpaibul - Mo is a professional golfer on the All Thailand Tour, Thai PGA Tour and Asian Development Tour. He is sponsored by Waddaplayagolf. Mo provides key insight into strategies and tactics used in the course management guides on Golf Sidekick. With his contacts in the golf industry, he also talks to manufacturers to find insights into the new equipment being released every year. Mo is sponsored by Mizuno golf for his equipment. 

Jim Taylor - Jim is a veteran amateur of 20 years on the golf course. He is the resident mid handicapper and a true representative of the average golfer. He is the Editor and Head of Publishing on Golf Sidekick. Jim's biggest contribution to the content on Golf Sidekick is his ability to test strategies and tactics in real time, in different climates to Matt and the Thailand crew. Jim is based in the UK which is a much cooler climate to Thailand so his review and testing information is valuable to create a balanced overview of every piece of equipment.

Bernie Herman - Bernie or Bern is a former PGA professional and swing coach for 5 years in the mid 90s. He became quickly disillusioned with the way the golf swing is expected to be taught after his time in the pro shops as a green fee collecting pro. He focused his time on becoming qualified with a degree in sports psychology to help golfers overcome the lies and dishonesty in the golf community. Bern feels that this area is much more important to most golfers after the first 1-2 years of playing the game. He offers his insight to not only Pro Mo privately, but also to Golf Sidekick as an advisor on the mental strategies, the on-course guidance as well as for concepts and topics on the Youtube channel. Like Bern, we at Golf Sidekick think that while the swing is kind of important, confidence in your game, equipment and yourself is the key to better golf.

Business Development Opportunities and Enquiries

Katie Lee - katie@golfsidekick.com

Katie is the direct contact for any business, partnership, sponsorship or collaboration opportunities. She joined Golf Sidekick in 2020 and manages the daily business of Golf Sidekick. With her contacts in the retail golf industry, Katie sources products and testing facilities for reviews and ratings. She is the fluid that keeps the engine running.

Matt - matt@golfsidekick.com

I am the Creator and Head Honcho of Golf Sidekick. I have been playing this great game on and off for 25 years - mostly on, sometimes off. I created this website to help double digit handicappers get better at golf with the right tools in their hands and to have fun doing it. My extensive knowledge of the psychology of athletes is the reason I started Golf Sidekick to spread the information to assist more golfers for free. I have been playing golf for 25 years over 3 different continents and in that time I have acquired professional-level knowledge on what makes the average golfer tick. I am also the Chief Designer and Beast of Waddaplaya Golf. The greatest golf apparel line ever, ALWAYS BE PLANTING. 

Here's all of the gear I'm using now

Golf Sidekick real name and Nationality

Golf Sidekick's real name is Matt Waddaplayazinski. He is a Lithuanian Prince and Nobleman. He did not pursue professional golf for numerous reasons but the main one being that if you win the Masters, you have to pay for the Champions dinner the next year out your own pocket. No thank you.

Golf Sidekick net worth

Golf Sidekick's net worth is upward of $1,000. He is a confirmed thousandaire and is about 45 years away from retirement. 

Golf Sidekick's sister

Golf Sidekick's sister is called Teaski Waddaplayazinski, born on a hillside in Lithuania. She is a Lithuanian former pro golfer who got her amateur status back in order to play Sunday morning braai pack competitions. 

What is Golf Sidekicks handicap?

Golf Sidekick does not carry a handicap. He transcends handicaps.

Why does Golf Sidekick Matt live in Thailand?

Matt Waddaplayazinski lives in Thailand because of the cheap taxis.