Best Golf Bags for Push Carts - Avoid These 2 Mistakes I Made

Best Golf Bags for Push Carts 2024

Last Updated on January 19, 2024 by Matt Greene
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To help you play your best golf walking and pushing your bag, our push cart experts have tested more than 50 push cart golf bags over the last 2 years.

To come up with our list of the best golf bags for push carts, we tested each golf bag across five performance categories, combining that data with experiences from you, the golfer.

This guide opens with our top choices for best push cart bags of 2024. It also covers other key topics that smart golf bag shoppers should know about, like the details of the buying process, what to be wary of, and how to pick the best bag for your style of cart.

Best Push Cart Golf Bags in 2024

Best overall push cart bag

Cobra Ultralight Cart Bag


5 lbs or 2 kg

Price Range:




The Cobra Ultralight cart bag remains my top choice year after year.

14 way dividers at the top of the bag mean that my clubs never tangle and each club finds its own home.

I carry at least 24 golf balls, a few rangefinders, jackets and 5 or 6 golf gloves when I play and the Ultralight hosts every piece with plenty of space to spare. You will not suffer for storage space. Some days I need to clear out the bag because I stuff so much excess gear into it.

The cooler pocket works despite the intense heat of Thailand, my water remains chilled all round long.

A valuables pocket protects my phone, wallet and car keys even during a downpour thanks to the waterproof zipper system and fleece inner lining. 

I do have one annoyance: when you stand the bag up when it is not on the push cart, it feels like it's going to fall over all the time, so I check on it constantly. The bag actually does not fall over but the thought of my driver hitting the wall at the driving range after the bag tips over forces me to lay the bag on the ground.

The Cobra Ultralight bag works best on a push cart but just as well on a driving cart. The bag even allows you to slide the golf cart strap underneath one of the top pockets to firmly secure your bag to the cart. 


  • Easy loading and easy unloading 
  • Putter well accommodates thick putter grips 
  • The pockets are massive and store everything I need with plenty space remaining
  • The cooler pocket is large and doesn't leak into the other pockets
  • Works perfect on push, pull and driving carts


  • The bag is a bit flimsy when standing but remains upright despite the weird instability
  • You cannot carry this bag far without the strap being annoying

Best push cart bag design


6.4 lbs or 2.9 kg

Price Range:




The Sync golf bag is specifically made for push carts but what makes the Sync the best push cart golf bag on the market?

  • The pass-through system for the bungee strap helps hold the bag in place like no other.
  • A specially designed top of the bag.
  • The oval-shaped anti-twist base works much better than the traditional round bottom.
  • Sun Mountain molded the bag bottom so it fits over the lower bag-rest of the Speed Cart V1R, Pathfinder PX3 and PX4 for least side-to-side movement.
  • The pockets all face forward for easy access and the storage is ample.

The unique features Sun Mountain included in the Sync set it apart from every other golf bag.

The top design of the Sun Mountain Sync creates an organized feel with the irons places on the left and right sides, while the woods rest in the center of the bag inside their own compartments. Like all good push carts, the putter sits in its own putter well. 

The Sync revolutionizes the base of the bag with an oval shape, so once the bag sits on the push cart, it will not rotate and you won't need to adjust it every few holes. Usually push cart bags have a round base which makes it easy for the bag to rotate while walking, leaving your pockets and clubs aligned all wrong. Not with the Sync.

You usually need to strap your push cart bungee cord underneath a rangefinder pocket, or if you're impatient like me, strap it on top of the rangefinder pocket rendering the pocket useless.

On the Sync, the rangefinder pocket actually flips up so you can wrap your bungee strap around the bag easily without eliminating one of your storage compartments. It sounds minor, but when you use push carts long enough, you'll understand how convenient this is.


  • Design specifically to fit flawlessly on Sun Mountain Speed Cart and Micro-Carts
  • Can use on any push cart
  • Dedicated rangefinder pocket that flips up to accommodate the straps
  • Oval shaped base to prevent rotation and sideways bags
  • All pockets face forward when on a cart


  • Could have added some smaller pockets for smaller items
  • Cooler pocket takes up significant space, reducing large storage to only one pocket

Best value push cart bag


4.3 lbs or 2 kg

Price Range:




The Datrek DG Lite II is one of the best value lightweight push cart bags on the market. 

We liked a few features the most in the DG Lite II:

  • The full-length 14 way dividers so your clubs don't get tangled and the grips don't get destroyed
  • I like the weight at only 4.3 lbs 
  • Your fat-grip putter will fit in the putter well with ease, even if you have a ball sucker on the end of it!
  • As you move backward in the top of the bag, the clubs raise above the ones in front of them for ease access
  • Ample storage space considering the lightweight nature of the bag

The cooler pocket on the DG Lite II is not very large so it won't fit a large Yeti mug all the way into the pocket and if you put an ice brick into the pocket, you can store 2 cans maximum.  The pocket easily holds many canned and bottled drinks that are already chilled. 

Overall, the DG Lite II is what it says: a lightweight push cart bag and with that in mind, be mindful where you put heavy things in the bag pockets. If you overload the top pockets, or one side of the bag, it will tend to fall over while standing independently.


  • Lots of colors to choose from
  • Top handles for easy loading and unloading
  • Putter well accommodates thick putter grips 
  • Very lightweight 4.5 lbs
  • Vented cooler pocket


  • The cooler pocket sometimes drain into the ball pocket 

Best push cart bag for storage

MotoCaddy Pro Series

50% off at Motocaddy


7.2 lbs or 3.3 kg

Price Range:




I used a Motocaddy Pro series cart bag in Scotland for an entire month and it is one of the most impressive golf bags I have ever seen. I did use the Motocaddy bag on a Motocaddy electric cart for the entire trip and it was a dream to use.

The storage is humungous. There is almost nowhere on the golf bag that is not storage space. Some people may ask 'are all these pockets necessary?' and I say YES! What is the point of a cart bag without big, generous pockets?

The surprising most pleasing feeling I experienced with the MotoCaddy Pro was how intuitive the storage and pocket design was. Access to everything I needed whenever I needed it without fighting the bag was a first for me.

What I stored in my MotoCaddy Pro:

  • 30+ golf balls
  • 4 rangefinders
  • 2 jackets
  • 3 beanies
  • 2 bucket hats
  • 3 bottles of water
  • 3 phones , a wallet and car keys
  • 2 GPS devices

And I still had plenty of space unused. I couldn't even find enough stuff to fill up all the storage. 

The bottom of the bag is sturdy with raised parts around the circular shaped base. These raised pieces stop the bag rotating on your push cart.

All the pockets face outward and access to every pocket is the best on any push cart bag. I especially enjoyed the huge drinks pocket and ball pocket. The magnetic pocket flips open easily for instant access to my rangefinder while my phones, wallet and car keys were protected from all weather in the valuables pouch.

If you like to travel with your bag of clubs, the Motocaddy Pro is too large and I would recommend this bag if you play locally and drive to golf every time.

If you use both a push cart and play on buggies, the Motocaddy Pro is an excellent choice. The best recommendation is to pair this bag up with a Motocaddy electric cart and you will never look back.


  • Excellent separation of clubs - 14 way dividers 
  • Lots of pockets with strong high-quality zippers with beautiful contrast between zipper details and bag color
  • Relatively light weight for the size and volume of storage available - 6 lbs
  • Dry fabric so your clubs don't get soaked


  • No separate putter well
  • This bag will not fit into a travel bag if you fly with it

Best organized push cart bag


7 lbs or 3.1 kg

Price Range:




The Callaway Org 14+ has a top that allows for the clubs to sit so it's easy to access them on your push cart. At a weight of 6 lbs, the bag is not heavy and in that 6 lbs of golf bag, you get 14 dividers on top as with all new cart bags with all the pockets facing outward and a side putter well.

The best part and the reason this bag is on this list is because it is GREAT on a push cart. As people are forced by clubs to use buggies instead of walking and as people just stop walking the course, it's more common to find buggy cart bags. This bag is one of the best golf bags for push carts currently on the market just due to the design and that's all that needs to be said. 

There are also tons of colors to choose from. 


  • Very well designed for push cart usage all round
  • Plenty of colors to choose from
  • Loads of storage
  • Very well weighted - not a heavy bag
  • Cooler pocket


  • Can be unstable in a standing position due to reduced weight

Best sleeper pick golf bag


6 lbs or 2.6 kg

Price Range:




OGIO only focus on designing and creating high quality bags and in the golf market, high quality golf bags.

If you fight with your clubs getting stuck to each other when taking them in and out, the full length dividers in the Woode 15 cart bag help you get them out clean and easy.

What I liked about the Woode 15:

  • HUGE cooler pocket can fit two icepacks, two 16 oz drinks and two 12 ounce water bottles.
  • There is so much storage space, you can fit everything you need and have excess.
  • Club organizer with wide opening even for a large Superstroke putter grip.
  • As always with OGIO baggage, the quality of materials & fabric remains top notch.
  • Embroidery doesn't show because of excellent black on a black paneling for a clean look.
  • The bag is extremely waterproof especially with the rain hood on, designed specifically for push carts

This is a very large golf bag. If you travel with your clubs, the only way it fits into a travel case is if you turn the carry bag on its side. I do that with all my cart bags when traveling, so it isn't a big deal for me.

I've seen golfers complain about the rain cover being 'backwards'. After using the bag on a push cart, I can confirm it is not backwards. Yes, the rain cover does open in the wrong direction if you put the bag on a golf buggy, but this bag and rain cover is meant to be used with a PUSH CART with your bag tilted back.

The rain cover design is perfect and works flawlessly on a push cart.

I recommend the OGIO Woode 15 push cart bag to any golfer who plays a lot of golf who wants a bag that will not get destroyed quickly by wear and tear. I also recommend the OGIO Woode 15 to golfers who LOVE storage space. 


  • Large insulated cooler pocket
  • 15 dividers on the top of the bag for each club
  • Stable base which can be used on a pushcart without falling or twisting
  • Some fo the finest materials and fabrics in the golf bag industry
  • Designed specifically for golf push carts


  • Does not fit Bag Boy Nitron push carts and we would avoid all Bag Boy carts with this bag
  • No bottom lift handle

Best bag to stop club chatter

founders club premium cart bag

Founders Club Premium

at Amazon


8.7 lbs or 4 kg

Price Range:




This bag is the organizers dream. There are special slots for every single club in the bag. They clubs can rest on the tops whether right or left handed. Both dexterities can use this bag but please be careful. If you have had your irons fitted and they are longer than standard by more than an inch, your clubs won't fit the top-rests.

There are plenty of pockets on this model all facing outward so you can access them at all time. Putter wells on this model accommodate the fat putter grips. 

A lot of thought has gone into this bag and at this price, it's a bargain. There's no jamming clubs frustratedly into the bag with grips catching on each other and when you walk, the clubs are not clanging together, denting each other as you traverse the rolling hills.


  • 14 special slots for each club - zero club chatter - slots allow left OR right handed both to fit 
  • Plenty of accessories for convenience on-course
  • Multiple hands and sturdy base - great for a push cart
  • 11 pockets for ample storage
  • 12 month warranty


  • Check if your clubs are more than 1 inch longer than standard - might not fit the holders
  • When riding a buggy, the strap will cover some pockets - this is best for PUSH CARTS

Difference between Buggy cart bags and Push Cart golf bags

1. The top part of the buggy riding bags extends upward in a wedge shape to make it easy to pull your clubs out of the bag on the back of a driving cart.

2. The top part of the push cart bag is generally laid out pretty flat so you can adapt what clubs you prefer to put where. The top is flat so that you can use any push cart with the bag. 

Which bag should I avoid for my push cart?

I do not recommend the popular Sun Mountain C130 if you have a Clicgear push cart.

The C130 works perfectly for riding carts, but detracts from your enjoyment of your push cart because it prevents you from opening your Clicgear push cart console. 

The Sun Mountain Sync fits perfectly on most push carts so go for the Sync instead. 

Any golf bag with a slanted top, with the highest portion on the side of the carry strap works only on a golf buggy and not a push cart. The heavy angle of the bag makes it easy to access your clubs on the back of a golf buggy that you drive.

The C130 does sit perfectly on the Sun Mountain Pathfinder PX4 push cart.

Modern stand bags now also work on push carts

New modern era flat-based stand or carry bags work well on push carts in case you prefer to carry every now and then. 

Look out for stand bags where the manufacturer covers the mechanisms that makes the stand pop out. A bag with no mechanism exposed works on a push cart whereas the exposed mechanics can break easily.

How I selected these push cart bags

I use push cart bags exclusively because of the storage and because I never carry, ever.

As a push cart bag expert and push cart user for 25 years, I noted down the criteria I used to find the best push cart bags for you:

  • Reasonably light weight and not oversized so that you can travel with it and carry it between your car and your house.
  • Some people like to keep their drinks cool so I factored in the cooling pocket.
  • Modern stand bags can be used on golf carts since the manufacturers created a flat stand so you have a choice of carrying or using the bag on a cart. A stand bag with legs helps at the range because sometimes the cart bag falls over if you leave it standing straight up alone.
  • Every push cart bag should have a putter well for oversized putter grips as a rule. I took this into consideration.
  • I prefer a 14 way divider in my cart bag. 14 way dividers allow you easy access to your clubs without tangling and getting stuck which can be very frustrating. 

Additional Tips

  • Cooler pockets should have a drain hole for the water from the ice to leave the bag.
  • Oversized grips really need a large opening for the clubs to go into so always check the entrance diameter of the holes.
  • If you play in wet and rainy conditions often, you should find a waterproof bag.

Final Thoughts 

I've mentioned only the best of the best. 

Let's hope walking the course with a push cart becomes more popular so more of us can be out there chatting, walking, getting some exercise and sun. I love walking the course and I love pushing a golf bag more than any other form of golf.

Invest in a push cart and get fitter, feel better and most of all, play better golf.

I recommend the Clicgear and the Caddytek push carts.

Last Updated on January 19, 2024 by Matt Greene


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