Coolest Golf Ball Markers – Best Ball markers in the Game

When you mark your ball on the green, it's not just a practical thing. For some, a tee will do. For those of us you like to get the ball out the way, we like to do it with something fun, meaningful or sentimental.

Then along comes Waddaplayagolf and they create ball markers the likes of which have never been seen. They have some of the coolest golf ball markers in the game right now and some of the best ball markers in terms of production quality. Of course, I am Head Designer at so I am biased. 

Coolest Golf Ball Markers 2023

The patterns on the Zenlightenment marker are just that...Zen. The key feature of the ball marker is the solid black line that runs through the middle. This black line is used when you place the ballmarker on the ground behind the golf ball.

Here's the process:

  1. You first put the marker on the ground with the line aiming down your target line. This is just an initial guess. You can adjust it later.
  2. Read your putt and decide on the true line.
  3. Place the ball in front of the marker and adjust the marker to the new line, or keep it where it is if you guessed right the first time.
  4. Once the line is correct on the marker, place the ball down so the line you have drawn on the ball perfectly aligns with the marker line.

Now you are ready to putt the ball starting on your intended line.

Check out the Waddaplaya Jewel Ball Marker at waddaplayagolf

There's a cool texture under soft clear electric blue enamel on this one. Around the border is the famous golf saying coined by Matt, PLANTING FEATHERS GROWING BIRDIES.

As we all know, planting feathers to grow birdies is pure science. my mother used to tell me as a kid, if I thought something that was totally wrong and did something wrong: "You know what Thought did? He planted a feather and Thought it would grow"

Well playas, we planted a feather and it's grown into birdies. That's life in the big city.

Check out the Waddaplaya Jewel Ball Marker at waddaplayagolf

Credit card ball marker

We all know you have to Plant Feathers to Grow Birdies. Sometimes we can't find any though!

I know you may have a shortage of feathers where you are. So here is the Waddaplaya Credit Card issued by the International Birdie Bank (IBB), underwritten by JMac and BDog, the Lending Manager and Chairman of IBB, respectively.

The Waddaplaya credit card gives you unlimited credit and easy repayment terms. You can withdraw as many birdies as you like, and you have a lifetime to plant more when you find real feathers to replace what you have used. Easy game.

Check out the Waddaplaya Birdie Bank Ball Marker at waddaplayagolf

Some days you're the pigeon, others you're the statue. And you know the best part?

It doesn't matter. We still have air in our lungs, meat on the BBQ (unless you're a vegan), and a dog to scratch who loves us so much when we get home.

Everything is easy peasy lemon squeezy. Your golf game up the scheisse creek? No worries, the dog will be there when you're home. Hit your driver into the bushes all day? No worries, your wife still loves you. Missed the 4 footer on 18 to lose the $5 Nassau? Doesn't matter, you're cheque is still going in on the last day of the month. Easy Peasy.

Check out the Waddaplaya Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy Ball Marker at waddaplayagolf

Stop and think golf ball marker

I play a lot of golf with mid handicappers and high handicappers and one thing I want to do is shake a playa up and tell him STOP! THINK for 10 Mississippis!  You have all the ability you need inside your bones and brain! Stop for a moment. 

This is one of the PLAYING PURPOSE range of ballmarkers. I want you to keep this in your pocket, on your hat clip, whatever you do, and use it on the greens. Every time you look at it remember it. 

When you're looking at your shot, just give yourself 10 seconds of 'me' time and think and strategize without auto-pulling clubs, shooting at the flags willy-nilly and bombing driver on every hole.

Check out the Waddaplaya Stop and Think Ball Marker at waddaplayagolf

Everything to know about the coolest and best golf ballmarkers

Why Do Golfers Use Ball Markers?

A golf ball marker is needed to get your ball out the way of the other players on the greens. You can use a coin, a ball marker or anything really as long as it does not interfere with the play of other players. 

Usually you have to mark your ball on the greens when everyone else is playing. I honestly don't care if someone doesn't mark their ball. The only time I care is if it is on my line or near my stance on the green. If you're far from me, on the opposite side of the hole or off to my right and left, who cares!

The ballmarker is essential for good etiquette and I think one of the best golf ball markers above may be the perfect fit for you

Types of Ball Markers

You can use something flat like one of my top 12 best golf ball markers mentioned above or the other things below:

Golf tee

It is not the perfect choice, but some players use it because it always lays in their pockets. However, it can be an obstacle for someone who needs to putt first.


This round flat shiny thing is always a smart choice if you don’t have a ball marker in your bag. If it is your lucky thing, it can have more meaning to you than marking a position.

Poker Chips

This thing is similar to the size of a coin, and it has many colors. You can see it on the green easily, and it may bring you some luck.

Divot tool/pitch mark repairer

You can use one of these if you're not on the persons intended line on the green. In fact, if you want to plant feathers to grow more birdies, you can use one of Waddaplaya Golf's awesome feather shaped single prong divot tools. They work 60% of the time, every time.

What Do Pro Golfers Use for Ball Markers?

Pros use coins and specialty ballmarkers. Usually they are good luck charms.

Can You Use a Tee as a Ball Marker?

Yes as long as it does not interfere with other players putting or intended line of their stroke. 

What Happens if a Putt Hit a Ball Marker?

Nothing. Just keep playing from where that ball finishes as normal.


If you want something to mark your ball’s position get one of the coolest golf ball markers of all time from Waddaplaya Golf. It's a vibe. It's about the playas. 

Last Updated on March 1, 2023 by Matt