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Owner, Creator and Founder of Golf Sidekick
Expertise specialties: Club testing, golf video tutorials, golf training aid testing, golf ball testing.
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Who is Matt from Golf Sidekick

  • The most trusted Youtube golfer for information that actually helps you score. The Golf Sidekick Youtube channel has over 230,000 subcribers.
  • Played golf for over 25 years, learning course management, scoring low, the mental game and particularly the short game.
  • Founder & Owner of Golf Sidekick.
  • The number one Lithuanian and South African golf Youtuber in the world. Follow the channel for more info on scoring low, having more fun and breaking your scoring barrier.
  • Ambassador of Waddaplaya Golf.
  • Extensive hands-on testing of golf clubs, balls and bags since 2014, contributing to the trust in, credibility and reliability of Golf Sidekick content.


With nearly three decades of constantly striving for a better game on and off the course, Matt is the quintessential golf nerd. From trying to figure this game out for himself with magazines and VHS tapes, to seeking professional help from coaches like Michele Low, Eric Chong and Graeme Whale. 

He developed his skill in player analysis by observing every playing partner, from plus-handicappers and pros to mid and high handicappers. He has video journaled countless golfers journeys on his Youtube channel, Golf Sidekick. The Golf Sidekick channel has had over 50 million views, helping hundreds of thousands realize their true golfing potential.

What sets Matt apart is his constant dedication to hands-on testing. Since 2014, he has undertaken rigorous evaluations of golf clubs, balls and bags providing the core of Golf Sidekicks trusted recommendations. This methodical approach means that readers get the most accurate, reliable and trustworthy insights when making decisions about their golf equipment.

Matt keeps a close relationship with 15 to 20 golfers and golf equipment experts to provide the most current information with industry insider knowledge. He not only tests and writes about golf gear, but he also creates golf video tutorials on every aspect of the game. His wide network of coaches, expert fitters like Eric Chong, as well as amateur golfers playing the equipment he writes about makes Matt a unique expert in the field. 

Such a collaborative approach is what puts the Golf Sidekick team at the tip of the spear in golfing expertise. 

Golf History and Journey

I started playing golf at the age of 12, when my friend and I took his dads golf clubs to the local executive course. Executive is a strong word because it was nothing more than a cow pasture with some dodgy greens cut out of it. You can see the first course I ever played in the video below. It's been upgraded in the 20 years since I first played it!

I always played cheap golf clubs or hand-me-downs from my dad's friends. I was pretty broke as a kid so i had to learn to strike persimmon woods properly to be able to compete with people playing steel headed clubs. 

I mainly played with mid handicap older guys growing up. They were always at the course and as a junior, it meant a reliable weekday game. As I got older, I played with more low and mid handicappers around my age. Nowadays, I play with everyone, and particularly low mid and high handicappers because it's so easy for them to cut some shots from their game. 

That is how i developed all my guides - by playing with actual golfers, using the equipment and learning from professionals as well as equipment experts/fitters.

For the last 15+ years I have been between a scratch and 5 handicap or so handicap. My swing was really good once, but as I spent hours, days, weeks and years behind a computer screen, my body dictated a newer, less athletic swing. Luckily I have good hands to save the day!

Golf Sidekick was a site and Youtube channel born out of an idea to change peoples game using techniques on course, and better understanding of their equipment and how it improves their games.

Check out my popular How to Break 90 video:

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