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Best Golf Ball For 70 to 80 mph Swing Speed 2024

Last Updated on January 2, 2024 by Matt Greene
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If you have a driver swing speed of between 70 and 80 mph, I want to help you squeeze a few more yards out.

70 to 80 mph swing speeds would be on the lower side so we need golf balls that will fly further AND roll further. The best ball for a slower swing speed is a low spin golf ball. 

In this article we will look at the best golf ball for slow swing speed and all of the key factors to consider when choosing the best golf balls for your swing speed. The best golf ball for a 70 to 80 mph swing speed is the Srixon Soft Feel. 

Best Golf Ball For 70 to 80 mph Swing Speed 2024

  1. Srixon Soft Feel golf balls (best all rounder golf ball)
  2. TaylorMade Distance+ golf balls (best for maximum distance)
  3. Titleist Tour Soft golf balls  (best mid low compression golf balls)
  4. Vice Pro Soft golf balls (best for low handicap players)
  5. Callaway Supersoft golf balls (best budget option)

Srixon Soft Feel golf balls

The best golf balls for 70 to 80 mph swing speed golfers

srixon soft feel

In every golf ball review article I write, the Srixon soft feel is usually included, or should be. It's a golf ball which has characteristics which can benefit nearly every type of golfer.

This golf ball has a compression rating of 60 which is on the lower end of golf ball compression and means that players with a swing speed below 80 MPH are going to get optimum performance. They fly a long way and will roll out a good distance when struck well off the tee.

These balls do feel soft as the name suggests, but not to the point that you have no feedback from the club head. I really like how these balls feel off my putter and they provide a decent amount of greenside spin for a surlyn cover material golf ball.

70 to 80 mph swing speed golfers will notice a mid to high ball flight which is more controlled. This is in part due to the new core in the latest model and the 338 dimple pattern which is designed to reduce excessive side spin.

If you haven't tried this ball before, do yourself a massive favor and pick up a dozen. They're cheap and excellent.


  • Long off the tee
  • Stable ball flight
  • Good greenside spin control
  • Designed specifically for 70 to 80 mph swing speeds
  • Increased ball speed


  • None really

TaylorMade Distance+

Best golf balls for raw distance

taylormade distance + golf balls

A big name golf review website once said that soft golf balls are slow golf balls, meaning that they wouldn't go that far off the tee. This just isn't the case with the TaylorMade Distance+.

The Distance+ provides ultra-soft feel with a two-piece construction and 77 compression, designed to maximize your ball speed. 77 golf ball compression is pretty darn soft for a distance ball and it's rare to find a golf ball which can give you soft greenside spin and explosive length off the tee.

70 to 80 mph swing speed golfers who are looking for raw distance will find that this is the ball for them in all conditions. I have played this golf ball in the heat of the tropics in Thailand and in the cold and damp of a Northeastern American fall and found it perform well. It's a little hard in very cold conditions but that's to be expected.

I noticed faster ball speeds than other "distance" models and I wasn't penalised for having a faster swing speed than is suited for the ball.

A piercing ball flight from the fairway is a welcome sight, and I was impressed with how quickly the ball checked up with my mid irons. 

  • Super long off the tee
  • Solid spin with wedge shots
  • Good results with any club head speed
  • Durable cover material


  • There are softer golf balls out there
  • Not that great off the putter 

Titleist Tour Soft

Best mid-low compression golf ball for 70 to 80 mph swing speeds

titleist tour soft golf balls

At 65 compression rating, these are by no means a super soft golf ball, but they provide a very good balance between distance and feel. You expect a Titleist golf ball to perform well and these do not disappoint. They have a really consistent ball flight, great control around the green and don't scuff up easily when playing from bunkers. They would be probably be top of the list if they weren't more expensive than the excellent Srixon Soft Feel. 

The Tour Soft is a two piece golf ball has been engineered to perform tee-to-green. It features a large, fast core for exceptionally soft feel and a new, more efficient aerodynamic package that will help you experience longer distance off the tee. 

If you're a big fan of Titleist but want something more premium that the Velocity, but less pricey than an AVX (which I really like), this is is the ball for you. 

  • Longer Distance Off the Tee
  • Consistent Flight and Improved Aerodynamics
  • Reliable Short Game Control
  • Soft Feel
  • Great option for 70 to 80 mph swing speeds


  • More expensive than the Srixon Soft Feel

Vice Pro Soft

Premium golf balls for slow swing speeds

VIce pro soft - box

A three-piece golf ball covered in urethane for extra spin and performance. The High Energy Speed Core creates a higher ball speed and more carry off the tee for the 70 to 80 mph swing speed. At 35 compression, these balls a perfect for those guys who aren't swinging as fast as they once did but can still get the ball round the golf course. 

But it's more for the guys who are slightly more advanced, so toward the lower end of the handicap spectrum nearing single digits. This will be the ball that takes you over the edge and with the spectacular colors, you get high visibility too.

The matte cover is my favorite - they just 'feel" stickier! The softer, urethane cover really grabs on wedge shots, even out of the rough. These are similar to the Volvik Vivid ST (which I LOVE) and that familiarity helped me trust the flight and feel off all clubs. Try them out and if you like them, Vice often do great bulk deals.  

  • Offset draw bias to help with slices
  • A.I Jailbreak face for amazing ball speeds
  • Stunning looks


  • Offset might be too much for some players

Callaway Supersoft

Competitive pricing for a big name golf ball

callaway-supersoft-max golf balls

The Callaway SuperSoft has an ultra-low 35 compression core. What does that mean? Well, it's believed to produce low spin on the drives and a very soft feel on the shorter shots. 

Callaway's improved version of the SuperSoft is a two-piece ball with a very soft Trionomer cover for that extra soft feel and spin when chipping and putting. Off the tee, the ball will carry long distances with longer roll-out for the majority of swing speeds.

My experience with the ball

But does it work? I played this ball for a few rounds and I can confirm the feeling is incredibly soft off the face of the wedge and putter. The ball feels a little marshmallowy off the face of my insert putter but trying it with a steel putter, I noticed a firmer feeling which I preferred. The ball spun quite nicely around the greens too.

The durability was excellent only succumbing to a scuff from a shot I landed on a cart path. Easily one of the most popular golf balls out there for mid handicappers and we can see why. 

  • Very soft feel from the Trionomer cover
  • Low compression for longer drives and spinnier chips
  • Well-priced indeed


  • Feels marshmallowy soft on the older putters with inserts

Final Thoughts on 70 to 80 mph swing speed balls

Picking the right golf ball for your game is essential, and matching it to your swing speed is probably the best way to maximise what you're bringing to the course every time you play. Any of the golf balls in this article will help you if you're lacking a bit of natural speed so pick one and stick with it. 

Last Updated on January 2, 2024 by Matt Greene