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Best Golf Ball For Putting 2024

Last Updated on January 2, 2024 by Matt Greene
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They say you drive for show and putt for dough, and I have to say that I agree with this golf cliche. Being a good putter is the best way to bring down your scores and most golfers are looking for any help they can get on the putting green.

The best golf balls for putting are going to have features which make lining up your putts correctly an easy task and provide you with consistent feel and roll off the face of the putter. I have tried nearly all golf ball brands over the years to find the perfect ball and I think I have a selection which you will find your new gamer from.

Best Golf Ball For Putting 2024

Callaway Chrome Soft Triple Track golf ball

Triple track technology for hassle free alignment

callaway chrome soft triple track golf balls

I'm not immune to getting yips on the putting green. I went for a good stretch of my golfing life to date absolutely petrified of any putt longer than 2 feet and I wish that I had access to balls like the Callaway Chrome Soft triple track. Steve from my channel started to use these golf balls last season and he is now putting like an absolute certifiable baus. He is just so confident over anything within 5 feet and it makes beating him in matchplay very, very tough. 

Steve always used the Callaway Chrome Soft anyway, so switching to the triple track version was a no brainer and an easy step for him. He wasn't using a matching triple track Odyssey putter when he first started, but has now put one in the bag and it's a potent mix of gear for sure. 

Triple Track uses Vernier Hyper Acuity to improve alignment compared to a regular side stamp alignment aid. The three lines make sure everything is square to your intended target and ensure that you're getting the putter face square at impact. I've always been a fan of how Chrome Soft balls feel off the face of every club, including the putter (super soft) and these balls are exactly what you would expect from a premium golf ball. 

If you lack confidence on the putting green, these really are the best golf balls for putting that you can buy.  

*Pro tip If you're on a budget, the Triple Track also features on Callaway's ERC golf ball, which is also excellent. 


  • Better price than a ProV1
  • Chrome Soft and Chrome Soft X options 
  • Triple Track for alignment 
  • Used by some of the best players on tour


  • None really

TaylorMade TP5 Pix golf ball

Great looking golf ball

taylormade tp5 pix golf balls

JMac from my channel has what I would describe as an unhealthy relationship with these TaylorMade Pix golf balls, he just can't get enough of them. The product of a long term collaboration with Rickie Fowler, TaylorMade took a bold step in changing golf ball technology by developing the TaylorMade TP5 Pix. First available in 2021, the Pix is a variation of TaylorMade’s premier TP5 golf ball, which has become a staple on the pro tours and a major challenger to the Pro V1. 

The Pix only has visual changes to the TP5 design with 12 orange and black triangle-shaped graphics strategically printed on its urethane cover, which TaylorMade calls its ClearPath Alignment technology. The orange on the triangles allows golfers to visualise three clear lines going through the centre of the ball. This is similar to the Callaway Chrome Soft Triple Track reviewed above and it works as a useful way to help set the line of a putt when crouching behind the ball or to check your face angle when addressing the putt. As a bonus, the alignment tool can also be used off the tee to help visualise where to aim your tee shots. 

I really like using this ball, especially on grainy bermuda grass greens. You get so much confidence seeing your line so clearly, and the graphics make the ball look bigger.  As you would expect from a premium tour level ball, you're going to get all of the spin control, ball flight stability and durability to justify the higher price. 

  • Eye catching design
  • Easy to line up putts of all lengths
  • Nice feel off the putter face
  • Great performance with all clubs


  • Some won't like the design

Callaway Chrome Soft Truvis golf balls

Best visibility golf ball for putting

callaway chrome soft truvis golf balls

I used the Callaway Chrome Soft Truvis for 2 seasons and absolutely loved it. It's one of the best golf balls for putting but also makes chipping and other shots much easier. These balls look like soccer balls and give you the appearance that they are much larger than they are. I know that this sounds weird, but when you look at a Truvis, you don't feel like you can miss the sweet spot with whatever club you have in your hands. 

I like the red and pink Truvis, but you can get all kinds of patterns now, from Shamrocks to the stars and stripes of the American flag, whatever takes your fancy. When it comes to putting, I like that the Truvis markings show you if you've hit the ball properly. If you wipe your putt, the ball will look like a mess of colour, whereas if you strike the middle of the putter with a square face, you will get solid lines rolling towards the hole. This is a great visual aid and practice tool. 

There aren't many innovations in the world of golf equipment, and I feel like the Truvis was a genuine revelation at the time. If you can get over the inevitable banter from your playing partners, you might well become a putting demon.  

  • Chrome soft performance
  • The ball just looks bigger and easier to hit
  • Truvis markings are a great practice aid


  • Like the Pix, not everyone will like the look but you can't deny the performance

TaylorMade Tour Response Stripe golf balls

The most help you can legally get from a golf ball

taylormade tour response stripe golf balls

If you are someone who leans on a line to get your putts going at the hole, this is for sure the golf ball for you. The TaylorMade Tour Response Stripe has the biggest line or "stripe" printed on any golf ball I have ever seen. It's pretty much a third of the ball and you just cannot miss it. 

I'm a big fan of the Callaway Triple track and I think that this innovation (if you can call it that) is just as useful for golfers who struggle with their putting stroke. The key here is that's it useful both on and off the course, as an alignment and training aid. When you're playing, you use the stripe and lines to aim your putt, on the practice green or at home, you watch how the line moves after you've hit your putt to work out if you've hit the ball pure. If that line spins or wobbles significantly, you've put too much sidespin on the ball and it's never going to behave how you want it to. If it rolls end over end, you've hit a pure putt and you need to groove that feeling! 

This is a premium TaylorMade golf ball designed to compliment their TP5 offering, and it's got a price tag to match. As you would expect, the quality and durability of this ball is second to none, and I found it to spin like crazy on my shorter clubs. Give it a go if you are just a straight up bad putter. 

  • Massive yellow line to help alignment 
  • Visually impactful, you know when you've hit a good putt 
  • Textbook TaylorMade golf ball performance


  • It's a massive yellow line at it does look a bit like a practice ball 

Srixon QStar Tour Divide golf balls

Best golf ball for putting practice

srixon q star tour divide golf balls

Ok, these are not good looking golf balls. They look like those foam practice balls you buy to hit in your back yard, so please don't mix one up as you will smash either yours or your neighbors windows! 

What you have to remember with these Srixon QStar Tour divide golf balls is that they aren't really meant for on course use. Sure, there is nothing stopping you from gaming them, as they perform just like the standard QStar Tour, but visually, they are designed to help you with lining up and hitting your putts square. 

The color divide proved to be an effective alignment tool for me when I was putting. I got and instant idea of how well it was making contact with the ball and if I was starting it on the right line. The worse I hit it, the more I saw the ball's colors rotating off center. It's a really good tracking tool for my putting consistency, and when paired up with a steel ruler drill, you really get a feel for the quality of your stroke. 

I am a fan of the QStar Tour golf ball anyway, so I know this ball will be a good option on the course, I just don't know if I would find it too distracting after a few holes. Either way, I have a sleeve in my bag at all times for pre-round practice and they seem to be helping me. 

  • Probably the best putting aid in golf ball form
  • QStar Tour is a quality golf ball 
  • Helpful for chipping too 


  • These balls do look super gimmicky. No doubt about it. 

Best alignment golf ball 

The best golf ball for alignment with your putter is any golf ball from Callaway with their Triple Track design. You can go super premium with the Chrome Soft range, or more affordable with the still excellent ERC Soft version. 

Final Thoughts on the Best Golf Ball For Putting

I have tried to select a few balls here which balance out on course performance with off course practice benefits. The Triple track from Callaway is the most understand of these putting aids, but when paired with a Triple track Odyssey golf putter, is a potent weapon. The Stripe and Pix from TaylorMade and the Truvis from Callaway offer something more visually striking to trick your mind into lining up your putts more effectively, whereas the Divide from Srixon takes the concept to another level entirely. If you suck at putting, give one or more of them a go and let me know how you get on. 

Last Updated on January 2, 2024 by Matt Greene