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Best Golf Alignment Sticks

Last Updated on December 26, 2023 by Matt Greene
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Have you ever wondered what those funny looking sticks are that tour pros have in their golf bags? No they're not for keeping annoying fans in check or reprimanding their caddy after a bad shot (I'm JOKING), they are actually alignment sticks for practice.

But surely you can use any stick for this purpose, right? Not exactly. There are loads of alignment sticks on the market and like everything in the game of golf, some are better than others.

Let's look at what the best golf alignment sticks look like and why you should consider buying some to put in your golf bag.

Tl;dr - My pick for the best golf alignment sticks are the SKLZ Golf Alignment sticks

Best Golf Alignment Sticks

SKLZ Golf Alignment Sticks Training Aid

My choice for the best golf alignment sticks

sklz golf alignment rods

I used to think that golf alignment sticks were a bit of a gimmick and an excuse to sell more products until I spent some time training with pro golfer Mo Lim. He uses alignments sticks for everything, from putting to swing plane work, and I then saw the benefit of an aid to help you get proper alignment.

The SKLZ Alignment Sticks were the best alignments sticks I could find and rank as the toughest in terms of durability.

Constructed from lightweight fiberglass, every stick features 9 rings across the middle of the rod to help you with setup and ball position. This is a great little feature which I really find useful as I have a tendency to let the ball creep back in my stance.

These alignment sticks are 48 inches long meaning they fit into nearly all golf bags and are highly versatile. You can use them for nearly every part of your golf game, golf swing path, putting stroke, and short game. A rubber safety cap on the end of each rod is a cool little feature to prevent damage to you or your golf bag.


  • 3 alignment sticks
  • Lightweight fiberglass material
  • Built in ball position markings
  • Rubber safety caps
  • 48-inch length fits inside a golf bag


  • None really

Tour Sticks – The #1 Training Aid

The classic of golf training aids

tour sticks alignment rods

Tour Sticks were some of the original alignment sticks and were adopted by tour pros across the world. They are a simple design and useful for many different types of training drills. The rods are 46 inches in length and are UV-coated to prevent their color from fading over time.

You can get these alignment sticks in nearly every color to match your personal preferences. They also come with a nice little carry case for easy transportation when they're not in your golf bag.

Simple but effective alignment sticks.

  • 2 simple alignment sticks
  • 46-inch length, same as a golf driver
  • Rubber safety caps
  • Carry case
  • Lots of color options


  • Only two roads when competition have 3

Billisa Golf Alignment Sticks

Best alignment sticks for color options

billisa golf alignment stikcs

If Amazon reviews are anything to go by, the Billisa alignments sticks are ranked as some of the most reliable ones and at a really good price too. Used by some tour pros, these alignment sticks are simple and brightly colored. With many color options available, most golfers should be able to find a pair which match their preferences.

A few of my regular playing partners own these due to their competitive price. They get a real beating from constant use and they look like new despite being exposed to the bright sun in Thailand. 

These can be used as swing alignment rods, for ball positioning and other alignment stick drills. They have a carry tube which keeps them protected and easy to transport to the driving range if you aren't allowed to take your golf bag with you.

  • Storage tube
  • Strong rubber caps
  • Loads of color options


  • Again only two sticks provided but these are cheaper 

GoSports Golf Alignment Training Sticks 3 Pack

Collapsible option for space conscious players

go sports golf alignment sticks

What makes these alignment sticks such a good option is that they're foldable. If you use a pencil bag, or do a lot of travelling with your golf bag, then having alignment rods which don't stick out of the top are worth their weight in gold. 

These are super bright which is actually a useful thing if you're using them on driving range mats. 

You get three practice sticks when you buy these instead of the standard 2. This means you can do a multitude of different drills from putting to swing plane training. 

  • 3 sticks
  • Foldable design
  • Stunning looks


  • Folding mechanism could break over time

Final Thoughts on the Best Golf Alignment Sticks

When it comes to alignments sticks, there isn't a lot to differentiate the top option on the market, so it will usually come down to personal preference. Any of the options included in this list will do the job of helping you to improve your golf game, so pick the ones which look good to you and get practising. 

Last Updated on December 26, 2023 by Matt Greene