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Best 60 Degree Lob Wedge for 2024

Last Updated on January 7, 2024 by Matt Greene
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The 60 degree lob wedge is what we live for.

We've seen Phil take a monster full swing 2 feet away from some guy and magically hit the ball over his head.

There's nothing like throwing a ball way up into the air and landing it softly on the green for that hero's round of applause from our buddies. You can feel the butterflies in your stomach thinking about it.

Not only the hero shots, but the short pitch shots, the shots over trouble and even bunker splash shots can all be executed with one of the best 60 degree lob wedges. 

Best 60 Degree Wedge 2023

  1. Titleist Vokey SM9  (editor's pick - best 60 degree lob wedge)
  2. Callaway Jaws Full Toe (highest spinning wedge)
  3. TaylorMade MG3  (softest feeling off the center face)
  4. Ping Glide 4.0 (most forgiving premium lob wedge)
  5. Mizuno T22 Wedge (best sleeper pick lob wedge)
  6. PXG 0311 Sugar Daddy II (softest materials for buttery feel)

Titleist Vokey SM9 Wedge

So many specific grind, loft and bounce options

60 degree lob wedges

Vokey is a renowned manufacturer known for its exceptional craftsmanship, technological advancements, and high-quality golf wedges. The introduction of the original Spin-Milled (SM) line in 2008 marked the beginning of Vokey's continuous pursuit of perfection and innovation, culminating in the current SM9 line.

When considering a Vokey lob wedge, you'll be faced with significant choices. The selection includes five different sole grind options: L grind, M grind, S grind, D grind, and K grind.

The L grind, with its 60-degree loft, offers the lowest bounce of the options and is specifically designed for precise players who thrive in firm conditions. The M grind, also at 60 degrees, is a versatile grind suitable for players who enjoy manipulating the clubface to create shots and possess a shallower swing. The S grind, also at 60 degrees, is crafted for players who prefer straightforward shots with a square clubface. The D grind, at 60 degrees, caters to players with a steeper angle of attack and a tendency to take larger divots. Lastly, the K grind provides the highest bounce and is considered Vokey's ultimate bunker club due to its exceptional forgiveness.

After selecting from the five grind options, the decisions become simpler. You can choose from three finishes: Brushed Steel, Tour Chrome, and Jet Black. Additionally, you can opt for a True Temper Dynamic Gold S200 shaft or the stock graphite shaft. Vokey's dedication to innovative technology is evident in the SM9 line, with the club's center of gravity moved forward for improved ball flight control, distance consistency, and strike repeatability. The grooves on the higher lofted SM9 wedges are wider and shallower, specifically tailored to the needs of a lob wedge, while an added heat treatment enhances the club's durability.

Vokey's extensive work on the SM9 line positions it as a leading contender for the best 60-degree wedge available in today's golf gear market. With their focus on crafting a versatile lob wedge, it's worth considering adding a Vokey SM9 to your bag.


  • Versatility with grind options
  • Excellent spin and control around the greens
  • Precision-milled grooves for consistent spin
  • Soft and responsive feel at impact


  • Higher cost compared to entry-level wedges
  • Learning curve for specific grind and loft

Callaway Jaws Full Toe 60° Wedge

Biggest hitting area on a lob wedge out there

callaway jaws raw lob wedge

Callaway has created a significant impact in the world of golf equipment with their Paradym line of drivers and woods. However, their Jaws Full Toe wedges deserve equal attention.

In contrast to the Mizuno and Titleist Vokey options, Callaway takes a straightforward approach by offering their 60-degree wedge in a single grind (C) and one bounce option (10 degrees). Callaway's "C grind" features a rounded sole that extends around the heel and toe, resulting in an incredibly versatile grind. Callaway claims that the "C grind" excels in their 60-degree wedge, making bunker shots and flops much easier to execute.

Callaway's unique approach to golf equipment is evident in their full face groove design, setting them apart from competitors. The Jaws Full Toe wedge has grooves that extend across the entire face, unlike traditional heel and toe sections. This design ensures maximum spin regardless of where the ball makes contact on the face. The clubface also incorporates Callaway's patented Jaws grooves, now with offset groove in groove technology. This technology includes tiny ridges engraved in the flat areas between the grooves, creating additional contact points for the ball to generate spin upon impact. The vertical extension of the toe section provides more face area and grooves, facilitating easier contact with the ball.

The wedge is available in "Satin Black" or "Chrome Finish" and features raw face technology that promotes rusting over time to maintain high spin rates throughout the club's lifespan. Callaway further distinguishes itself from competitors with its "variable weight port system." This system involves drilling four holes on the backside of the club to varying depths and filling them with different weights, effectively moving the center of gravity away from the hosel and making it easier to achieve centered contact. The Jaws Full Toe 60-degree wedge is offered with a choice of a "True Temper Dynamic Gold Spinner" steel shaft or a "Project X Catalyst" graphite shaft. Additionally, Callaway provides a 2-year warranty on their products, allowing for repair or replacement if any issues arise during use.

  • Full-face groove design for maximum spin and control
  • Versatility with two unique sole options
  • Soft feel from quality material


  • Not everyone likes the sole grinds on Callaway wedges

TaylorMade MG3 Wedge

Used by some of the biggest names in the game

best 60 lob wedge

TaylorMade incorporates raw face technology in their wedges, featuring an unplated surface material that develops a rusted patina over time. This intentional rusting helps to maintain consistent and reliable spin performance, especially in wet conditions. Additionally, TaylorMade has introduced Raised Micro-Ribs between the grooves to enhance spin and precision when executing shots around the greens. These micro-ribs create an abrasive surface, increasing the friction between the ball and the clubface for enhanced spin control.

To ensure precision and accuracy, TaylorMade employs the Milled Grind Sole process. Each leading edge and sole grind undergoes individual CNC milling, ensuring exceptional accuracy and consistency across the wedges. The wedges are available in three bounce options - low, standard, and high - providing versatility to golfers based on their playing style and course conditions. Furthermore, for those seeking a more aggressive grind, TaylorMade offers the TW (Tiger Woods) grind specifically designed for the 56° wedge.

TaylorMade's wedges showcase raw face technology, Raised Micro-Ribs, and the meticulous Milled Grind Sole process, all aimed at delivering optimal spin, precision, and versatility for golfers' short game needs.

  • Looks good 
  • Played by the best in the game 
  • Premium steel - great feeling


  • The hi toe look isn't for everyone 

PING Glide 4.0 Lob Wedge

I love the look of PING wedges 

mid handicapper ping glide

PING's wedges feature a tour-inspired design that prioritizes high spin, making them an excellent choice for players who seek precision and control to achieve lower scores. They are available in two grind profiles and multiple loft options, allowing golfers to find the perfect fit for their game.

The smaller heel-to-toe head of the wedge is forged from 8620 carbon steel, creating a visually appealing look at address. This design instills confidence in players, empowering them to manipulate the head to execute any shot they face with precision and control.

The combination of the precision-milled face and grooves with the new Emery face blast technology further enhances the wedge's performance. The Emery face blast adds texture to the hitting surface, resulting in increased friction and interaction between the club and the ball. This higher friction generates more spin and a lower launch, providing players with the desired control and shot-stopping ability around the greens.

  • Amazing pick up and feel through the swing
  • Feels so solid 
  • Premium 8620 carbon steel 
  • Emery blast textured face


  • Some people aren't into the chunkier look of PING

Mizuno T22 Wedge

A wedge you should try

mizuno t22 lob wedge

Mizuno, known for their exquisitely crafted forged irons, aims to redefine perceptions with their T22 golf wedges.

In contrast to their Vokey counterparts, Mizuno takes a more streamlined approach to fitting a 60-degree wedge into your bag, offering two distinct grinds: the "C grind" and the "X grind." The "C grind" features significant heel and toe relief, catering to skilled players and firmer course conditions. On the other hand, the "X grind" offers extreme heel and toe relief, designed for even more accomplished players or what Mizuno refers to as "short game artists." The wedges boast a modified teardrop head shape, slightly smaller to exude a tour-inspired aesthetic. Crafted from 1025 Boron Steel, a new material for Mizuno, the T22 wedges exhibit enhanced resistance to wear and dulling. Notably, the addition of Boron elevates their durability.

Mizuno impresses with their T22 lob wedges through the incorporation of "HydroFlow Micro Grooves." These laser-etched grooves minimize spin drop-off and effectively eliminate moisture at impact, leading to optimal spin performance. Additionally, Mizuno offers an extensive selection of twenty-eight different shaft options, allowing golfers to personalize their wedges to suit their preferences and needs.

Lastly, Mizuno presents the T22 wedges in three distinct finishes: "Denim Copper," "Satin Chrome," and "Raw." Mizuno incorporates a copper layer beneath the face of their wedges, noting that it enhances the already exceptional soft feel that Mizuno is renowned for.

With the T22 wedges, Mizuno seeks to redefine expectations and showcase their expertise in wedge design and craftsmanship, offering golfers exceptional control, spin, and versatility.

  • THAT Mizuno feel 
  • Intense levels of spin
  • Multiple sole and grind options 
  • Classic and timeless design


  • Yeah it's blue but there are other color options 

PXG 0311 Sugar Daddy II 60°

Premium but worth it

The Sugar Daddy II 60-degree wedge from PXG is a precision-crafted club, featuring a 100% milled construction and a full face groove design reminiscent of the Jaws Full Toe. The full face grooves are complemented by a slightly vertically extended toe section, allowing for more clubface contact and enhancing forgiveness. The wedge incorporates high toe weighting, which is adjustable, enabling players to position the center of gravity optimally for open-faced shots, resulting in increased forgiveness and improved consistency at impact. Additionally, a sizable adjustable weight in the center of the clubhead offers further customization, allowing players to fine-tune the club's characteristics based on their swing and preferences.

Where PXG distinguishes itself is through its two unique sole options. The "BP Grind" caters to lush turf conditions, deep sand traps, and golfers with a steeper attack angle, offering maximum forgiveness. On the other hand, the "C Grind" is designed for firm conditions and skilled golfers seeking creativity around the greens. The Sugar Daddy II is available in an "XTREME Dark" finish and a "Chrome" finish. Furthermore, PXG provides multiple shaft options, including two "True Temper" steel shafts and five graphite shaft options from brands such as "Accra," "KBS," "Mitsubishi Golf," and "Project X." Crafted from triple forged 8620 soft carbon steel, the Sugar Daddy II delivers a soft and responsive feel at impact.

While the PXG 0311 Sugar Daddy II ranks highly in terms of quality, its placement is influenced by its price. The exceptional craftsmanship of these wedges makes them a worthy inclusion on the list of the best 60-degree wedges. However, their retail price exceeds that of many competitors. Despite this, some users swear by their performance and would not switch back to other brands. If the opportunity arises, it is highly recommended to personally experience the PXG 0311 Sugar Daddy II and determine if it is the perfect addition to your golfing arsenal.

  • Best looking wedges 
  • Adjustable weights for precision fit
  • Hi spin rates
  • Multiple shaft options 


  • Pricey, but that's PXG!

The verdict

It's a close one when it comes to wedges, and many will go with personal preference, but the Vokey SM9 wedge takes the prize in this list. They have so many options to choose from when it comes to grind, bounce and shafts, you will be guaranteed to get the perfect fit for your golf game. 

Last Updated on January 7, 2024 by Matt Greene