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Best Winter Golf Gloves 2024

Last Updated on January 2, 2024 by Matt Greene
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When the days get shorter and the weather turns colder, some golfers choose to put their clubs away for a few months and go into hibernation. I am not one of those golfers. I want to play golf all year round, even when it's freezing cold.

Winter golf in cold weather requires some preparation, but once you've done it a few times and have the right gear it shouldn't be a bad experience. One thing that is absolutely essential to playing golf in the cold is the right golf gloves. Normal golf gloves won't cut it in the cold so you need to find a pair gloves (yes for both hands!) to keep you warm on the golf course.

I have tried loads of different cold weather golf gloves and I have found the best winter golf gloves for even the coldest climates. Read on and lets keep your hands warm!

Best Winter Golf Gloves 2024

  1. FootJoy Wintersof Winter Golf Gloves (editor's choice)
  2. Callaway Thermal Grip Gloves (tech filled winter golf gloves)
  3. Nike Cold Weather Golf Glove (Best winter golf gloves for grip)
  4. FootJoy StaSoft Winter Golf Gloves (Best premium winter golf gloves)
  5. Mizuno Thermagrip Gloves (Most lightweight winter golf gloves)

FootJoy WinterSof Winter Golf Gloves

The best winter golf gloves you can get

footjoy wintersof golf gloves

My favorite golf gloves are the FootJoy WeatherSof and WinterSof are their cold weather relatives. FootJoy make great golf gloves and they really have tried to think of everything when it comes to cold weather gloves.

The WinterSofs come as a pair and feature an elongated elasticated cuff instead of the usual velcro enclosure. This is a great design choice as it keeps warmth inside the glove and allows you to take the gloves on and off easily. I found that due to the slim design, I kept the gloves on for the entire round. They were very warm and the micro fleece fabric didn't feel like it was getting in the way or too bulky. 

The gloves look really sleek and the big FootJoy logo on the back reminds you that you are actually wearing golf gloves! The grippy material on the palms gives a good level of control over the golf club and I felt confident making full swings with my driver, even when there was a bit of moisture around. 

Price wise, these aren't the cheapest winter golf gloves you can get, but they are quality and will last you for a winter season no issue. With the amount I play in the coldest conditions, these will probably last for a few years as long as I look after them properly. Defintely worth the cash. 


  • Super warm
  • Fleece lining stays dry even in the rain
  • Thin for a winter golf glove
  • Excellent grip


  • Nothing major, but the tee holder is a bit of a gimmick

Callaway Thermal Grip Winter Golf Gloves

Loads of technology packed into these winter golf gloves

callaway winter golf glove

I've never really tried a Callaway golf glove before, so I was interested to see how these would stack up against the competition. I have to say that I was really impressed by these winter gloves and for once, all of the "tech" that the marketing materials go on about actually seemed to work! 

Callaway’s Thermal Grip Gloves have been designed with making and keeping warmth as the main focus. The gloves are pretty water proof and are noticeably wind proof which is something overlooked by other manufacturers.  The weirdly named "Digitised Synthetic leather" palm gives you great grip on the golf club which is something you would expect from a high end golf glove. The gloves also include the Opti Fit adjustable enclosure. This is actually a good design as the velcro section doesn't protrude from the gloves and snag on your layers which is vital in winter. 

Great cold weather golf gloves which look cool too. 


  • Excellent fit for winter gloves
  • Almost totally wind and water resistant
  • Soft fleece lining to keep your hands warm
  • Looks like a normal golf glove


  • Lack of elasticated cuff - can let out warmth

Nike Cold Weather Golf Glove

Great looking golf gloves for winter use

nike winter golf gloves

Yes, Nike might have stopped making golf hardware a few years ago, but they are still a leader in the soft goods and clothing part of the golf business. I really like the look of these golf gloves and they are a welcome change from the standard all black you normally get from winter models. Nike products can sometimes be hit and miss in terms of durability, but I've found these to be very robust. The seams and grip on the palm are still like new after 6 rounds and the grey material hasn't become marked or stained after playing in wet and muddy weather. 

These gloves are quite thin and aren't the warmest I've tried, even though they have a double layer of fleece. That being said, I didn't feel like my hands were too cold to play golf so they performed as expected. 

I see these being popular with Nike enthusiasts but there are probably better gloves out there for the money. 


  • Excellent grip and durability
  • Easily feel the golf club through the material
  • Stylish design - not just a black glove
  • Double fleece lining for added warmth


  • Enclosure is fiddly to use

FootJoy StaSoft Winter Golf Gloves 

Most premium winter golf gloves you can buy

footjoy stasof winter golf gloves

If these weren't as pricey are they are, they would be top of the list without a doubt. These are simply the Rolls Royce of winter golf gloves. A perfect blend of golf performance and cold weather comfort, the FootJoy Stasoft gloves are pretty special. They have super soft cabretta leather in all of the right places and then a very high quality fleece material for the rest of your hands. 

I wore these on a particularly cold December round of golf in the UK and I think they actually made me play better. Like their cheaper siblings, the WinterSofs, I didn't feel the need to take these off as my hands were able to regulate their temperature perfectly. They are fractionally bulkier than other gloves on this list, but I was able to use them on both hands for delicate chips and putts without any issues. 

If you want the best winter gloves money can buy, these are the bad boys for you. 


  • Premium materials
  • Look like normal golf gloves
  • Winter performance golf gloves
  • Excellent grip for cold weather golf gloves


  • More expensive than other options

Mizuno Thermagrip Gloves

Lightest winter golf gloves I've used

mizuno thermgrip golf gloves

These Mizuno Thermagrip gloves are very similar in design to the FootJoy WinterSofs at the top of this list. They have a knitted cuff to hold in warmth and mixed materials to give you the best defence against the wet and cold. 

Where they are different is that they have a traditional velcro enclosure on top of the  elasticated cuff. This gives them the look of a normal golf glove, but actually gets in the way and doesn't do much to enhance the fit of the gloves. 

They are still very good at doing what you want, keeping your hands warm, but the awkward fit makes them lose a few marks from me. 


  • Lightweight design but still very warm
  • Perform well in wet conditions


  • Not the best fit
  • Harder to take off if needed during a round

Best thermal golf gloves

 The best thermal golf gloves you can get in my opinion are the FootJoy Wintersof Winter Golf GlovesAs mentioned in the review above, these gloves have a really good amount of lightweight fleece to keep your hands warm and the elasticated cuff makes sure no warmth escapes out of the top of the gloves. 

Final thoughts on the best winter golf gloves

If you want to keep golfing all year round, then investing in a quality pair of winter golf gloves is essential. Winter golf gloves work and can make the game much more enjoyable in cold and wet conditions, so give any of the gloves on this list a try and see which ones are the best fit for you.

Best Golf Glove For Grip 2024

Last Updated on January 2, 2024 by Matt Greene
*Read our review guidelines.

I'm very particular when it comes to golf gloves. I want the perfect fit and feeling but most of all, I want top level performance. When it comes to golf gloves, to me performance means grip. I want a golf glove which won't let me down in all conditions, and will make up for old or tired grips on my golf clubs.

I have tried nearly every glove on the market and I have found the best golf gloves for grip out there. From premium leather gloves to all synthetic gloves, I've got you covered.

Best Golf Glove For Grip 

  1. Hirzl Trust Control golf glove (editor's choice)
  2. Grip Boost Second Skin Golf Glove (best unknown golf glove brand)
  3. TaylorMade tour preferred glove  (best cabretta leather golf glove)
  4. Bionic Stablegrip (most comfortable fit golf glove)
  5. Footjoy Weathersof Golf Glove (the most popular golf glove in the world)

Hirzl Trust Control golf glove

Always my choice for the best golf glove 

Hirzl Trust Control Glove

This golf glove always comes out on top of every review I do. Why? Because it's the golf glove perfected. It fits perfectly, is made from a perfect blend of kangaroo leather and synthetic materials and it is amazingly durable.

The standout feature of this golf glove is the level of grip it provides. I have never had any issues with the golf club slipping on the golf course with these gloves. I'm usually playing golf in hot and humid conditions in Thailand and the Hirzl Trust Golf glove never lets me down, even when I'm swinging out of my shoes with my driver.

The black palm might not be for everyone, and the kangaroo leather does feel slightly different to cabretta leather, but once you've tried these gloves, you will never go back.

Bonus feature - You can machine wash these golf gloves. Yes you read that right. I have put these gloves through the ringer (literally) and they come out as good as new. I have used the same glove for over two years and it still grips like a vice.


  • Top level grip in dry or wet conditions
  • You can leave this golf glove on between shots - 100% sweat-free palm
  • Last for a very very very long time - years
  • Kangaroo leather - As thin as, but more flexible and durable than Cabretta
  • Swiss quality product - premium golf glove


  • Black palm takes time to get used to
  • Expensive but won't need replacing for a long time

Grip Boost Second Skin Golf Glove

The best golf gloves you've never heard of

Grip Boost Second Skin Glove

I first tried these gloves when an American friend of my mine bought me back 3 from the states. They are a premium leather glove with a Cabretta leather palm and thumb, paired with a super breathable back of the hand. This combination make this an extremely comfortable glove.

They genuinely feel like a second skin and you barely notice that you're wearing them on the golf course. These are a great option if you don't like to wear golf gloves because they make your hands hot and swollen.

Even though this glove feels like it's not even there, I do take gloves off for putting for enhanced feel. Anyone who plays in hot humid weather knows what a pain it is to take a glove off and I often end up using my teeth to pull them off. Not with these. The Grip Boost Second Skins come off very easily.

The soft cabretta leather in the right places gives you the high level of grip that you would expect, and the excellent fit enhances the premium golf glove feeling. 

  • Premium cabretta leather feeling
  • Great pricing
  • Mesh back for better breathability


  • Mesh could tear over time

TaylorMade Tour Preferred Glove

Best of the premium gloves out there

taylormade tour preferred glove

While FootJoy might make the number one glove on the PGA tour, I think the TaylorMade tour preferred glove is actually a slightly better leather glove. I'm splitting hairs if I'm completely honest, but when you're forking out the extra dollars for a premium golf glove, it's the little things that count.

As expected for a glove of this level, you get super soft cabretta leather, a very nice velcro enclosure, and well placed air holes for breathability. This premium glove is used by nearly all of the top TaylorMade Tour Pros (except Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy who use Nike gloves) and if you get the right size, it's pretty darn perfect.

When it comes to grip, its a good golf glove but it loses some marks because it's not the best in wet weather. I'm being harsh as it's not designed for those conditions but it's up against some big hitters in that department in this list. It's a pretty durable glove considering how thin the leather is, but mine did show signs of wear after a handful of rounds, specifically in the thumb area.

  • Tour grade Cabretta AAA leather
  • Soft feel, ultra-thin all leather construction
  • Contoured wrist band
  • Anti roll thumb seam
  • Ergonomic pull tab


  • Gets slippy in the rain
  • Pricey

Bionic Stablegrip golf glove

Most comfortable glove you can buy

bionic stablegrip

The Bionic Stablegrip golf glove is made of genuine leather and has an extra pad on the palm where leather golf gloves usually wear out.

This extra padding has been added to also help even out your grip so you don't have to squeeze as hard to keep the club in your hands. All the places your hands may be tempted to be off the club, whereby you squeeze harder, are filled up by additional fabric in the glove. Genius design.

I really like this glove because of the top quality fit. I often find gloves are too short int he palm for me and these fit like a second skin and less like a gardening glove. It's a truly unique design where the fingers have been prerotated. Most standard gloves go straight on and then twist when you grip the club, right? Not this one. 

Lycra is built into the glove to really help keep moisture at bay on those very hot humid days. You're getting a leather gloves but broken up with lycra to keep you cool, calm and collected. You can just wash these gloves on a gentle cycle in the washing machine and use them for ages. Basically, it's the perfect combination of the premium feel of leather, with the flexibility of synthetic materials. 

  • More padding on the palm for durability
  • Pre rotated fingers for less twisting of the glove when gripping the club
  • Lycra built into the glove for cooling and moisture wicking
  • Padding system fills in the gaps of your grip so you don't need to squeeze the handle so hard


  • Expensive

Footjoy WeatherSof Golf Glove 

The best golf glove for the money. Period. 

FootJoy WeatherSof golf glove

I cannot write a best golf glove article without including the FootJoy Weathersof golf glove. I use these at some point every season and they are just so dependable. I get through more gloves than normal due to playing in the tropics and having an options as good as the WeatherSof to fall back onto is ideal.

They aren't rain gloves, but they work great in those conditions and give you excellent grip. They are at their best when used in hot weather in my experience as they are very effective at wicking moisture away from sweaty hands and do this better than other gloves I have tried.

They are always available at a great price and multi-buy deals are often out there. Do what I do and stock up while they're cheap, you won't be disappointed. 

  • Superior grip in rain and sweltering heat
  • Excellent value for money pricing
  • Very flexible with PowerNet mesh on knuckles
  • Stays comfortable without that crusty stiff feeling
  • Most used glove brand on the PGA tour


  • One color

Final Thoughts on Best Golf Glove For Grip

Yes, golf gloves are very samey on the whole. But when you get a bad glove, you will know about it. The club will slip, you will get blisters and you will curse yourself for not spending a bit of time and money researching the bet golf gloves. This article should take care of the research for you, so buy with confidence.

Best Synthetic Golf Glove 2024

Last Updated on January 2, 2024 by Matt Greene
*Read our review guidelines.

If you're on a budget, a synthetic golf glove can be your friend. Cabretta leather golf gloves are usually on the more expensive side and aren't always the most durable. Golf gloves made from synthetic materials are not only cheaper gloves, but they often have more features and last a lot longer. They are also better in a range of weather conditions so you can be sure to have a good grip on the club rain or shine.

I've tried nearly every synthetic golf glove design there is so you don't have to and this is my list of the top 5 on the market today.

Best Synthetic Golf Glove 2024

  1. FootJoy WeatherSof golf glove (best synthetic golf glove)
  2. Callaway Weather Spann golf glove (best fitting glove)
  3. Wilson Feel Plus golf glove  (best budget option)
  4. Under Armour Medal golf glove (best for grip on the club)
  5. TaylorMade Stratus Tech golf glove (best for breathability)

FootJoy WeatherSof golf glove

Simply the best synthetic golf glove

FootJoy WeatherSof golf glove

Once again this glove tops another best of list. It's the perfect combination of price, functionality and durability, and these are all big factors when choosing a synthetic golf glove. I put a few of these in the bag at the beginning of a season and they will last for pretty much the whole golfing year, even in the hot and humid conditions that I am usually playing golf in.

Because they're made by FootJoy you know that you're getting high levels of quality control and also trusted fit options. The synthetic materials used in these gloves feel really good and you could be fooled into thinking it's a leather golf glove. You get consistent grip of the golf club and I've never been let down by one of these gloves on the golf course.

Simply the best golf glove made from synthetic materials you can buy. 


  • Excellent pricing 
  • Multiple fit options
  • High level of durability
  • Velcro enclosure is excellent
  • Quality synthetic materials


  • Only comes in white

Callaway Weather Spann golf glove

4 way stretch material for a perfect fit

callaway weather spann golf glove

The first time I tried on the Callaway Weather Spann glove, I was blown away by what a comfortable glove it was! It fits like a glove! This glove allows for all-weather performance by incorporating durable synthetic leather combined with a 4-way stretch synthetic.

It is a really good glove in the rain and it grips like a vice. The material is so thin that it feels like a premium golf glove made from soft leather. This does make me concerned that the overall durability might not be the greatest. I find that thinner gloves gets holes in the heel of the hand and thumb area faster. That being said, I used this glove for 4 rounds and didn't notice any quality issues.

The flexible knuckles add to the excellent feeling this glove provides and perforations across the glove give great breathability. Worth a try. 

  • Best fitting synthetic golf glove
  • Perforations for breathability
  • Sleek design
  • Good grip


  • Could wear quickly

Wilson Feel Plus golf glove

Bargain prices but always reliable

wilson feel plus feel golf glove

These Wilson gloves are so cheap, I had to include them in this list. Most synthetic golf gloves are pretty similar and come in at the same price point, so what are the noticeable differences with a glove that is that much cheaper?

The first thing you notice about the Wilson Feel Plus, is that it's not made from perfectly white synthetic material. This doesn't bother me in the slightest as my gloves get pretty discoloured from regular use, but it might bother people who only want to wear golf gloves which are pristinely white.

Of course, the colour doesn't affect the performance of the glove one bit. It's a perfectly functional glove and performs as expected in all conditions and provides good grip on the golf club. My main issue with cheaper synthetic gloves is that they can feel a bit "scratchy" inside. The synthetic leather they use doesn't alway have the smoothest finish on the underside and when they're new, there can be a lot of excess material. After a few uses this tends to go away but it's something I notice. For such a low price it's not going to stop me using these gloves, but I have to be honest about what I find when wearing these gloves. 

  • Super cheap
  • Very flexible with lycra in knuckles and fingers 
  • Good velcro


  • Discoloured material might put some off

Under Armour Medal golf glove

One of the grippiest gloves I've tried

under armour medal golf glove

If grip is what you looking for in a golf glove design, then look no further than the Under Armour Medal Glove. It's like velcro to a golf club! I like to give my driver a rip (probably when I shouldn't) and this glove gave me the performance and confidence to take aim and let fly.

As mentioned before, I play in hot and humid conditions, and grip is really important for me. The best golf gloves I've tried are all really grippy (the Hirzl golf gloves are some of the best for this) and you don't have to break the bank with a premium golf glove made from cabretta leather to get high levels of grip.

Looking at this golf glove, there's nothing on the palm which would make you think that it would perform like it does. On closer inspection, the surface of the palm is textured and this is what makes the synthetic material so grippy. Overall they look great and I like the 3 grey fingers, they actually help me make sure I' gripping the club correctly.

A really good golf glove. 

  • Great looking glove
  • Insane levels of grip
  • Really smooth synthetic leather


  • Might be too grippy for some!

TaylorMade Stratus Tech golf glove

Extremely breathable synthetic material in all conditions

taylormade stratus tech golf glove

The TaylorMade tour preferred glove is the best premium golf glove in my opinion, so how does their synthetic golf glove stack up against the competition?

The TaylorMade Stratus Tech Glove is constructed from premium synthetic material with leather palm and offers superior fit and durability in all weather conditions.

It features an engineered perforation which adds natural breathability whilst the stretch lycra panels provide an exceptional customised fit.

It's the breathability which made this glove stand out for me. It kept my hand cool and I didn't feel the need to take it off between shots which is something I only usually find with premium golf glove gloves. 

  • Looks and feels like a premium golf glove
  • Extremely breathable 
  • TaylorMade quality 


  • Slightly more expensive than other options 

Final Thoughts on Best Golf Synthetic Golf Glove

You don't need to break the bank to game a golf glove that will perform under all conditions. I stopped using premium leather gloves a long time ago and it hasn't impacted my game one bit. Synthetic gloves are here to stay and they should be in your bag now!